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Friday, February 11, 2011

Give Google/Blogger an opportunity to hear what you think!

I posted a thread in the blogger forums asking why so many blogs have been closed.  My blog, Daddy's Bad Boys, got shut down so many times I got my own domain and started this blog.  Fuzzy spam, you know!

Nitecruzr, a top contributer and official blog star for Google/Blogger, responded that fuzzy spam is to blame for all the blogs being closed.  Fuzzy spam!?!?!

Pat from Bambiboyz has posted to this thread.  Pat's blog was Locked, than Re-Opened.  He is now keeping all of his blogs on SensualWriter.com just in case Blogger shuts him down again.  He's on the look-out for fuzzy spam.

Rick from SickoRicko'sCrap has posted to this thread.  Rick's blog was Deleted, then Re-Opened, then Not Found, then Re-opened.  That must be an awful lot of fuzzy spam you got there Rick!


Let google hear from you!

Click on this link and post a comment:


NatureJockk said...

NatureJockk here.

What is fuzzy spam?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would be interesting to know what fuzzy spam is!

There was an article in the UK paper The Guardian yesterday, about blooger's sudden purge of multiple music blogs. A person from blogger actually responded and said that in the case of music blogs, if they received multiple DMCA complaints and see no indication of authorization, then they will remove the blog. Since I have read alot recently about a few gay studios going after file sharing sites, makes me wonder if some of them are monitoring blogs and reporting them for DMCA violations in regards to both pics and videos?

Anonymous said...

Nature Jock, why don't you ask this question on the thread I started? You're posting will not shut your blog down. Don't be afraid. Add to the thread...please!

Anonymous said...

Good question, anonymous! Please post it to the thread I started on google. PLEASE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, this blogger shutting down Gay blogs is just total hypocrisy on their part.

We have an Adult advisory warning on the front of the blog advising viewers that it contains adult material, the message is clear; don't go further if you're easily shocked, offended or whatever way annoyed by adult content.

In 2011 you wouldn't believe that this kind of blatant censorship and denial of free speech would be possible.

It leaves me kinda speechless.

Thanks for all your work.

Spartan X

Mr. Bare said...

I've added you to my blog list.

Yes, I was deleted and now I'm back. So we'll see what happens.

Kent said...

Please add: defineaman.blogspot.com

Brent said...

Hi Ya Mr.Bare,

First of all Thank You so much for adding Our link to your Blog Role, it always so great the see a Blog Owner "Going Pro-Active" to let there Blog Fans know where to turn to when/and if/ their blogs should be closed by Google!!

And to answer you statement of "What Happens"

Well this is what happens...at least next here.....

#1. We have added you Blog Link to Our All Re-opened Blog Role
#2. We have just posted a News Bulletin Of Your Blog Being Re-opened on Our Current Listings
#3. We Have Added Your Blog To Our Next Current Posting As A Re-opened Blog
#4. We be showing Your Blog on Our Master List as Your Blog being Re-opened after Our Next Posting!!!

So that is what happens next, at least here on this Blog Mr. Bare!!! And Thank You So Much for letting Us Know about Your Blog!!!! Big Blogger Hugs To You!!!

Your Blogger Buddy

Mica said...

Hey, it's Mica From Project Pretty Boy and I have Just been shut down, how do I recover my info


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