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Saturday, January 22, 2011

And now the Following is Our Original 1st (500) Closed Blogs List....
  1. 001 Hot as Fuck (Locked)
  2. 888surplus888 (Deleted)
  3. A Anatomia Do Gato (Not found)
  4. A Beautiful Behind (Locked)
  5. A Big Penis (Not found)
  6. A Collection of Men (Locked, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  7. A Little Gritty (Removed, Re-opened)
  8. A World of Hairy Men (Not found)
  9. A-1 Galleries (Locked)
  10. Absurdistan Boys (Removed)
  11. Adam's Candid (two) (Deleted)
  12. Adam's Candids (Locked, Re-opened)
  13. AdamsXmen (Locked)
  14. Adda4gayporn (Deleted)
  15. Adonis-and-Narcissus (Locked)
  16. Adventures of a Country Boy (Locked)
  17. Afro Bones (Locked)
  18. Age of Man (Locked)
  19. Aikuinen Mies (Locked)
  20. Al Maschile (Locked)
  21. Algay69001 (Locked, Re-opened)
  22. All About Hairy Men (Locked)
  23. All About Sex (Not found)
  24. All Daddy (Locked)
  25. All Hot Guys (Not found)
  26. All Jacked Up (Deleted, Re-opened)
  27. All Masculine Male (Locked, Not found)
  28. Alternative (Locked)
  29. Amar's World (Locked)
  30. Amateur Gay Photos (Not found)
  31. Amateur Mature Men (Locked)
  32. Amateurs From Everywhere (Locked, Re-opened, Locked, Moved to Nibblebit)
  33. ANALsys (Not found)
  34. Andrea's New Life (Locked)
  35. Andrhon's Cute Gay Boys Place (Locked)
  36. Areko Martianez (Removed)
  37. Art Of MSSF (Locked)
  38. Asterix (Locked)
  39. Backroom (Locked)
  40. Bad Angel's Place (Removed)
  41. Balcone6 (Removed, Re-opened)
  42. Balloons (Locked)
  43. Bambi Boyz (Locked, Re-opened)
  44. Bananahammock Boys (Locked)
  45. Bananas (Locked)
  46. Bara Blogger (Locked)
  47. Bare Party Boys (Locked)
  48. Bareback Schlampen (Locked)
  49. Barefoot Male (Locked)
  50. Barefootmale's Edging Blog (Locked)
  51. Baring My Sole (Deleted, Re-opened)
  52. Barxteenx (Removed, Re-opened)
  53. Bat n Ball Boys (Deleted, Not found)
  54. Bater Bud Blog (Deleted)
  55. Be Naked Everywhere (Locked)
  56. Beach and Pool (Removed, Moved to own domain)
  57. Bear 2 Bear (Locked)
  58. Bear and Mature Men Hideaway (Locked)
  59. Bears N Cubs (Not found)
  60. Bears R Us (Gay Dad Atlanta) (Locked, Not found)
  61. Bears-tche (Deleted)
  62. Beautiful Gay Men (Removed, Moved to own domain)
  63. Beautiful Male Asses & Other Goodies (Removed)
  64. Bedtime High (Removed)
  65. Bend Over Country (Deleted)
  66. Berlin Boy (Removed, Moved to own domain)
  67. Best Grandpas (Locked)
  68. Big Black Dick (Locked)
  69. Big Brother Men Uncut (Locked, Re-opened under new name)
  70. Bitchboy Blog (Deleted, Re-opened)
  71. Black Latin Ethnic Mens Blog (BLEMB2) (Locked)
  72. Black Onyx Videos (Locked, Re-opened)
  73. Black Sex Man (Removed)
  74. Blog Segay (Locked)
  75. Blond Twinks (Locked)
  76. Blonde Twinks (Locked)
  77. BoiVice (Locked, Moved to Nibblebit)
  78. Boneyard2 (Locked)
  79. Boot Lover (Deleted, Re-opened)
  80. Bopicsgays (Removed)
  81. Bottom Boy (Locked)
  82. Boy Beauty (Locked, Moved to own domain)
  83. Boy Fun (Deleted)
  84. Boy Next Door (Deleted, Re-opened)
  85. Boy Oh Boi (Locked, Moved to own domain)
  86. Boy Park (Locked)
  87. BoyBoy (Locked)
  88. Boys Forever (Removed)
  89. Boy's Hardcore Video (Deleted)
  90. Boys Kneeling (Locked, Moved to Nibblebit)
  91. Boys of the Sin (Locked)
  92. Boys Self Portraits (Removed)
  93. Boys, The (Not found)
  94. Boytoy Toyboy (Locked)
  95. Brats and Punks (Locked, Removed)
  96. Brazilian Genetic (Removed)
  97. Brazilian Hot Boys (Removed)
  98. Brazilian Studz (Locked, Re-opened)
  99. Brent's Male Wallpapers (Not found, Re-opened)
  100. Bry's Blue Boys (Locked)
  101. Budapest Boys (Removed, Re-opened)
  102. Buff Boi (Locked)
  103. Bulge (Locked, Moved to own domain)
  104. Burbujas De Deseo (Locked)
  105. Butch's Teen & Twink Blog (Locked)
  106. Caliente (Removed)
  107. Call Brazil (Removed)
  108. Camera Obsura (Deleted)
  109. Captured Heroes (Deleted, Re-opened)
  110. Caras Novas (Removed)
  111. Cartoons-Homo (Removed, Re-opened)
  112. CaRWASH GUYS (Not found, Re-opened, Not found)
  113. CasperFan (Locked, Re-opened)
  114. Celebrating the Young Male Body (Locked)
  115. Cfy1 (Locked)
  116. Chubby Man Place, The (Locked)
  117. Cigar Smoking Hunks (Not found)
  118. Cigarman 36 (Deleted, Re-opened)
  119. Circoncis (Locked, Re-opened, Removed)
  120. Club de Incesto (Locked)
  121. Club Gay 888 (Locked, Re-opened)
  122. Club Gay X (Locked)
  123. Clube de Suruba (Locked)
  124. Cock 4 Worship (Removed, Re-opened under new name)
  125. Cock Show, The (Locked)
  126. College Dudes (Not found)
  127. Colt Deses Gregos (Not found)
  128. Confraria Grisalho (Locked)
  129. COnn3ction (Locked)
  130. Cool College Guys (Removed)
  131. Cosmo+ (Deleted, Re-opened)
  132. Crooked Vein (Locked)
  133. Cum Chronicals (Deleted)
  134. Cum Forever (Removed)
  135. Cum Lover (Not found)
  136. Cupidon-Eros (Removed)
  137. Cute Boys (Locked)
  138. Cute Gay Guys (Locked)
  139. Daddies Gallery (Locked)
  140. Daddy Bear Watch (Removed)
  141. Daddy Finder (Locked)
  142. Daddy, Please (Removed, Re-opened)
  143. DaddyPorn (Locked)
  144. Daddy's Bad Boys (Locked, Re-opened, Moved to own domain)
  145. Daddy's Bad Boys 2 (Locked)
  146. Daddys Focas (Removed)
  147. Daily Slab, The (Locked)
  148. Daily Stud (Locked)
  149. Dan's Gay Public Sex Blog (Locked, Re-opened, Deleted, Re-opened)
  150. Definition of a Man (Locked, Re-opened, Deleted, Re-opened)
  151. Devil's Spy Room (Locked)
  152. Dickshownary (Deleted)
  153. Digitized Dicks (Locked)
  154. Dutch Rob's Homepage (Locked)
  155. Dwight Supremacy (Not found, Re-opened)
  156. Eduardo Sabatello (Locked, Re-opened)
  157. El Estudio de Areko (Locked)
  158. El Ladron De Arcoiris (Not found)
  159. El Nuevo Blog De Warron (Removed, Re-opened)
  160. El Pene Que Te Mete (Locked, Not found)
  161. Eles Nos Eles (Locked)
  162. eMackinations (Removed, Re-opened, Now Private)
  163. Exhibitionist Cum (Removed)
  164. Exxxposed Guys (Not found, Re-opened)
  165. Eyes gays (Removed)
  166. Faceprout (Not found)
  167. Facials and Cum Eating (Cumtastik) (Locked, Re-opened, Moved to own domain)
  168. Facking Boys (Removed)
  169. Famous Like Me (Locked, Not found)
  170. Fantasy Gay (Not found)
  171. Feetish (Locked)
  172. Fence Rider (Locked)
  173. Fetichismo gay (Locked)
  174. Finest Latin Men (Not found)
  175. Flesh Addicted (Deleted, Re-opened)
  176. FlipFlopsBoy (Locked, Re-opened)
  177. Floripa Summer Bear (Not found)
  178. Foot Frenzy (Locked, Not found)
  179. For The Love Of Male Butts (Locked)
  180. Fotos Teens Negros e Latinos (Locked)
  181. Francesco d'Macho (Locked)
  182. Free Gay porno portal (Removed)
  183. Fridays' Clips (Locked)
  184. From The Rear (Not found)
  185. Furry Gallery (Locked)
  186. Gabe's Yaoi Corner (Locked)
  187. Gallery Boyz (Locked)
  188. Garden Shed (Locked)
  189. Garibaldi Gay (Locked, Moved to own domain)
  190. Gatos E Machos (Removed, Re-opened)
  191. Gatos Ousados (Removed)
  192. Gay Avatar (Deleted)
  193. Gay Bare Plaisirs (Not found, Re-opened)
  194. Gay Base (Not found)
  195. Gay Bouleavard (Locked)
  196. Gay Boys Action (Deleted)
  197. Gay Club X (Locked)
  198. Gay Daily Hot (Locked)
  199. Gay Dreams (Removed)
  200. Gay En Chaleur (Deleted)
  201. Gay Fotos Group (Locked)
  202. Gay Greece (Not found)
  203. Gay Homemade (Not found)
  204. Gay Hot (Locked)
  205. Gay Lad Sports (Removed)
  206. Gay Man In The High Desert (Locked, Re-opened)
  207. Gay Movies Free (Deleted, Re-opened, Not found)
  208. Gay Obsessed (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  209. Gay Park (Locked)
  210. Gay Pleasure+18 (Not found)
  211. Gay Porn (Not found)
  212. Gay Porn Haven (Not found)
  213. Gay Porn Obsession (Locked)
  214. Gay Rimming Ass (Locked, Re-opened)
  215. Gay Sex Forum (Locked)
  216. Gay Tambem E Gente (Locked)
  217. Gay Teen Guys (Locked)
  218. Gay Themed Movies Download (Not found)
  219. Gay Titus (Deleted, Re-opened, Not found)
  220. Gay Waterdevil (Locked)
  221. Gay World Underground (Locked)
  222. Gay WYSPA Adam (Locked)
  223. Gay XXX Homevideos (Removed)
  224. gayBase (Not found)
  225. Gayest Str8 Guy, The (Deleted, Re-opened under new name)
  226. gay-naturiste (Locked)
  227. Gays in Paradise (Removed)
  228. Gays Palace (Removed)
  229. Gay-Star Movies (Not found)
  230. Gaystream Video Blog (Removed)
  231. Geeky Wanker (Locked, Re-opened)
  232. Genetic Material Blog (Not found, Re-opened, Not found)
  233. Gentlemen Prefer Blonds (Locked)
  234. German Kleinigkeit (Not found)
  235. Get It Out In Public (Locked, Moved to Nibblebit)
  236. Get Ur Pantz On (Deleted, Not found)
  237. Gifted Male (Deleted, Not found)
  238. Gomez Patchouly (Locked, Re-opened at own domain)
  239. Gorgeous Muscle Guy (Deleted)
  240. - Groumph (Removed)
  241. Gufo (Removed, Re-opened)
  242. Gus CE Clips (Locked, Re-opened)
  243. Guy Candi (Deleted, Re-opened)
  244. Guys On Webcams (Locked)
  245. Guyz Naked in Public (Deleted, Re-opened, Not found, Re-opened)
  246. Hairy Male 4 You (Locked)
  247. Hairy-Men-Territory (Locked)
  248. Hammer Vice (Locked)
  249. Hammer's Twinks (Locked)
  250. Handsome Devils (Locked)
  251. Hard and Hot (Removed, Re-opened)
  252. Hell's Rainbow (Locked)
  253. Hemingway II, The (Removed, Re-opened)
  254. Hench Guyz (Locked)
  255. Hermaphrodite Endormi (Deleted)
  256. Homemade Gay Videos (Not found)
  257. Homens Calientes (Locked)
  258. Homens Maduros2/Mature Men 2 (Deleted, Re-opened)
  259. Homens Negros (Deleted, Re-opened, Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  260. Homens Sensuals (Deleted)
  261. Hommes Naturistes (Locked)
  262. Hot As Fuck (Locked, Not found)
  263. Hot Boy Cam Skin (Locked)
  264. Hot Boy Skin (Locked, Removed)
  265. Hot Coloured Men (Removed)
  266. Hot Guys Hot Wallpapers (Not found, Re-opened)
  267. Hot Male Blog (Moved to Nibblebit)
  268. Hot Male Bods (Not found)
  269. Hot Men 4 Hot Men (Deleted)
  270. Hot Men Appreciation Society (Deleted, Not found)
  271. Hottest Pics of Boys on Flickr, The (Locked)
  272. How To Have Sex? (Not found)
  273. Hugh Cocks No Jokes (Deleted)
  274. Hunboy88 (Locked, Re-opened, Locked, Re-opened)
  275. Hungary Boy (Deleted, Re-opened, Now Private)
  276. Hunk Jewels (Locked)
  277. Hunks For You II (Removed)
  278. Hunks Territory (Not found)
  279. I Love Gay Porn On Line (Not found, Re-opened)
  280. I Love My Sugar Daddy (Not found, Re-opened)
  281. I Want To Smell His Pits (Locked)
  282. Imperial Palace Of Pleasure (Locked)
  283. Into Pits (Deleted, Re-opened)
  284. IO qUE un gAy qUieRe (Deleted, Re-opened)
  285. It's OK To Be Gay Now (Locked)
  286. Jackoff Material (Locked)
  287. Jacko's Man (Removed)
  288. Jechtdlsite (Locked)
  289. Jeff's Place (Locked)
  290. Jesse's Sexy Celebs (Locked)
  291. Jiffy Jim (Removed, Re-opened)
  292. Jock Spank (Locked, Re-opened)
  293. Jonas Dick (Locked)
  294. Josh's Lot (Locked)
  295. Just Hairy Guys (Removed, Re-opened)
  296. Just Male Model (Removed)
  297. Just Naked Men (Locked)
  298. Just Sum Boyz (Deleted)
  299. Kink Page (Deleted, Re-opened)
  300. Kinky Fuckers (Deleted)
  301. Kokane's Playground (Locked)
  302. L A Lycra (Not found, Re-opened under new name, Not found)
  303. Lads Largin It (Lads at Large) (Locked, Re-opened, Locked, Moved to own domain)
  304. Like It Or Not (Locked)
  305. London Calling, Luv (Removed, Re-opened)
  306. Long Gay (Not found)
  307. Los Videos De Warron (Removed, Re-opened)
  308. Louis Vuittong (Deleted, Re-opened, Not found)
  309. Love In Red (Removed)
  310. Love Magazine, The (Locked)
  311. Loving Penetration (Locked, Not found)
  312. Macho Sexy (Locked)
  313. MachoFace (Locked, Re-opened)
  314. Mad About Boys (Locked)
  315. Mala De Gatos (Removed)
  316. Male Model Magazine, The (Locked)
  317. Male Model Mayhem (Locked, Not found)
  318. Malhados E Nus (Removed)
  319. Malice In Wonderland (Locked)
  320. Man Country XXX (Removed, Re-opened)
  321. Man Sport Sensuality (Removed)
  322. MARKmagazine (Removed)
  323. Mason's Gay Blog (Removed)
  324. Matrix Cam 4 (Locked)
  325. Mature and Bare Men Hideaway (Locked, Re-opened under new name)
  326. Mature Man Place (Locked)
  327. Mature Sexy Men (Locked)
  328. Matureoldermendaddiesseniors (Locked)
  329. Maxe Gatos (Locked)
  330. Max's Dorm (Locked)
  331. MC Jock (Deleted)
  332. McDreamy World (Locked)
  333. Melé de hombres (Removed)
  334. Men 4 Men (Deleted)
  335. Men's Muscle (Locked)
  336. Mex Hot (Deleted)
  337. Mika's Hot Men (Locked, Re-opened, Now Private, Re-opened) 
  338. Miong Triple X (Locked)
  339. Mirgem Perfeita (Locked)
  340. Mismaduros (Locked)
  341. Mister Man Club (Locked)
  342. Mitchmen (Removed, Re-opened)
  343. Models By Didio (Locked)
  344. Morning Woody (Deleted)
  345. Mr. Babel hard ass can (Locked)
  346. Mundo Polla (Deleted)
  347. Muscle Men Hideaway (Not found, Re-opened)
  348. Muscle-Hunter (Not found)
  349. My Favorites Boys (Removed)
  350. My Hunky Hunk (Locked)
  351. My Ordinary Men (Locked)
  352. My Spabo (Locked)
  353. Mythos Man (Locked)
  354. Naked and Ready to Serve (Locked)
  355. Naked Everywhere (Locked)
  356. Naked Public Guyz (Not found, Re-opened)
  357. NaNu-reife Manner (Locked)
  358. Narach Sharing Blog (Deleted)
  359. Naturisten,Nudisten-reife Manner nackig! (Not found, Re-opened under new name, Not found)
  360. Nearly Perfect (Locked)
  361. New Keith Kats (Locked)
  362. Next Door Hunks (Not found)
  363. Nice Guys (Not found)
  364. Nipple Lovers (Locked)
  365. No Apologies (Locked)
  366. Nordic Boy (Locked)
  367. Nude Male Amateur & Profiles (Locked)
  368. Oink Central (Locked)
  369. Olderman Admirers (Not found)
  370. Olha Voce Brasil (Removed)
  371. Olhar Gay (Locked)
  372. One Man's Pleasure (Locked)
  373. Oral Visualization (Locked, Not found)
  374. Out of Control (Removed)
  375. Out of Control ii (Removed)
  376. Over Our Head (Deleted, Re-opened, Now Private)
  377. Palacio De Adonis (Removed)
  378. Panic Gay, The (Not found)
  379. Patoblog (Locked, Re-opened, Locked, Re-opened)
  380. Pau na Cam (Locked)
  381. Pelay Gay (Locked)
  382. Perfect Male Butts (Locked)
  383. Perhaps Blog (Locked)
  384. Piel De Angel (Locked)
  385. Pink and Wrinkly (Locked, Re-opened under new name)
  386. Pissland (Locked)
  387. Plaisir Solitaire (Locked)
  388. Planeta Men Gay (Removed)
  389. Platinum Gay, The (Not found)
  390. Pleasure Gay (Not found)
  391. Pocket-Rocket (Locked)
  392. Pokgay (Not found)
  393. Premium Boy Blog (Locked, Re-opened)
  394. Prince Kai (Locked)
  395. Prowling For Indulgence (Not found)
  396. Puer Aeternus (Not found, Re-opened, Not found)
  397. Pure Pig Boy (Locked)
  398. Queen Bee Lover (Locked, Not found)
  399. R E A L M E N (Locked)
  400. Ralph (Locked)
  401. Raspberry Fruit Cake (Locked)
  402. Ray's Cowboys (Removed, Re-opened)
  403. Real Mature Men Hideaway (Removed, Not found, Re-opened)
  404. Real Men Two (Deleted)
  405. RedHead Boys (Locked)
  406. Reife Manner (Not found)
  407. Richard's Public Sex (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  408. Rocket Man's Blazing Hot Guys (Not found)
  409. Roids and Rants (Deleted, Re-opened)
  410. Roommate CM (Locked)
  411. Rough Dudes (Locked)
  412. Ruggedly Handsome (Locked)
  413. Rugger Lover (Not found)
  414. Schwuleshow (Not found)
  415. Scorpio Italia Hot (Locked, Re-opened under new name)
  416. Sean's Wet Dreams (Locked)
  417. Sex Is Still Subjective (Locked)
  418. Sexpush (Not found)
  419. Sexy Hunks For Me (Locked)
  420. Shadow Angle, The (Locked, Moved to Nibblebit, Not found) {**NEW LISTING**}
  421. Shaved and Proud (Locked)
  422. Shut-up Bitch Downloads (Removed)
  423. Sicko Ricko's Crap (Deleted, Re-opened, Not found, Re-opened) {**NEW LISTING**} 
  424. Simple Boy Sex (Locked)
  425. Simply Sweet (Deleted)
  426. Sissy Dude (Locked, Moved to Tumbler)
  427. Size Is Everything.. (Removed)
  428. Skinf (Deleted)
  429. Slab, The (Deleted, Re-opened)
  430. Slave Gay (dograpao) (Locked)
  431. Smoker Fetish (Removed)
  432. Sneaker121 (Locked)
  433. Snicks (Removed)
  434. Snicks Softies (Removed)
  435. Snicks Videos (Removed)
  436. So Many Hot Guys (Locked,Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  437. Sobre Revistas (Locked)
  438. Soft and Hard Gay Pictures (Deleted, Re-opened)
  439. Sore Bottomed Guys (Locked)
  440. Special Content (Deleted, Re-opened)
  441. Speedo Junkie (Not found, Re-opened)
  442. Sperm My Cum Hole (Locked)
  443. Sports and Spanking (Locked)
  444. Spunk Boys (Locked)
  445. Steve Cruz Blog (Not found, Moved to own domain)
  446. Stickshift, The (Removed)
  447. Strip Me Down (Locked)
  448. Stronggay (Removed, Re-opened)
  449. Stud A Day (Deleted)
  450. Suckgay (Not found)
  451. Sunny Way Of Life, The (Locked)
  452. Teen Boy Beauty (Locked)
  453. Teta De Moca (Removed)
  454. Texas Fratboy (Removed, Re-opened)
  455. Tezaum (Removed)
  456. The Church Of The Holy Penis (Not found)
  457. Tiger's Party Spot (Locked)
  458. Tim Kelly Blog (Deleted)
  459. Timeey's Dream (Locked)
  460. To Pleasure Sir (Locked, Re-opened)
  461. Todos Ousados (Not found)
  462. Tom's Gay Planet (Locked)
  463. Too Sexy Boys (Locked)
  464. Topper's Bottom Bois (Locked)
  465. Toxic Twinks (Not found)
  466. Truly Madly Deeply (Locked)
  467. Twink Town (Locked)
  468. Twinks On Cam (Deleted)
  469. Ugly Land, The (Locked)
  470. Uncut Guys 3 (Locked)
  471. Univers de Janus, L' (Deleted, Removed)
  472. Unruly Boi (Locked)
  473. Unruly Dude (Locked, Moved to own domain)
  474. Val Hummer's- hot video blog (Locked)
  475. Videos Clip Gay (Removed)
  476. Videos Crioulo Brasil (Removed, Re-opened)
  477. Videos For Men (Locked)
  478. Viktor - Lovely Men (Locked)
  479. Visions of Penis (Removed, Re-opened)
  480. Vitaguys (Removed)
  481. Vitaguys (Removed, Re-opened)
  482. Wallpaper For the Gay Eye (Locked)
  483. Wally's World (Locked)
  484. Watchgays (Not found)
  485. Weezie's Boys (Deleted)
  486. Well-Clipped Boy (Deleted, Moved to Nibblebit)
  487. What Makes Me Mad (Locked)
  488. Wild Ramblings, The (Locked)
  489. Woofmen (Locked)
  490. Xtra Butts (Not found, Re-opened under new name)
  491. XXX Movies, Memoirs, and More (Deleted)
  492. Yaoi Art Download (Locked)
  493. Yaoi My Toons (Removed, Re-opened, Not found)
  494. Yaoi Pictures (Not found, Re-opened)
  495. Yo Sucio (Removed)
  496. Young Gay Love (Deleted)
  497. Zach's Room (Locked)
  498. Zak's World O Sex (Deleted)
  499. ZeitGAYst (Not found)
  500. Zephyr-Files (Locked)
So if You know of a Google/Blogger blog(s) recently not found, removed, locked, deleted, etc., Or a Google/Blogger blog(s) which has re-opened, or moved to another service, please let us know, and we will get it posted here for YOU. We have a new preformed e-mail for You now to make this even easier for You. You will find it (HERE).
Jeff & Brent here, Thanking You All for Your Help to Help All Gay Blogs.


Scorpioitalia said...

Hey Friends! I thank you all for the support and I have added this blog to the blogroll of my website

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much. We really appreciate your help!
Keep on bloggin'

Jeff & Brent

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