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  1. da (Removed)
  2. Daddi (Removed)
  3. Daddies Gallery (Locked)
  4. Daddy - Older Here Gay and Straight (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  5. Daddy (Removed)
  6. Daddy Bear Movies (Removed)
  7. Daddy Bear Watch (Removed)
  8. Daddy Finder (Locked)
  9. DADDY FUN PLACE (Removed)
  10. Daddy Gay (Removed)
  11. Daddy Pictures (Removed)
  12. Daddy Sal Says..... (Removed)
  13. Daddy Sanches (Removed)
  14. Daddy Smaduro Spain (Removed)
  15. Daddy Trix (Removed)
  16. Daddy, Bear, QueerMovie (Removed)
  17. Daddy, Please (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  18. DADDY,BEAR,MOVIES (Removed)
  19. Daddy's Bad Boys (Locked, Re-opened, Moved to own domain, Removed by owner) 
  20. Daddy's Bad Boys 2 (Locked)
  21. Daddy's birchboy (Not found, Re-opened, Now Private, Removed)
  22. Daddy's EXPOSED boys (Removed)
  23. Daddy's Lap (Removed)
  24. Daddy's Place (Removed)
  25. Daddy's Sissy Cam Slut Stable (Removed)
  26. DaddyBearWatch (Removed)
  27. daddyfinder (Locked)
  28. daddysmadurospain (Removed)
  29. DaddyPorn (Locked)
  30. Daddys Focas (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  31. Daddys Maduro Spain (Removed)
  32. Dadporn: racey porn featuring dads, sons, brothers (Removed)
  33. Dad's Perogative (Removed)
  34. Dads-N-Sons (Removed)
  35. Daily Allowance Of Beef (Removed)
  36. Daily Hot Gay (Removed)
  37. Daily hot men (Removed)
  38. Daily Stud (Locked)
  39. dailygay (Removed)
  40. Dallas Sketchman (Removed)
  41. Dallas Smoothie (Removed)
  42. Dame leche gay (Removed)
  43. Damien Crosse (Removed)
  44. Damon Dogg's Blog (Removed)
  45. Dan Harrison Training Log (Removed)
  46. Dan in Briefs (Removed)
  47. DANDINE (Removed)
  48. Dan's Gay Public Sex Blog (Locked, Re-opened, Deleted, Re-opened)
  49. Dan's Other Diary (Removed, Re-opened)
  50. Dangling down (Removed)
  51. Daniel Blue Tales Blog (Removed)
  52. Daniel Garofali (Removed)
  53. Danny Transex Iperdotatissima (Removed)
  54. dany905r (Removed)
  55. Dara Sexy Free (Not found)
  56. darathaigay (Removed)
  57. Dare For Bare (Removed)
  58. Dare To Bare (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  59. Dari Lelaki Untuk Lelaki (Ada ummphh) (Removed)
  60. Dark "G" (Removed)
  61. DARK FLEX (Removed)
  62. Dark Room Gay (Removed)
  63. dark-skinned men of Brazil (Removed)
  64. D-arness Club (Removed)
  65. Das Wichstier (Removed)
  66. Dave The Rave (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  67. Daventry Blue: Eric Arvin And The Useless Magnificence (Removed)
  68. Davey boys (Removed)
  69. Davh's Fakes (Removed)
  70. David Share (Removed)
  71. DAVIDASUL (Removed)
  72. Daze Gone Bi (Not found)
  73. DCOSMOS2 (Removed)
  74. De Homens para Homens (Removed)
  75. De Los Pies (Removed)
  76. De Olho na Mala (Removed, Re-opened)
  77. De Tudo Um Kado (Removed)
  78. Dead blog (Removed)
  79. Dear life*Cherry Blossom (Removed)
  80. Dearhotgay (Removed)
  81. Death is Cuming (Removed)
  82. DeepAssTeam (Removed)
  83. Definition of a Man (Locked, Re-opened, Deleted, Re-opened)
  84. Dehumanizing the boy (Removed)
  85. Delicia de homem (Removed)
  86. Delicia teen (Removed)
  88. Delicias Do Cosmo (Removed)
  89. Delicious Men For You (Removed, Re-opened)
  90. Delicious Ordinary Men (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  91. Deliciously Queer & Sinful (Not found)
  92. Denim Gay Boys (Removed)
  93. Department of Corporal Corrections (Removed)
  94. Der Pimmelwixxer (Removed)
  95. Derrek Diamond (Not found)
  96. Derrek's Rambling (Not found)
  97. Derrubadores de Caceta (Removed, Re-opened)
  98. Derwent Midland (Removed)
  99. Des amours de Beaux mecs (Removed)
  100. des beaux mecs (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  101. Des garçons (Removed)
  102. DeSaBaFo!!!! (Removed)
  103. DESEJOS AMADORES (Removed)
  104. Desejos Secretos (Removed)
  106. Deseos (Removed)
  107. Desi Gay Desires (Removed) {**NEW LISTING**}
  108. Desi Sex Maniac (Removed)
  109. Desideri e fantasie… (Removed)
  110. Desnudo Gay 2.0 (Removed)
  111. detsamma (Removed)
  112. Deuses Atleticos (Removed)
  113. Devil's Spy Room (Locked)
  114. Dewayne in San Diego (Locked)
  115. Deznudoz (Removed)
  116. DI MACHU'S BLOG (Removed)
  117. DIA-A-DIA DE MICHÊ (Removed)
  118. Diabolic Blog (Removed)
  119. Diari Kehidupan P.L.U. (Removed)
  120. Diário de um michê {Relatos reais da vida de um GP de SP.} (Removed)
  121. Diário de uma luta! (Removed)
  122. Diário de uma psi - Catarse cotidiana (Removed)
  123. Diario de un Discapacitado Gay (Removed)
  124. Diary Of A Horny Bottom Boy (Removed)
  125. Diary of a Popper Whore (Removed)
  126. Diary of a Teenage Narcissist (Not found)
  127. Diary of an Athens, Georgia HIV+ Guy (Removed)
  128. Dibujos De Areko (Removed)
  129. Dicas para Grisalhos Gays (Removed)
  130. Dick Cheese and Smegma (Removed)
  131. Dick Lover (Removed)
  132. Dickshownary (Deleted)
  133. Die Besten (Removed)
  134. Die4Muscles (Removed)
  135. Dieguin 88 (Removed)
  136. Digital Eargasm (Removed)
  137. Digitized Dicks (Locked)
  138. Dillon Buck (Removed)
  139. Dionecstasy★ (Removed)
  140. Direct Desire Project (Removed)
  141. Directions Fakes - DHenrie Fakes (Removed)
  142. Dirtbaggin (Removed, Re-opened)
  143. Dirty Dave Exhibits (Not found)
  144. Dirty Desktops (Removed)
  145. Dirty gay boys (Removed)
  146. Dirty Hippie (Removed)
  147. Dirty Perv (Removed)
  148. Dirty Pleasures (Removed)
  149. Dirty Queer (Removed)
  150. Dirty Travis (Removed)
  151. Discotek4ever (Removed)
  152. discreto em casa (Removed)
  153. Discrimination homosexuel (Removed)
  154. Disney and Nick Male Fakes (Removed)
  155. Disney makes me said XD (Removed)
  156. Disney Sexy (Removed)
  157. Divinamente Perfeito (Removed)
  158. Divine Perfect (Removed)
  159. Dj Fab (Megève) (Removed)
  160. DJ´s boys 2 (Removed)
  161. Djemve (Removed)
  162. DJVladi blog ONLY THE BEST (Removed, Re-opened new address, Removed)
  163. dm (digital muffins) (Removed)
  164. DO YOU LOVE MY MEN ? (Removed, Re-opened moved to Tumblr)
  165. Do You Speak falatio or analingis (Removed)
  166. Do yourself (Removed)
  167. dobrodeevakyl (Removed)
  168. Dog Training (Removed)
  169. Dogcatcher's Pound (Not found)
  170. DOIS MACHOS DIADEMA (Removed, Re-opned)
  171. DOMADOR DE VIADO (Removed)
  172. Doméstica Gay (Removed)
  173. Don't Leave Me (Removed)
  174. Dorian Gayish (Removed)
  175. Dorian Underground (Removed)
  176. Dotados & Rabudos (Removed)
  177. Dotados Big (Not found, Re-opened under new name, Not found, Re-opened)
  178. Dotados na Web :. - Fotos e Videos de Gays nú do mundo todo. (Removed)
  179. Double Pleasure (Not found)
  180. Down To Their Briefs (Removed)
  181. Dr.woggle (Removed)
  182. Drawing & Real (Removed)
  183. Drawing With Light (Removed, Re-opened)
  184. Dread Lust {Sexy Dreadlock Men} (Removed)
  185. Dream Boys (Removed)
  186. Dream Boys 2 (Removed)
  187. Dream White Rose (Removed)
  188. Dreamboy (Removed)
  189. dreamboy-2011 (Removed)
  190. Dreaming of Adonis (Removed)
  191. Dreaming Queer (Removed)
  192. Dreams and Other Mysteries (Removed)
  193. Drecksaubt (Removed)
  194. DROOLEYS EXPOSED (Removed)
  196. dropping out nicely (Removed)
  197. D's Naughty Boy Spanking (Locked)
  198. Du grand n'importe quoi (Removed)
  199. DUCKZONE (Removed)
  200. Dude Gear (Removed)
  201. Dude Hetero (Removed)
  202. Dude Home Alone (Removed)
  203. Dude I Got Your 80's (Removed)
  204. Dude Ranch (Removed)
  205. Dudes in the nude (Locked)
  206. Dudu Sabatello (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  207. duisburgay NSFW (Removed)
  208. Dunmyeddin (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  209. DUQUESEBAROES (Removed)
  210. Dutch Horny Steamboat Company (Removed)
  211. Dutch Rob's Homepage (Locked)
  212. Dutchexhib (Removed)
  213. DVD's Estrenos (Removed)
  214. Dwight Supremacy (Not found, Re-opened)
  215. Dylan Boy Video (Removed)
  216. Earwig's Thoughts (Removed)
  217. Eating My Own Cum (Removed)
  218. Ebony Affair (Removed)
  219. eBook m4m (Removed)
  220. Ecce Homo (Removed)
  221. Eclectic Taste In Men (Not found)
  222. Ed Olen Photography (Removed)
  223. eddy shah (Removed)
  224. EdgeOfReality (Removed, Re-opened)
  225. Edging 101 (Removed)
  226. Eduardo Sabatello (Locked, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Now Private Blog)
  227. Edynho The Hotstuff (Removed)
  228. Eeks (Removed)
  229. Egalaĵo (Removed)
  230. Ei! Vem cá, sente aqui (Removed)
  231. Einfach Jungs (Removed)
  232. Ekxtasy (Removed)
  233. El Album De Cromos (Removed)
  234. EL AZOTE (Removed, Re-opened)
  235. El Blog de Jalif (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  236. El blog de Luckitas (Removed)
  237. El Blog De Stanley Kowalski (Removed)
  238. EL Chico Gay Colombia America Del Sur (Removed)
  239. EL Club De La PoRonGa (Removed)
  240. El Desnudo En El Arte (Removed)
  241. El Diario de Lluvia Bell (Removed)
  242. El Estudio de Areko (Locked)
  243. El guardián de las máscaras venecianas (Removed)
  244. El Homo Blogo (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  245. El Homo Sex (Removed)
  246. El Ladron De Arcoiris (Not found)
  247. El Nuevo Blog De Warron (Removed, Re-opened)
  248. El Patio De Mi Casa (Removed)
  249. El Pene Que Te Mete (Locked, Not found)
  250. El poder del Garche (Removed)
  251. El Principe de Transilvania (Removed)
  252. Él que gobierna con secreto, con misterio (Removed)
  253. El Rincon secreto de Ander (Removed)
  254. El sudor de mi polla 3 (Removed)
  255. El tío folla-bocas del gimnasio (Removed)
  256. Elas e Elas Filmes (Removed)
  257. elas ellos (Removed)
  258. Electronic Music & More (Removed)
  259. ELEMAN ARANIYOR (Removed)
  260. Eles Nos Eles (Locked, Re-opened)
  261. Elf and the City (Removed)
  262. ELFBOYS (Removed)
  263. ElTrako News (Removed)
  264. ElTrako Nudez (Not found)
  265. eMackinations (Removed, Re-opened, Now Private)
  266. Embroidery Story (Removed)
  267. Emeritus men (Removed)
  268. Emija out closed (Removed)
  269. Emotive E-Male (Removed)
  270. En calzoncillos (Not found)
  271. Enduro's Gay Fetish Blog (Not found)
  272. Enduro‘s Gay Underwear Fetish Blog (Removed)
  273. ENIGMA UNDERWEAR (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  274. Enjoying Naturism (Removed)
  275. Enjoying Nudism (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  276. EnQueTe BoQueTe (Removed)
  277. ENTIENDES ...? o te lo Explico? (Removed)
  278. Entre else e eu (Not found)
  279. Entre Homens (Removed, Re-Opened)
  280. Entre machitos (Removed)
  281. Entrega E Submissão (Removed)
  282. EP (Removed)
  283. EPerV (Removed)
  284. EPHRANOR (Removed)
  285. Equal {=} (Removed)
  286. Erected Teen Boys (Removed)
  287. Erection Gay (Removed, Re-opened)
  288. Eric Lilliebridge Training Log (Removed)
  289. erkekerkege (Removed)
  290. Eros Directorio (Removed)
  291. EROS, em seu Templo! (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  292. E r o s a p i e n s (Removed)
  293. Erotic Male Art (Removed)
  294. erótico CADERNO negro (Removed)
  295. Erótico e Profano! (Removed)
  296. Erotik Blog (Removed)
  297. Es porno gay? (Removed)
  298. Escravo Rockeiro (Removed)
  299. eSENSUAL SKOTY (Removed)
  300. eSpErMaToCiDio (Removed, Re-opened, Now Private, Re-opened to all, Removed)
  301. Espiando a Rola e Malas (Removed)
  302. Espiando Homens (Heteros) (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  303. Esposa Puta Gostosa (Removed)
  304. este blog (Removed)
  305. esteticmen (Removed)
  306. Ethnic Brazilian Boys (Removed)
  307. EthnicMen (Locked, Re-opened, Removed) {**NEW LISTING**}
  308. Eure Pimmel und Muschis wollen wir hier zeigen (Removed)
  309. Events of New Life (Not found)
  310. EVER EDGING STORY (Removed)
  311. EVER GAY (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  312. Everything About Feet (Removed)
  313. excellfeeling (Removed)
  314. excluido (Removed)
  315. Exclusive Guy Videos (Removed)
  316. ex-Cosmico3001 - o fim de um personagem (Removed) 
  317. Exhib85 (Removed, Re-opened)
  318. Exhibit gAy (Removed)
  319. Exhibited Boys (Removed, Re-opened)
  320. Exhibitionist (Removed, Re-opened)
  321. Exhibitionist Cum (Removed, Re-opened)
  322. Exhibitionists Are Go (Removed)
  323. exhiblyon (Removed)
  324. Ex-naked (Removed)
  325. Experman (Removed)
  326. expose-steve (Removed)
  327. Exposed Males (Removed)
  328. Exposed........ By Deonte` (Removed)
  329. Exposing gstring (Removed)
  330. Exposing Queer Richard (Removed)
  332. Express Men (Removed)
  333. EXTRA BIG COCKS 1 (Removed, Re-opened)
  334. Extra Large (Removed)
  335. EXTREMMEN (Removed)
  336. Exxxposed Guys (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  337. Exxxposedguysplus (Removed)
  338. Eye Candy Sexy Hunks (Removed)
  339. Eye Candy: Beef! (Removed)
  340. Eye Candy: Young and Hot! (Removed)
  341. EYECATCHER EXPANDED (Not Found, Re-opened)
  342. Eyes gays (Removed)
  343. Eγω στα ειπα....I said (Removed)
  344. Fabien et Marc Gay (Removed)
  345. Fabrice La Purges (Removed, Re-opened)
  346. Faceprout (Not found)
  347. Facial Hair Nude Hunks (Removed)
  348. FACIALFLAKES - The Facial Cumdrencher Blog (Removed)
  349. Facials and Cum Eating (Cumtastik) (Locked, Re-opened, Moved to own domain, Not found)
  350. Facking Boys (Removed)
  351. Factory of Jerks-Off (Removed)
  352. Faggot Town Cocksucker David Creighton From Bedford, PA (Removed, Re-opend, Removed)
  353. Fairy in wind (Removed)
  354. Fake-FamososDesnudos (Removed)
  355. Falcon Lisboa (Removed)
  356. Falcon Londres (Removed)
  357. Falcon Praga (Removed)
  358. Falcon Roma (Removed)
  359. Falcon Viena (Removed, Re-opened)
  360. Falcon's Men (Removed)
  361. Fallen Angel BR (Removed)
  362. Family Hot Gay (Removed)
  363. FAMOSOS DESNUDOS (Removed)
  364. Famosos En Bolas (Removed)
  365. FAMOSOS NUS DO ANJO MINEIRO (Removed, Re-opened new name, Removed)
  367. Famous Exposure (Removed)
  368. Famous Like Me (Locked, Not found)
  369. Fantasi Lelaki (Removed)
  370. Fantasias (Removed)
  371. Fantasias De Hombres (Removed)
  372. Fantasias e Vontades (Removed)
  373. Fantasias G (Removed)
  374. Fantasmas da Casa (Removed)
  375. Fantasme de Mecs Chauds (Not found)
  376. Fantasy 4 Men (Locked)
  377. Fantasy Gay (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  378. Fantasy Lad (Removed)
  379. Fardados E Uniformizados,Do Anjo Mineiro ! (Removed)
  380. Fashion Frankenstein (Removed)
  381. Fast Gay Porn (Removed)
  382. Fat cocks (Removed)
  383. Favorite Movie Scene (Removed)
  384. Favorite son porn site (Removed)
  385. FcKiN 2dA BeAt vLoG (Removed)
  386. Fearless Gay Blog (Removed)
  387. Feel Boys (Removed)
  388. FEET & COCKS (Removed)
  389. Feet Boys (Removed)
  390. Feetish (Locked)
  391. Feminox® (Removed)
  392. Fence Rider (Locked, Re-Opened New Name at own Domain, Removed, Re-oened)
  393. FER HOT BOYS - Usa Condon SIEMPRE!! (Removed)
  394. fermé (Removed)
  395. Fetiche Por Calção (Removed) {**NEW LISTING**}
  396. Fetiches - Machos Peludos - 2 (Removed, Re-opened)
  397. Fetiches - Militares Fardados - 2 (Removed, Re-opened)
  398. Fetiches - Sungas, Shorts E Malas - 2 (Removed, Re-opened)
  399. Fetichismo gay (Locked)
  400. Fetisch (Removed)
  401. FFucked Holes (Not found)
  402. Fher y amigos (Removed)
  403. file gay (Removed)
  404. Filipino Bagets Blog (Removed)
  405. Filipino Gay Porn Videos (Removed)
  406. Filmes e Séries GLS (Removed)
  407. Filmes Grátis (Removed)
  408. Fim (Removed)
  409. Finest Latin Men (Not found)
  410. First Experiences Raw {R*W} (Removed)
  411. fist30 et ffnimes (Removed)
  412. Fistful of Cum (Removed)
  413. Fit boys with abs (Removed)
  414. Fit Lad's Profile Pic's (Removed)
  415. FITZ'S WORLD (Removed)
  416. FKK Gay Video (Removed)
  417. FKK-Motion (Removed)
  418. Flagra MAN (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  419. Flagras e Videos (Removed)
  420. flaitecitos bacanes (Removed)
  421. flaites,deportistas y cuentos (Removed)
  422. Flesh Addicted (Deleted, Re-opened)
  423. Flexable (Removed)
  424. FlipFlopsBoyII..Flopping Around (Locked, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  425. FLMLDLR GOLD (Removed)
  426. FlopsBoy Reborn! (Removed, Re-opened)
  427. Floripa Summer Bear (Not found)
  428. Flying Cocks (Not found, Re-opened, Not found)
  429. Focus (Removed)
  430. Foda De Homem (Removed)
  431. Follame el culo (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  432. follameelculo (Removed)
  433. Foot Frenzy (Locked, Not found)
  434. Football Boners (Removed, Now Private)
  435. Football Jock's Used Underwear (Removed)
  436. Footballboyrostock (Not found)
  437. For Better or For Worse… (Removed)
  438. FOR EVER IN LIVE (Removed)
  439. For Guyz (Removed)
  440. For My Sake (Removed, Re-opened under new name)
  441. For The Love Of Boy Butts (Removed)
  442. For The Love Of Male Booty! (Removed)
  443. For The Love Of Male Butts (Locked)
  444. For The Love Of Man (Removed)
  445. For Those Who Love What I Love (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  446. For your eyes only (Removed)
  447. Fora Do Ar !!!Off!!! (Removed)
  448. Forever Slave (Removed)
  449. Forever Young (Removed)
  450. forkliftTed (Removed)
  451. Formato Gay (Removed)
  452. Fotogallery (Removed)
  453. Fotogradía (Removed)
  454. FotoGrafie (Removed)
  455. fotomnegay blog (Removed)
  456. Fotos de Caminhoneiros (Removed)
  457. Fotos de hombres desnudos con vergas grandes - Well Hung Men and Big Cocks (Removed)
  458. Fotos de Travestis (Removed)
  459. Fotos e Videos de Homens Maduros (Removed)
  460. Fotos E Videos De Sexo Com Coroas E Ursos (Removed)
  461. Fotos Fodas (Not found, Re-opened, Not found)
  462. Fotos Privadas (Removed)
  463. Fotos Teens Negros e Latinos (Locked)
  464. FOX VIDEOS BOYS (Removed)
  465. FOX-Boys (Removed)
  466. Francesco d'Macho (Locked)
  467. François Sagat (Removed)
  468. Frape (Not found)
  469. FRAT BOY (Removed)
  470. Frat Closet Case (Not found)
  471. FratBoyCunt (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  472. FratBoyCunt Has Moved (Removed)
  473. Fraternidade Sexo Oral (Removed)
  474. Freakangelic (Removed, Re-opened under new name)
  475. free 2b..smokey & me !! (Removed, Re-opened new address)
  476. Free Boy Video (Removed)
  477. Free Casino (Removed)
  478. Free Desi Gay - Free Indian gay videos,pics,stories and more (Removed)
  479. Free Gay Clip (Removed)
  480. Free Gay Male Movies (Removed)
  481. Free Gay Porn Blog (Removed)
  482. Free gay porn galleries male (Removed)
  483. Free Gay porno portal (Removed)
  484. Free Gay Video (Removed)
  485. Free Gay XVids (Removed)
  486. Free Movie Free For You (Removed)
  487. Free Services (Removed)
  488. Free Video Clip (Not found)
  489. Freedom (Removed)
  490. Freestyle Return (Removed)
  491. FreeWixer (Removed)
  492. Freiburgboy Video Blog (Removed, Re-opened)
  493. Fresh Boys Asia (Removed)
  494. fresh milk (Removed)
  495. Fresh Models - Almost Famous (Removed)
  496. freshgay (Removed)
  497. Fridays' Clips (Locked)
  498. FRIENDS4MALE (Removed)
  499. From The Rear (Not found)
  500. FromTop2Bottom (Removed, Re-opened own domain)
  501. FromTop2Bottom (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened new address)
  502. fruehepornvaeter (Removed)
  503. Fuck A Fit Lad (Removed)
  504. Fuck Daddy Bear (Removed, Re-opened)
  505. Fuckergays (Removed)
  507. Fun With Us .... Together or Alone! (Removed)
  508. Fur but not so fur away (Not Found)
  509. Furry Gallery (Locked)
  510. Furry Men (Removed)
  511. Furry Tales {Former Israel Bear} (Removed, Re-opened new name, Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  512. Future (Removed, Re-opened)
  513. Fuzzbelly (Removed)
  514. Fuzzy Face Lover (Removed)
  515. Fuzzy Men (Removed)
  516. G' ASSANHADINHOS (Removed)
  517. G Brothers (Removed, Re-opened, Deleted)
  518. G Ponto (Removed)
  519. G Privê (Removed)
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  532. Gallery of Beautiful Male Models (Removed, Re-opened new name, Removed)
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  1050. HomoBears (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1051. HomoEntrieS (Removed)
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  1053. Homoerotismo (Removed)
  1054. Homogalerie (Removed)
  1055. Homografía (Removed)
  1056. Homoh (Not found)
  1057. HomoLake (Removed)
  1058. HOMO-NOÏDE (Removed)
  1059. Homosexual Obsessions (Removed)
  1060. HOODSWORLD (Locked, Re-opened on Tumblr)
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  1062. HORNY GAY BOYS (Removed)
  1063. horny married boy (Removed)
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  1066. Horse Hung (Locked)
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  1090. Hot Films G (Removed)
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