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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Blogger Buddies And Meet Our Top 100 Referral Blogs For 2012!!!

Yes Blogger Buddies, Happy New Year and We just wanted to wish to All Our Blog Fans from around the world Only the Best Of Wishes and may this New Year bring to You much Joy and Happiness, but most of ALL, May All Your Favorite Blogs, Here On Google, Remain Open for You to enjoy in the coming Year!!!

And Great Big Blogger Hugs to ALL the following Blog Owner's that made it into Our Top 100 Referrals for 2012.  We Thank All Of You So much, plus Also to those that didn't make it into the top 100 but are supporting us, but there is only room for 100 within this gadget and Hoping to see You in Our New Top 100 for 2013!!!  But Jeff & I Do want to thank All Of You For Your Love and Support!!!  For It Is So Greatly Appreciated!!!  With that said, here were Our Top 100 as of midnight last night...

H A W T-[1222]

And it is with out a doubt, You all sure helped to make this Blog become as popular has it is this New Year Morning in the Year 2013.  And whether You have Agreed or Disagreed with anything that I have stated in the past, I sure will continue to try My Best to make this Place A One Stop Shopping Center For All Gay Blogs Fans World Wide so that They may enjoy all Your Hard Work and that They can even enjoy it better!!!  Thanks a million Guys and looking forward to seeing many of You in Our New Top 100 for 2013, plus many new ones!!!
Your Blogger Buddies Always, Jeff and Brent


O!Daddie said...

Wishing you both a joyful New Year.

I plan on making the Top 100 of 2013 to honor your efforts for all of us!

Brent said...

Thanks O!Daddie, And after just visiting Your Blog, "free 2b..smokey & me !!" and seeing that You have a well Maintained and Current Blog Role for all Your Fans to follow, I'm sure Your Blog Will Be within Our Top 100 for 2013!!! In fact I just checked and Your Blog is @7!!! And Thank You for Your Joyful New Year Wishes, but more importantly than this, Thank You For Supporting This Blog!!! Jeff & I Totally Appreciate it and the Best Of Luck On Google in the Year 2013!!! Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent) PS: Hoping Your doing your Backups!!! For You just never know when it comes to Google when Your Blog isn't going to be there for You!!! Sorry To say!!!

Javier said...

Jeff & Brent

Happy New Year, and this year we are starting to come with more joy and opportunities to move forward.
A hug, his friend

Moihimself said...

hello everybody
wish you all the very best for 2013

Moihimself said...

will use your banner
kises from paris

Ward said...

Hi Guys

This is just to let you know that JockSpank has been reinstated again: http://jockspank.blogspot.com

As this is the second time it has happened to the same blog in just over three years, can you suggest any way I can stop it happening again?

Brent said...

Thanks Javier for taking the time to Post Your New Year Wishes to Us, it is greatly appreciated and I'm so glad to see that you're still visiting Our Blog. Blogger Hugs to you, his friend also, (Brent)

Brent said...

Thanks Moihimself for Your Best Wishes for 2013 and I'm so glad to here that you're going to add our banner to your blog. As soon as see it on MOIhimself, I will add your Blog to our Supporter Section. Thanks (Brent)

Brent said...

Thanks Ward for the Great News, I will get Jock Spank adding to my next Posting and sorry to say, there is no known way of preventing this from happening again to Your Blog on Google other than moving Your Blog to another Blogging Service like Jeff did!!! Yes I know, this sucks!!! Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

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