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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Google Blogger May Not Want You Blog Owner's To Know About This One?

Well Blog Owner's and Blog Fans, Thanks To Jeff's Most Wonderful Posting Last Tuesday, You all now know that I have a personal Google Blogger Blog and I have been blogging now for almost the last 3 years on Google Blogger and have only been closed down once by Google,  in which I learned oh so much and thanks to Google, for when they did close the door to my Original Wallpaper Blog, which I might add was never re-opened, they at the same time opened up oh so many other doors for Me and thought I share some of what I learned with You Fellow Google Blog Owner's, even if Google doesn't tell You about and more than likely they don't want you to know about!!!

For You see when I first started My Wallpaper Blog, I did just like what I'm guessing most of Us all do with each new posting and that is when I wanted to insert a photo into a current posting, I would just simply click on "Insert Photo" and when asked from where?, I would click on from My Hard Drive and upload one of my Wallpapers and that would not only add it to My current Posting, but also to My Blog's Picasa Account and that is how I did every Posting for the first six months till My Blog was Closed!!!  However, I was always worried about what I was going to do when My Picasa Account for My Blog reached the maximum capacity of 1,024 MB that was for free!!!
But when Google Closed My Original Blog, well I simple started My Second Blog and named it #2 - Reborn, and since My Original Picasa Account was still open and everything was still there, well I just imported my Backup from My Original Blog into My Second New Blog and I was up and running once again.  Yes Guys, I do practices what I preach to all Of YOU Each Time I Post HERE!!!  For I always Backup not only this Blog, but also My Wallpaper Blogs each and every time I post to them!!!  Hoping You Are Also???
Anyway, to My surprise, when I started Posting once again, doing just like I was doing before, using the "Insert Photo" button and uploading Walls from My hard drive, come to find out, that they were all now going into a New Picasa Account for My Second Blog and I was starting all over again with lots of room and not having to worrying about reaching the 1,024 MB from My Original Picasa Account any more!!!  And while Google does offer all Of US additional storage space for a small fee, I didn't have to worry about it anymore, for I now knew away around this one!!!  Just create A NEW Google Account, add that account to Your Blog and grant it full admin privileges and TA DA, Not only do You have another way to access your Dashboard, but you have another Picasa Account with all kinds of room for New Photos that will not be deleted when Your Blog Is Closed!!!  And I have been doing this every six months now ever since starting Blogging On Google when Google Closed My 1st Blog over 2 1/2 years ago!!!
Yes Blogger Buddies, when You Visit My Wallpaper Blog that was started back on October 2, 2009 through today, You will see everything that I have done over almost the last (3) Years Now, but please keep in mind that My Blog is spread out across (6) Google Accounts and (6) Picasa Accounts, one every six months since starting!!!  This way, when and if My Blog is every closed again by Google, along with My Picasa Account for not Only My Google Blog, but also My Mirror Blogs on other services using WordPress that are depending on these (6) Picasa Accounts,  well the only thing I will have to do is re-upload 6 months wroth of Photos, rather than 3 Years worth of photos to get back up and running once again!!!  And I'm doing all this without having to pay for any additional storage to Google!!!

For after all, I was taught a long, long time ago, "You Never Ever Put All Your Eggs In One Basket, For If You Do, It Just Might Come Back To Bit You In The A**!!!"  Hoping this has planted a seed or two with many of You Blog Owner's and You starting opening up Some New Accounts On Google and as Jeff always says, "Keep On Bloggin" Blogger Buddies and I'm Oh So Hoping it's going to be under some New Google Accounts!!!  (((Big, Big, Smile, with Love & Hugs)))  And with this said, here is.....
Our New Listing(s) for September 22, 2012
Artistry of Male (Removed again)*
Asia Untuk Asia (Re-opened)#1
CAZZI AMARI (Re-opened New Name)#3
David Share (Removed)
EROS, em seu Templo! (Re-opened)#4
Kaki Skodeng Lelaki (Removed)#5
lanangan (Removed)
LucasKazan (Re-opened)
Melayu Gempaq (Removed)
Nude Sexy Boys (Re-opened)
Pinoy Watcher Webcam (Re-opened)
PinoyGeneX! (Now Private)
ShaPix (Removed)
Watchers Collection (Removed again)
*Note Here: One Of Our Many Supporters That Gave Up On Blogging On Google, But If You Do Re-opened Somewhere Else, Please Let Us Know, for there are Oh So Many Missing Your Blog!!! 
#1 English Translation (Asia to Asia) Of An Indonesian Blog
#2 English Translation (Way Male Masturbation) Of A Malay Blog
#3 English Translation (DICK BITTER) Of An Italian Blog
#4 English Translation (EROS, in his temple!) Of A Portuguese Blog
#5 English Translation (Men sexy feet) Of A Malay Blog
#6 English Translation (Reality-ONE-LIFE) Of An Indonesian Blog
Today's Listings were supplied to Us by, Brandon, Diego, Jaden, Julian, Sean, Tyler, Wyatt  and (3) other Unknown (Blog Followers) that did not want their names highlight. And We Thank ALL OF YOU Guys for taking the time to sharing what You know with US so That All of Us Know The Same!!!   

And sadly to say, there are now (3,138) Blogs on Our Master List and You can see the complete list by clicking on the following...

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Your Blogger Buddies Always, Jeff & Brent

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