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Sunday, August 23, 2009


An Alpha list provided by Kent of Reported Blogs "Under Review" by Google Blogger and closed to viewers:
as of August 23rd:

A-1 Galleries
All Masculine Male
Amar's World
Andrea's New Life
Bambi Boyz
Bananahammock Boys
Barefoot Male
Be Naked Everywhere
Blond Twinks
Blonde Twinks
Bottom Boy
Boy Oh Boi
Boy Park
Brats and Punks
Bry's Blue Boys
Buff Boi
Butch's Teen & Twink Blog
Cute Boys
Daddy's Bad Boys
Daddy's Bad Boys 2
Famous Like me
Foot Frenzy
For The Love Of Male Butts
Gallery Boyz
Gay Park
Gay Fotos Group
Gay Rimming Ass
Gay Teen Guys
Gomez Patchouly
Hammer Vice
Hammer's Twinks
Handsome Devils
Hench Guyz
Hot Boy Cam Skin
Hot Boy Skin
Jackoff Material
Jeff's Place
Jesse's Sexy Celebs
Like It Or Not
Loving Penetration
Macho Sexy
Male Model Mayhem
Malice In Wonderland
Mature Man Place
Mirgem Perfeita
My Spabo
Nearly Perfect
New Keith Kats
Oink Central
One Man's Pleasure
Perhaps Blog
Premium Boy Blog
Pure Pig Boy
RedHead Boys
Ruggedly Handsome
Sean's Wet Dreams
Shaved and Proud
Simple Boy Sex
Sports and Spanking
Strip Me Down
Teen Boy Beauty
The Chubby Man Place
The Daily Slab
The Hottest Pics of Boys on Flickr
Timeey's Dream
Tom's Gay Planet
Too Sexy Boys
Topper's Bottom Bois
Twink Town
Unruly Dude
Videos For Men
Wallpaper For the Gay Eye
Zach's Room


Celeb Men said...

I had the same problem with Blogger. Then i found another hoster called Nibblebit.com that gives you as much space as blogger but its adult friendly. Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Add Casperfan and Perhaps to the list as of today, neither of which featured kids or porn, but did feature celeb nude scenes. Perhaps had been offline until recently and had just started posting again.

Anonymous said...

Let's ALL go to Nibblebit!


Love, FFB

Anonymous said...

One correction: Lion Valhummers should be struck from the list. It's the URL for Like it or Not (http://lion-valhummers.blogspot.com/)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kent!!

Anonymous said...

Celeb Men...I'm at NibbleBit aand so is FlipFlopsBoy!

Anonymous said...

One the one hand corporate homophobia, and on the other just simple sexism - a lot of these blogs were purely men in various states of undress, with little "gay" content at all.

Pathetic considering how innocent most are - I reported a Google blog once which was quite clearly inciting readers to attack another (personal) website and rather libelous - they just were not interested.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think this was part of a new concentrated effort by the porn companies to reclaim the exclusive use of their material, with complaints against nonporn to provide a bit of smokescrean so there's no blowback.

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