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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Male Power has deleted all image posts due to copyright infringement.

The owner of Male Power received the following e-mail from Colt Studios:

Letter from Manfred Speer...

Dear Webmaster,

My name is Manfred Speer. I am acting in behalf of Prowest Media Corporation, dba COLT Studio, Buckshot Productions, Olympus Studio and Spurs, please consider this letter as notice as required under the DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification provisions of 17 USC 512.

I came across your blog http://malepwr.blogspot.com/ , which you have given the subtitle "The Men of Colt Studios", and found hundreds of images of which Prowest Media Corporation, dba COLT Studio, is the rightful owner and holder of the copyright.

Prowest Media Corporation’s images, videos and video clips, are not in the public domain and permission of any kind has neither been requested from nor granted by Prowest Media Corporation: Your conduct infringes on Prowest Media Corporation’s legal copyrights.

Prowest Media Corporation demands that you immediately remove all images from your website for which Prowest Media Corporation holds the copyrights and that you immediately cease and desist from any further posting, uploading or any other unauthorized use of any of Prowest Media Corporation’s copyrighted materials.

If you would like to obtain our material without running the risk of violating our copyright, you can join our profitable affiliate program http://www.gammae.com/buddyprofits/ .
But first you have to remove all our copyrighted material from your blog http://malepwr.blogspot.com/

Please reply to my email within 24 hours.

Best Regards,

Manfred Speer

Manfred Speer
CSG Assets Manager
CSG Copyright Department
PO: 415-437-9800 ext 809
em: mspeer@coltstudiogroup.com
em: talent@coltstudiogroup.com
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Beware of copyright infringement. This could happen to you!

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