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Thursday, August 27, 2009


And now for some happier news:

Brats and Punks  http://knn211.nibblebit.com/  

Premium Boy Blog

If your blog was locked out from viewers and you have re-opened, I am happy to announce it here.  Leave a comment or send an email and I will post your new URL.  If you have changed the name of your blog, please give me the original name of the closed blog and the new name of your re-opened blog.




Gayparadox Media said...

The blogging world just wouldn't be the same without all of you! Much love to nibblebit and to Jeff for keeping everyone posted!

butch said...

yeah, jeff, (sorry, "Daddy Jeff") good job. i knew you'd be good for something! ha ha

Jeff said...

Thanks, guys, but remember this has been a concerted group effort, and not just constant posts of my rantings and ravings. Many bloggers helped me when I got started; now it's my turn to give something back.

And Butch, "Jeff" is just fine....even though "Daddy Jeff" probably rolls off your tongue with a bit more sexual excitement. lol

Jake Champion said...

Male Model Mayhem reopened at NibbleBit: http://malemodelmayhem.nibblebit.com/
The one at Blogger (or BlogSpot) wasn't mine so the one you'll find at the URL above is actually a new one. I only hope that the owner of the former MaleModelMayhem Blogger site isn't angry at me because of this.

Dave said...

Yay, Jesse's Sexy Celebs is back!

Jeff said...

@ Dave, Thanks, I'll have this up tomorrow morning.


Jeff said...

@ Jake...thanks, man. I'll have this posted tomorrow morning.

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