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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yes, No, Maybe?

Yes Guys, If Your Blog Has Been Closed/Removed In The Past By Google, We Are Highly Recommending That You Either File Your Appeals To Get It Re-opened NOW, (Note: Even with Google's New Algorithm Penguin, Your Must Post Your Request In The Help Forum "Something Is Broken" To Have Your Blog Reviewed To Get It Re-Opened!!!  Just Click (Here) and follow Jeff's Easy Steps for this), Or Just Re-open It Yourself Under A New Address From Your Backups!!!  For The Waters On Google Blogger Are Appearing To Be The Best Every For Gay Blogs In A Long, Long Time Now That Google Is Using It's Newest And Latest Algorithm To Stop Spam With Fewer Less Positive Negative Reports That Have Been Closing Blogs In The Past!!!  And while this is still an either a...
As Of Right Now, Well We Just Do Not Know As Of Yet Guys, But What We Can Say For Sure Right Now IS For A Fact Is, This Is For The First Time IN Over TWENTY MONTHS That This Is The LEAST AMOUNT Of Closed Gay Blogs That We Are Reporting To "You" Within A Single Posting Of Ours, Since September 25, 2010, When Reporting To You That The Steve Cruz Blog had been Removed and I remember this as if it were just a few months ago Guys!!!  Boy does time fly bye.  So Hoping To See Your Closed/Removed Blog(s) Back Up And Running Real Soon Now That The Waters For Gay Blogs Appear To Be Getting Better And If So, Please Let Us Know About It!!!  For We Would Just Love To Be Reporting More "Re-opened" Blogs Than "Closed/Removed" Blogs any day of the week to YOU!!!..(((Big, Big Smile)))(((And Blogger Hugs To You If You Do)))  With this said, here is....
Our New Listing(s) for May 23, 2012
Anal (Removed)
Bi Men Club (Removed)
Boy Twinks (Removed)
Gaytranny (Removed)
M84Bate (Removed)
Safados De Caruaru (Removed)#1

News Bulletin!!! (05/23)  Just In....(Mature Men | Homens Maduros) Has Been Re-Opened @ A New Address...Please See Our 1st Section in Our "Re-Opened Blogs" For His New Link......
#1 English Translation (In Caruaru Safados) Of A Spanish Blog
Today's Listings were supplied to Us by, Brandon, Elijah, Jesse, Sebastian, Wyatt and (1) other Unknown (Blog Followers) that did not want their names highlight. And We Thank ALL OF YOU Guys for taking the time to sharing what You know with US so That All of Us Know The Same!!!
And sadly to say, there are now (2,946) Blogs on Our Master List and You can see the complete list by clicking on the following...
So Blog Owners!!!
Need Help With This? Then Click (Here)
Backup Your Blog each time to you Post to it before you see Your Blog's Name on Our Next Posting!!! It fast and easy to do and Your Blog Fans will be so glad you have, when You Open Up Your Replacement Blog!!!
And If You're A Blog Visitor....and
You're Looking For Your Favorite Blog???
And Can Not Find It because it has been "Closed, Removed Or Deleted" by Google!!! Well We are happy to report that (299) of them have been re-opened either here at Google Blogger's or on another Service known as "WordPress"or they now have their "Own Domain".
So Guys, either check out Our Master List and hopefully You will find one of YOUR Favorite Blog(s) that has been Re-opened.....:) and Your Favorite Blog Owner didn't give up because of what Google is doing to OH SO MANY BLOGS!! OR.... You can simply click on the following Button to see Our complete Re-opened Blog Role!!!
And whether You're a Blog Owner or You're A Blog Visitor or You're Both click (Here) to report YOUR information about a Google Blog to Us and see Your Blog And/Or Your Name Highlighted here on our next Posting!!!  Thanking You if you do.
Your Blogger Buddies Always, Jeff & Brent


Older Men said...

Hello my friend Jeff GOOGLE CLOSE AGAIN MY BLOG http://madurogay.blogspot.pt



Brent said...

Hey Older Men, So glad to hear Your Good News, and I have got Your Announcement Posted for Our 2,000+ Visitors a day to see here with a "News Flash Bulletin" for You!!! But unless you want YOUR ALL NEW----Re-Opened Blog----To Be Closed Again, under it's new address, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you turn ON the Google Adult Warning Window to Your Current Blog, since it does have Adult Continent on it, before it does get CLOSED AGAIN!!!! And I would also advise You that one of Blog Gadget's is Hijacking Your Blog while being viewed with "Chrome", Firefox and Internet Explorer Browser's, while Safari is blocking the Hijacking!!! This well also get YOUR ALL NEW---Re-Opened Blog---To Be Closed Again, for this is know as participated in linking networks which Google considers as SPAM, and I don't know which one it is, but what ever one it is, You should remove it as soon as possible, before Your Blog is Closed AGAIN!!! Just trying to help you Out Blogger Buddy...(Brent Here for Jeff Who Is Busy Working On Future Postings For All Of Us)
Now In Portuguese:
Hey Homens mais velhos, tão contente de ouvir Sua Boa Nova, e eu tenho o seu anúncio Postado por nossos 2.000 visitantes + um dia para ver aqui com um "Boletim Flash News" para Você! Mas se você quiser SEU TUDO NOVO ---- Re-inaugurado Blog ---- Para ser fechada novamente, sob seu novo endereço, eu altamente recomendo que você ligue a janela Aviso de Adultos do Google para o seu blog atual, uma vez que ele faz têm Continente Adulto sobre ele, antes de se ficar fechado novamente!! E eu também aconselhá-lo que um Blog Gadget é Sequestro de seu blog ao ser visto com "Chrome", o Firefox eo Internet Explorer navegador, enquanto o Safari está bloqueando o sequestro! Este bem também terá o seu ALL NEW --- Re-inaugurado Blog --- Para ser fechada novamente, por isso é conhecido como participou de ligações às redes que o Google considera como SPAM, e eu não sei qual é, mas o que sempre um que é, você deve removê-lo o mais rápido possível, antes de seu Blog é fechada novamente! Só estou a tentar ajudá-lo Blogger camarada ... (Brent aqui para Jeff Quem está ocupado trabalhando em postagens futuras For All Of Us)

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