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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Google Joins In On Wednesday Black Out!

In cutting off access to thousands of web sites for a day, the tech industry flexed its political muscle last Wednesday with a don't-mess-with-the-Web campaign that highlighted its vast reach and how indispensable the Internet has become.

The sweeping blackout to protest federal anti-piracy bills sparked frustration and confusion Wednesday but had its intended effect — disrupting the usual flow of the Internet while mobilizing opposition among online users and lawmakers.

More than 10,000 web sites participated in the strike against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, bills that opponents say could lead to censorship online and force some web sites out of business. Some, including Wikipedia, Reddit and Boing Boing, shut down for the day, while others such as Craigslist and Google protested by blacking out parts of their sites and urging users to sign online petitions and contact members of Congress.

Shortly after midday, Google said 4.5 million people had signed its petition. Meanwhile, Wikipedia said 5.5 million people had clicked through the blackout message on its home page for information on how to contact their local lawmakers.  For more on this story please visit the
Los Angles Times.
And while I personally find Google's position in this matter somewhat ironic, for after all, this is exactly what Google has being doing for years now with all their Google Blogs and now that there could be a Government Agency telling Google what they can and can not have on the Internet, well they don't like this possibility at ALL!!!
So Guys, just maybe this has become "Our" silver lining in this "Black Cloud" that has pledged Gay Blogs for the last several years now and just maybe Google is starting to realize what it might be like to be censored, as WE HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS NOW and things just might start to get even better for All Google Blogs!!!  All We Can Do IS Hope SO!!!  With all this said here is....
Our New Listing(s) for January 21, 2012
Adda4Gay-video (Removed)
Bastyg (Removed again)
Ben Brown XXX (Removed)
Boys Intim (Removed)
Dewayne in San Diego (Locked out)
Eduardo Sabatello (Re-opened)
GayMĂ©xicoTv (Removed again)
hardygay NSFW (Removed)
Lt Gayhot & gt (Locked out)
Men&Socks (Removed again)
N.John info (Removed)
Ted's Cum Whores (Removed)
Wacky & Queer (Removed)
News Bulletin!!! (01/22)  Just In From (Mature Men | Homens Maduros) as been Re-opened @ a new address….. :) Please see Our "All Re-opened Section" for His new link......
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PS: Hey Raulito, @ Trickle Down BS....Hoping that between everything that Jeff Posted Yesterday, and My Posting this morning makes up for what you were hoping to see here on this Blog on Wednesday Morning about the "Black Out", along with Oh So Many Of Our Other Blog Fans.  And while I can Guarantee you Raulito, after working with Jeff over the past year or so now, I'm sure He is already working on jumping All OVER GOOGLE IN THE HELP FORUM ON THIS ONE!!!  For What is Good For The Goose, is Good For the Gander!!! And Jeff is going to have a field day with this one within the Google Forum!!!  I GUARANTEE You Blogger Buddy, He will!!! Blogger Hugs To You Raulito. 


GLBTQ Jamaica Linkup Mod said...

vintageblackguys.blogspot.com is gone as well, I am not sure if it was taken down or closed by the owner

Homens Maduros/Mature Men said...

Hello,Jeff I am so sad, I'm tired.
The google delet again my blog Mature Men | Homens Maduros
They already deleted my blogs about 10
I spend about 12 hours a day working on my blog.
So much work and then google click a button and delete my blog forever
I'm thinking about giving up my blog.
Jeff Here is the new blog Mature Men | Homens Maduros
Pleaseeee Put In Your Opened List of blogs. Thanks my friend Jeff.


jeffroe said...

I would like to comment on Google closing the gay blogs and the governments two bills they tried to pass.Google and the government are both trying to censore the internet and like I have stated on other blogs they will continue to do so if the people do not stand together to stop them. I have spent years studying the government and have watched how google operates. The government wants to pass laws that only take away our freedoms so they can do anything they want to, while google says they support the gay community and then closes as many gay blogs as they can. They both open their mouths and lies come out,but their own actions let people know how they really are if you just watch them. There's only one way to take care of people like that and that's for everybody to stand together and stop paying taxes to a corrupt government and to boycott google. I wrote congress about pipa and sopa bills and told them, see how many people are protesting,then I told them to think about how much money they would lose if people started protesting by not paying taxes.Next thing I heard was how pipa and sopa got put on hold.Did my letter have something to do with it, I don't know,but I have received emails from people thanking me for writing to congress, makes me wonder if I did do something.I'll finish by saying this, if causing the government and google to lose money gets them to listen I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

culazosmasculinos.blogspot.com is gone.
thanks for this blog.

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