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  1. Q-Papitos (Removed)
  2. q-papitos II (Locked)
  4. Queen Bee Lover (Locked, Not found)
  5. QUEER (Removed)
  6. Queer As Folk Music (Removed)  
  7. Queer Equality Revolution (Removed)
  8. Queer Jetpack (Removed)
  9. Queer the Pitch (Removed)
  10. Quello che piace ai ghei (Removed)
  11. Querida Bolacha (Removed)
  12. Quero Te fuder (Removed)
  13. Quién apagó la luz (Removed)
  14. QuincyQueer (Removed)
  15. R.I.P. James (Removed)
  16. Rafael 24 Londrina (Removed)
  17. Rafael Alencar Blog Oficial (Removed)
  18. Ragazzi in Slip (Bianchi) (Removed)
  19. Ragek Stuff (Removed, Re-opened under new name, Removed)
  20. ragek-boys (Removed)
  21. Rage-kStuff (Removed)
  22. Raging Hard Ons! (Removed)
  23. Rainbow Gays (Removed)
  24. RainbowRimbaud (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened) 
  25. Rakyat Kasanova (Removed)
  26. Ralph (Locked)
  27. random (Removed)
  28. Random Male (Removed)
  29. Rania Studios (Removed)
  30. Rants Roids n Rasslin (Removed)
  31. Rapazes XXX (Removed)
  32. RAPHA VOLEI (Removed)
  33. Raspberry Fruit Cake (Locked)
  34. raunchhands (Removed)
  35. Raunchy Diego (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  36. Raw Adventures of Alpha Pig Top and Sissy Pig Bottom (Removed)
  37. Raw Adventures of RawVersCumBoi (Removed)
  39. Raw Bareback Intensity (Removed)
  40. RAW MALE VIDEOS (Removed)
  41. Raw Squirt (Removed)
  42. Ray's Cowboys (Removed, Re-opened)
  43. Reaching For The Stars (Removed)
  44. REAL AMATEUR GUYS (Removed)
  45. Real and Handsome Men (Removed)
  46. Real Bear Porn (Removed, Re-Opened, Removed)  
  47. Real Gentleman Photo (Removed)
  48. Real Guys 4 Real Guys (Removed)
  49. Real guys jerking off (Removed)
  50. Real Mature Men Hideaway (Removed, Not found, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  51. Real Men Two (Deleted)
  52. Real Naked Soldiers (Removed)
  53. Real sexy amateurs (Removed)
  54. R E A L I T I - S A T U - K E H I D U P A N (Removed)
  55. Reality Male (Removed, Re-opened moved to Tumblr)
  56. R E A L M E N (Locked)
  57. realsexyteen (Removed)
  58. Reasons why the World sucks ass (Removed)
  59. RED ASSES SPANK (Removed)
  60. RedHead Boys (Locked)
  61. Rednecks and rebels (Removed)
  62. REFLEXIÇÃO (Removed)
  63. Refúgio dos Anjos (Removed)
  64. Regard nouveau (Removed)
  65. REGIA (Removed)
  66. Regular Guy Penis Blog (Removed)
  67. Regular Guyz (Removed)
  68. RÊI DOMINADOR (Removed)
  69. Rei Gay Bears (Removed)
  70. Reife Manner (Not found)
  71. Reise zum ICH (Removed) 
  72. relationshipgay (Removed)
  73. Relatos de carretera (Removed)
  74. Relatos de hombre a hombre (Removed)
  75. Relatos de um garoto de programa (Removed)
  76. Relatos eróticos gay (Removed)
  77. Reloaded 80s Music (Removed)
  78. Renato E Fabio (Removed)
  79. Renbri RJ (Acompanhante De Luxo) GP "Prazer,Satisfação E Sigilo Total" (Removed)
  81. Rent Boy Lover Blog (Removed)
  82. Replica Uhren (Removed)
  83. Reporter-Cub (Removed)
  84. Republic of Men (Not found)
  86. RESTITUDA1'S WORLD OF MALE NUDITY (Removed, Re-opened)
  87. Rêves d'hommes (Removed, Re-opened)
  88. Revista GLS Virtual (Removed)
  89. REVOLUTION CHUBBY (Removed)  
  90. Revolution Gay (Removed)
  91. Rezzed This Way (Removed)
  92. Ricardo Purgenatto (Removed)
  93. Riccardo Piemonte (Removed) 
  94. Rich n' Gay (Removed)
  95. Richard Gay Pictures (Removed)
  96. Richard the Wanker (Removed)
  97. Richard's Public Sex (Not found, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  98. RICH'S BOYS (Removed)
  99. Rickie and Life (Removed)
  100. Riddle (Removed)
  101. Ride 'em Cowboy! (Removed)
  102. ride-the-edge (Removed)
  103. Rien que du muscle (Removed)
  104. Rimming Man Hole (Removed)
  105. Rincón de Moon (Removed)
  106. Rincon Gay - Porno Gay Gratis - Sexo Gay Gratis - Gay Sex Free (Removed)
  107. Rizzo's Inferno (Removed)
  108. RJ Danvers XXX (Removed)
  109. Rob Rodin is the LoadMaster (Not found)
  110. Rock Hot Body (Removed)
  111. Rock Out With Your Cock Out! (Removed) 
  112. Rocket Man's Blazing Hot Guys (Not found)
  113. Rockster1 (Removed)
  114. Rodrigão Macho (Removed)
  115. Rodrigo & Markike (Removed)
  116. Rodrigo Lobo (Not found)
  117. ROGERVASCON - caraSEXOcara (Removed)
  118. Roids and Rants (Deleted, Re-opened, Removed)
  119. Rola Torta (Removed)
  120. Rolgay (Not found)
  121. ROMANIANBULGES (Removed)
  122. ROMANTIC CAY BOYS (Removed)
  123. Roommate CM (Locked)
  124. rosebud (Removed)
  126. Rough Dudes (Locked)
  127. Rough Lust (Removed)   
  128. ROUGHFUCK! (Removed)
  129. Royal Feet (Removed)
  130. Royal gay (Removed)
  131. Royal Republic (Locked)
  132. rrizzard's blog (Removed)
  133. RubberBoundCop (Removed, Moved to own domain)
  134. Ruff Time (Removed)
  135. Ruff's Stuff (Removed, Re-opened new address)
  136. Ruffy's Nut House (Removed)
  137. Ruggedly Handsome (Locked)
  138. Rugger Lover (Not found)
  139. Runaway Cute Boy (Removed)
  140. Running Boy (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened new name)   
  141. Russian Gay Clips (Removed)
  142. Russian Twink (Removed)
  143. Ryan's Portal (Removed)
  144. Ryan's Secrets (Removed)
  145. S.B. - SO BISEX - FOTOS E VIDEOS (Removed) 
  146. Sabamate (Removed)
  147. Sabastud (Removed)
  148. Sabine5 Amateur Movies (Removed)
  149. sabrina & icaro (Removed)
  150. SacanagemBemEscrota (Removed)
  151. Sado Pictures (Removed, Re-opened)
  152. Safadezas Mil (Removed)
  153. Safado Do Df (Removed)
  154. SAFADO NÃO .EU SOU E HOMEM (Removed)
  155. SAFADOS AFIM DE HOMENS (Removed, Re-opened)
  156. Safados De Caruaru (Removed)
  157. Safados Gulosos (Not found, Re-opened)
  158. Safados Poa (Removed)
  159. Sagari (Removed)
  160. Sagger (Removed)
  161. SALA DE BATE PAPO GAY (Removed)
  162. Sala Queer (Removed)
  163. Salmagundi (Removed, Re-opened)
  164. salope a tirer par tous les trous (Removed)
  165. Sam And His Cute Guys (Removed)
  166. Sam Says ... (Removed) 
  167. Samarinha Fashion (Removed)
  168. Sammy Screamer (Removed)
  169. sammy`s boy cinema (Removed) 
  170. SanctusSementis (Removed)
  171. SARKEP (Removed)
  172. Satanic Masturbation (Removed)
  173. Sathish (Removed)
  174. Satin 451 {Former Erosapiens} (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  175. SAUNA GAY ARCOS (Removed)
  176. Savage Links (Removed)
  177. SavoryKen (Removed)
  178. Sawdust Caesars (Removed)
  179. SBP Romance (Removed) 
  180. SC Spandex (Not found)
  181. Scally Boi (Removed)
  183. Scatdude Daniel (Removed)
  184. scatos à gogo (Removed)
  185. SCG (Removed)
  186. Schlampe Petra (Removed)
  187. Schwule Pornos (Removed)
  188. Schwuleshow (Not found, Re-Opened moved to NibbleBit new name) 
  189. Scorpio Italia Hot (Locked, Re-opened under new name, Removed)
  190. Scorpioitalia Gold (Removed)
  191. Scorpionsboygay (Removed)
  192. Scott's Male Feet & Edging Blog (Removed, Re-opened, Now Private)
  193. Scouserugger's Real Men (Removed)
  194. SCREAMS FROM HELL (Removed)
  195. SCRUFF MEN: Always rough. Never pretty. (Removed)
  196. SCRUFFMAN (Removed)
  197. SDM (Removed)
  198. Sean Cody's Men (Removed)
  199. Sean Hickey Photography (Removed)
  200. Sean Thomas Fisher's Blogwash (Removed)
  201. Sean's Wet Dreams (Locked)
  202. Search for the White Mandingo (Removed)
  203. Secondlife Art and Entertainment (Removed) 
  204. Secret Pleasures (Removed)
  205. See My Cock (Removed)
  206. Seeker Lot (Removed)
  207. Segredo de Cueca (Removed)
  208. segredosgayhot (Removed)
  209. SEJA BEM VINDO ! (Removed) 
  210. Sejam bem vindos ao blog mais quente do Brasil (Removed)  
  211. Selfpix (Removed)
  212. Semalam Gua Tertidur (Removed)
  213. SEMCAPA (Removed)
  214. SemenSatyrs (Removed)
  215. semi-vegan-in-dystopia (Removed)
  216. semut.nakal (Removed)
  217. Senior Bulge (Removed, Re-opend, Removed)
  218. Senior Loveland (Removed)
  219. Sensapump - Pam Zakar dengan Panduan Bergambar (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  220. Sensual (Removed)
  221. Sensual Boys and Friends (Removed)
  222. Sensual Boys and Friends 2012 (Removed)
  223. Sentimientos Dispersos (Removed)
  224. Senzalla Chic Vip Brasil (Removed)
  225. sergant undressed (Removed)
  226. sergiovisual's art (Removed)
  227. serpil (Removed)
  228. Sethboyardee (Removed, Re-opened)
  229. Sethboyardee-Picture Blog (Removed, Re-opened new address, Not Found) 
  230. SEUS MESMOS (Removed)
  231. Sex & Sex (Removed)
  232. Sex and The Province (Not found)
  233. Sex Apple BR (Removed)
  234. SEX BLOGS GAYS (Removed)
  235. Sex Chat (Removed)
  236. Sex Durango (Removed)
  237. Sex Durango 2 (Removed)
  238. Sex Is Still Subjective (Locked)
  239. Sex khmers (Removed)
  240. SEX MEN VIDEOS (Removed)
  241. SEX 'n' GAY (Removed) 
  242. Sex Party Group (Removed)
  243. Sex Pig in NYC (Removed, Re-opened new name, Removed)
  244. SEX SERVICE Abraham Escort (Removed)
  245. Sex, Gay and Pleasure… (Removed)
  246. Sex2012 (Removed)
  247. SEXBOIX (Removed)
  248. Sexe Homme Pour Homme (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  249. SEXE HOMME POUR HOMME 2 (Removed, Re-opened)
  250. SEXE MUSCLE ET POIL 2 (Removed)
  251. Sexiest Gay Boys Blogs (Removed)
  252. Sex-Man (Not found)
  253. Sexo Durango (Removed)
  254. Sexo Gay Com Prazer (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  255. SEXO GLS (Not found)
  256. Sexo Gordos Gordinhos Bear (Removed)
  257. Sexo Irecê (Removed)
  258. Sexo Na Bahia (Removed)
  259. Sexo Pervertido com ZOOFILIA (Removed)
  260. Sexo sem limite e preconceito (Removed)
  261. SEXO SEM LIMITES (Removed)
  262. Sexonfire (Removed)
  263. Sexpush (Not found)
  264. sexthailand (Removed)
  265. SEXUAL STOP (Removed)
  266. Sexxo Demais (Removed)
  267. Sexy Amateur Men (Not found, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  268. Sexy Boy Blogger (Removed)
  269. Sexy Boys (Removed)
  270. Sexy Collection Of Men (Removed)
  271. Sexy Dads (Removed)
  272. Sexy Durango (Removed)
  273. Sexy Gay Gifs (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)  
  274. Sexy Gay Wallpapers (Removed)
  275. Sexy Guy Feet (Removed)
  276. Sexy Hairy Hunky Cool Men (Removed)
  277. Sexy Hunks For Me (Locked)
  278. Sexy Hunky Guys (Removed) 
  279. Sexy Indian Guys (Removed, Re-opened)
  280. Sexy is Subjective (Removed, Re-opened)
  281. Sexy Male Stars (Removed)
  282. Sexy Male Underwear (Removed)
  283. Sexy Men !! (Removed)
  284. Sexy Men 4 You (Not found)
  285. Sexy Model (Removed)
  286. Sexy Muscle Bodies (Removed)
  287. Sexy Thai Men (Removed)
  288. Sexy Walls Of Amazing Guys (Removed)
  289. Sexycelebs42 (Removed)
  290. SEXY-MALE-CELEBS (Removed)
  291. sexy-olympians-2012 (Removed)
  292. Sexy-partners (Locked)
  293. Sexy-World (Removed)
  294. sfbarefeet (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)  
  295. Shady II (Removed)
  296. SHANGOReturns! (Removed)
  297. Shannons Blogspot (Removed)
  298. ShaPix (Removed)
  299. Sharpieboys (Removed)
  300. Shaved (Removed)
  301. Shaved and Proud (Locked)
  302. Shaved Is So Hot (Removed)
  303. Sheer Sexuality (Removed)
  304. SHEMALES PORN CLUB (Removed)
  305. Shemales Sexxy (Removed) 
  306. Shield-wall Productions (Removed) 
  307. Shirtless & Nude Black Actors (Removed)
  308. Shirtless & Nude Reality-Show Men (Removed)
  309. Shirtless & Nude Wet Men (Removed)
  310. Shirtless and Nude Male Athletes (Removed)
  311. Shirtless Cute Boys (Removed)
  312. Shirtless Indian Men (Removed)
  313. Shirtless Perfection (Removed)
  314. Shirtless Rappers (Removed)
  315. Shirtless Singers (Removed)
  316. Short Spy (Removed)
  317. Shota Stars (Removed)
  318. Showcock (Not found)
  319. Showing (Removed)
  320. Shunpei Nakata Yaoi Comics - 中田春平 (Removed) 
  321. sHuT uP aNd DoWnLoAd (Removed)
  322. Shut-up Bitch Downloads (Removed)
  323. Sick Sex For You (Removed)
  324. Sicko Ricko's Crap (Deleted, Re-opened, Not found, Re-opened)
  325. sigitaricom (Removed)
  326. Sigue Tu Destino (Removed, Re-opened)
  327. Silip kay Pinoytoy (Removed)
  328. Silver Daddy Comix (Removed)
  329. Silver Papi (Removed, Re-opened under new name, Removed)
  330. Silvermen Hot (Not found)
  331. Sim Diary (Locked)
  332. Simple Boy Sex (Locked)
  333. Simple House Interior (Removed)
  334. Simply Gerard (Removed)  
  335. Simply Manila (Removed)
  336. Simply Sweet (Deleted)
  337. Sin pollas no hay paraiso (Removed)
  338. Singapore Scandals (Removed)
  339. Sinia Safi (Removed)
  340. Sip Of Life (Removed)
  341. Sissy Bitch XXX’s Exposureland (Removed)
  342. Sissy Dude (Locked, Moved to Tumbler, Not Found) 
  343. Sissy Princess Andi Femme Boi (Removed)
  344. Sissy Public Exposure (Removed)
  345. Sissy Slut Michelle (Removed)
  346. Sissy Susi (Removed)
  347. Site do Papai (Removed, Re-opened) 
  348. Site Pass (Removed)
  349. SitOnIt (Removed) 
  350. Six Star Male (Removed)
  351. sixgay (Removed)
  352. Size Is Everything.. (Removed)
  353. SizeQueen (Removed)
  354. Sizing Up (Removed, Re-opened)
  355. Sizzling Hot (Removed)
  356. SKILLED4MEN (Not found, Re-opened new address/name, Removed) 
  357. Skin on Skin (Removed)
  358. SkinBoy25 (Removed)
  359. Skinf (Deleted)
  360. Skinny Love (Removed)
  361. Skinny to go (Removed) 
  362. skinsgays (Removed)
  363. Slave Gay (dograpao) (Locked)
  364. Sleeping in underwear (Removed)
  365. Sliding down the... Banister (Removed)
  366. Słowa pisane od tyłu... (Removed) 
  367. Slowly Coming Out (Not found)
  368. Slut Gay Boys (Removed)
  369. Small City Slut (Removed, Re-opened under new name, Removed)
  370. Small Prick (Removed)
  371. small soft uncuts (Removed)
  372. Smart-Arse Gay Porn Review (Removed)
  373. Smashing Hot Men (Removed)
  374. Smell My Pits (Not found)
  375. Smell that Manly Bush (Removed)
  376. Smerigheid (Removed) 
  377. SMHG revealed 2 (Removed, Re-opened)
  378. Smoke and Contemplation (Removed, Re-opened new address, Removed)
  379. Smoker Fetish (Removed)
  380. Smokin Hot Men (Removed)
  381. Smokin Hot Men Pix (Removed)
  382. smooth butt, hungry hole (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  383. Smooth Chest Hairy Legs (Removed)
  384. Snakes, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails (Removed)
  385. Sneaker121 (Locked)
  386. SneakerSniffer (Removed)
  387. SneakerSox (Removed)
  388. Snicks (Removed, Re-opened under new name)
  389. Snicks Softies (Removed, Re-opened under new name)
  390. Snicks Videos (Removed, Re-opened under new name)
  391. So foto de Teens (Removed)
  392. So fotos de teens (Removed) 
  393. Só Homens Negros (Not found, Re-opened)
  394. So Hot So Gay (Not found)
  395. So Many Hot Guys (Locked,Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  396. Só os gostosos dotado (Removed)
  397. So pra meninos 13 (Removed)
  398. Só Punhetas::.. As Melhores Punhetas Estão Aqui!!! (Removed)
  399. So Teens - Todas as Raças (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  400. Só Vídeos (Removed)
  401. Só vídeos amadores (Removed)
  402. Sobre Revistas (Locked)
  403. Sobre verdades e avessos (Removed)
  404. Soccer and Soccer (Removed)
  405. Soccer Gay (Removed)
  406. Soccer Players in Underwear (Removed) 
  407. Socks and Cocks - Gay Sock Fetish - Gay Sock Porn (Removed)
  408. Socks And Pants (Removed)
  409. Socks on Men (Removed, Re-opened on Tumblr, Not Found)
  410. Soft and Hard Gay Pictures (Deleted, Re-opened)
  411. Soft On The Island (Not found)
  412. Soft-plaisir (Removed)
  413. Solo Fakes (Removed)
  414. Solo Gays (Removed)
  415. Solo Hombres Guapos (Removed)
  416. Sólo Hombres Hot (Removed)
  417. Solo para Chicos gay (Removed)
  418. SOLO STARRR BLOG (Removed, Re-opened moved to own domain)
  419. Solo Starrs (Removed)
  420. Solo Teen Boys (Removed)
  422. SOLONINÕSBR (Removed)
  423. Solosexual (Removed)
  424. Some Ponies (Removed, Re-opened moved to Tumblr, Not found)
  425. Somente Para Coroas (Removed)
  426. Somente paus duros dentro das cuecas, sungas (Removed)
  427. SONDAGES-GAYS (Removed)
  428. Sonhando com homens (Removed)
  429. sonhosefamilia (Removed)
  430. Soproni-Depeche-Mode-Club (Removed)
  431. Sore Bottomed Guys (Locked)
  432. SOS GLS (Removed)
  434. Sou gay, isso é só um datalhe! (Removed)
  435. Soul Eraser X (Removed)
  436. Sovaco (Removed)
  437. Soy Grotesco (Removed) 
  438. Soy un puto Miron (Removed)
  439. Sozopol 2006, Bulgaria (Removed)
  440. SP Muscle Clube (Removed)
  441. SPANA (Removed)
  443. spank daddy's room (Removed)
  444. Spank Time (Removed) 
  445. Spankedmale (Removed) 
  446. Spanking Boys (Removed) 
  447. Spanking Pics and Videos Blog (Removed)
  448. Spartacus 1 (Removed)
  449. Spartan's Men & Muscle (Removed, Re-opened under new name, Removed)
  450. Spaziareoltre (Removed)
  451. SPB {suKa-sUka pUnyA bLog} (Removed)
  452. SPECCHIO.... RIFLESSO (Removed)  
  453. Special Content (Deleted, Re-opened)
  454. Special Features {Picks Of Hot Lads} (Removed)
  455. SPECIAL GAY BOYS (Removed)
  456. SPEED (Removed)
  457. Speed 'o Rex (Removed, Re-opened)
  458. Speedo Junkie (Not found, Re-opened)
  459. Speedo Liner (Removed)
  460. Speedos (Removed)
  461. Speedos 4 U (Removed)
  462. Speedos and Underwear (Removed)
  463. sperm lover (Removed)
  464. Sperm My Cum Hole (Locked)
  465. Spermadepot (Removed)
  466. Spice Galleries (Removed)
  467. SPI-N-T (Removed)
  468. Spirit (Removed)
  469. Spiritus Sancti (Removed)
  470. Sport Sensual (Not found)
  471. Sports and Spanking (Locked)
  472. Sports e Boys (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Not Found) 
  473. Sporty Boys with ABS Sixpack Muscle Photo Gallery (Removed)
  474. Sporty Lads Sport Gay Fetish Scally Trackie Lads (Removed)
  475. spritzfreudig (Removed)  
  476. Spunk Boys (Locked)
  477. SPUNK FARM BLOG (Removed)
  478. Spunky Adventures of a London lad (Removed)
  479. SPY {no nude} (Removed)
  480. Spy Cam Trucker (Removed)   
  481. SpyCams From Guys (Removed, Re-opened moved to Own Domain, Not found)
  482. Sr. g compulsivo (Removed) 
  483. Sri Lankan gay (Removed) 
  484. SrMrGiorgio (Removed)
  485. SSG-Stunning Sexy Guys (Removed, Re-opened moved to Tumblr)
  486. Stagona (Removed)
  487. Stan Edwards (Removed)
  488. Star888 (Removed)
  489. Starf_cker (Removed, Re-opened)
  490. Steel Gods (Removed)
  491. Stefan dick pictures (Removed)
  492. Steve Cruz Blog (Not found, Moved to own domain)  
  493. Steveboy's cool hair for boys (Removed, Re-Opened, Not found)
  494. Stil Masculin (Removed)
  495. Still In Search of a boi (Removed)
  496. Stories by Krysm (Removed)
  497. Stories of Lannisport (7K) (Removed)
  499. str8 bro (Removed, Re-opened)
  500. STR8GuysDontWatchThis (Removed) 
  501. stra (Removed)
  502. Straight Jock Talking 2 (Removed, Re-opened)
  503. Straight Loads (Hijacked?, Re-stored, Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  504. Straight Men Caught Naked (Locked)
  505. Straight Men In Trouble (Removed)
  506. Straight|Gays Pleasure - Gay Sex Videos (Removed)
  507. Strait-Acting (Removed)
  508. Strap Lovers (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  510. Street muscle 501 (Not found)
  511. Strictly Bareback (Moved to Own Domain, Not Found, Re-opened under new name, Removed)
  512. Strictly Come Flexing (Removed) 
  513. Strip Me Down (Locked)
  514. Strips Dudes (Removed)
  515. Stroke Time ♥ (Removed) 
  516. Strong Sense (Removed)
  517. Stronggay (Removed, Re-opened)
  518. Strongman (Removed)
  519. Stu the Cocksucker (Removed)
  520. Stuck In The Middle (Removed)
  521. Stud A Day (Deleted)
  522. Stud for Rent (Not found)
  523. Stud Gay (Removed)
  524. Studio 15 Guys (Removed, Re-opened moved to Tumblr)
  525. Studio Gay | O melhor conteúdo gay da internet! (Removed)
  526. Stunning Beach Boys (Removed)
  527. Suara Dua (Removed)
  528. Suara Satu (Removed)
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  1057. Vá para o novo BNW | Go to the new BNW! (Removed)
  1058. Val Hummer's- hot video blog (Locked)
  1059. Van den Brown - S.A.N.A.T.O.R.I.U.M (Removed)
  1060. Vanilia Boys (Removed)
  1061. VANITY TEEN (Removed)
  1062. vanmota (Removed)
  1063. Various Horny Men (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  1064. Varon-es (Removed) 
  1065. Vehicles and Gay Hunks having sex (Removed)
  1066. VEINTE siete (Removed)
  1067. Vellohoma (Removed)
  1068. Vellohomo (Removed, Re-opened)
  1069. Veneno de Los Sentidos (Removed)
  1070. Venenosz Sagazs Blog's :D (Removed)
  1071. Ver E Apreciar (Removed)
  1072. Ver Videos Gays (Removed)
  1073. VERGACALIENTE9 (Removed, Re-opened)
  1074. Veronika1957 (Removed)
  1075. Versatile RAW Piggy Bottom (Removed)
  1076. VERSLAAFD MASTURBANT (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1077. Very Horny Bears (Removed) 
  1078. vestaypywgyxew (Removed)
  1079. Viciado em Machos - Fotos, vídeos e informação gay! (Removed)
  1080. Viciado em Picas e Machos (Removed)
  1081. Viciados em Bunda de Macho» Vídeo Sexo Gay (Removed)
  1082. Viciados em rola amadora (Removed)
  1083. Vicio na Cam (Removed)
  1084. Victor Male Models (Removed)
  1085. Victorplay (Removed)
  1086. Vid Guy USA (Removed)
  1087. Vida De Garoto (Removed) 
  1088. Vida de Michê (Removed)
  1089. Video Boys (Removed)
  1090. Video Gay Online (Removed)
  1091. Video Gay Update (Removed)
  1092. video jantan (Removed)
  1093. video jantan2 ym (Removed)
  1094. VIDEO MELAYU… (Removed)
  1095. Video Sex Gay (Locked) 
  1096. Video Village (Removed)
  1097. Videogay (Not found)
  1098. Vídeos a Media Noche (Removed)
  1099. Videos Clip Gay (Removed)
  1100. Videos Crioulo Brasil (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1102. Videos de nudistas (Removed)
  1103. Videos e imagens de zoofilia Gratis (Removed)
  1104. Videos For Men (Locked)
  1105. VIDEOS GAYS A GOGO (Removed)
  1106. Videos Gays Download Vip (Removed)
  1107. Vidéos Gays Gratuites (Removed)
  1108. Videos Gays Selecionados (Removed, Re-opened)
  1109. Videos Gratis (Removed)
  1110. VÍDEOS PRA PUNHETAR (Removed)
  1111. VÍDEOS PRA PUNHETEIROS!!! (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1112. Videos: Boys Boys Boys (Removed) 
  1113. Vidio Porno Indonesia (Removed)
  1114. View Gay (Not found)
  1115. Vigile Masqué (Removed)
  1116. VIKINGO MIRON (Removed)
  1117. Viktor - Lovely Men (Locked)
  1118. Vintage Black Guys (Removed)
  1119. Vintage Colt Models (Removed)
  1120. Vintage Gay Erotica (Removed)
  1121. Vintage Gay Media History (Removed)
  1122. Vintage Gay Men (Removed)
  1123. VINTAGE HOT GAY MEN (Removed) 
  1124. Vintage Men (Removed)
  1125. Vintagegay (Removed)
  1126. Vinyl Mania (Removed)
  1127. VIP Escort,freelance model and masseur (Removed)
  1128. Virginia is for Closet Cases (Removed)
  1129. VIRGULAZERO ® 2013 (Removed)
  1130. Virile Aesthetics (Removed)
  1131. VIRILIDADE - VIRILITY (Removed)
  1132. Vision Boys (Removed)
  1133. Visions of Penis (Removed, Re-opened)
  1134. VISTAZOS CRÍTICOS (Removed) 
  1135. Visual Gay (Removed)   
  1136. Visual Vintage (Removed)
  1137. Vitaguys (Removed, Re-opened, Not Found)
  1138. Vitrolles gay attitude (Removed)
  1139. Vive (Removed)
  1140. Vive la vida (Removed)
  1141. Vivito y recordando (Removed)  
  1142. VJrabauke (Removed)
  1143. VOGLIA DI PORNO (Removed)
  1144. VolSEX (Removed)
  1145. Volupia (Removed)
  1146. vote for the best muscle man (Removed)
  1147. Voyeur Blog (Removed)
  1148. Voyeur: A Arte de Flagrar Malas (Removed)
  1149. Voyeurgay (Removed)
  1150. W (Removed)
  1151. W/S Male (Removed)
  1152. w2lhallia (Removed)
  1153. Wacky & Queer (Removed)
  1154. Wafflecakes Male Celebrity Fakes (Removed)
  1155. waheb (Removed)
  1156. Waitinggay (Removed)
  1157. Waldbear's Pimmelfoto (Removed)
  1158. Walden's Hotfiles (Removed)
  1159. Walhallia 3 (Removed)
  1160. Wallpaper For the Gay Eye (Locked)
  1161. Wallpaper's by WWC (Removed, Re-opened new address) 
  1162. Wally's World (Locked, Re-opened moved to own domain, Not found)
  1163. Wank to Porn! (Removed)
  1164. Wank With Me (Removed)
  1165. Warez Blog (Removed)
  1166. Warron Dirty (Removed)
  1167. watch here (Removed)
  1168. Watch Me Masturbate (Removed)
  1169. Watch Pinoy Indie Film (Removed)
  1170. Watchers collection (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1171. Watchgays (Not found)
  1172. Watching Porno (Removed, Re-opened)
  1173. watch-u-wank (Removed)
  1174. Water Polo - archived blog (Removed)
  1175. Watery Fun (Removed)
  1176. Way way hot boys (Removed)
  1177. Wayne's Nude Musicians (Removed, Re-opened moved to Nibblebit, Not Found) 
  1178. WC de Machos (Removed)
  1179. We Love Boys (Removed)
  1180. We Love Cock (Removed)
  1181. We Love Muscle! (Not found)
  1182. We Luv George (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  1183. Web cam Escondida (Removed)
  1184. webgay (Removed)
  1185. Weezie's Boys (Deleted)
  1186. Weg zur Perfektion (Removed)
  1187. Welcome to Hot Boy Skin (Removed)
  1188. Welcome to movielad (Removed)
  1189. WELCOME TO MY BOUDOIR (Removed)
  1190. Welcome To My World... And It Is A Gay World (Removed)
  1191. Welcome To The World Of Simon Lover (Removed, Re-opened)
  1192. Well-Clipped Boy (Deleted, Moved to Nibblebit, Not found)
  1193. Werewolf by Night (Removed)
  1194. Western State BB Top (Removed) 
  1195. Wet Dream Men (Removed)
  1196. Wet Dreams (Removed)
  1197. WetBoxersGuy (Not found)
  1198. wetpantsblog (Removed)
  1199. What Chris Sees (Not found)
  1200. What I am following (Removed)
  1201. What is a Man? (Removed)
  1202. What is Sex? (Not found)
  1203. What Makes Me Mad (Locked)
  1204. What the Satyr Saw (Removed)
  1205. Whatever Comes To Mind (Removed)
  1206. What's Hot - Pinoy Hunk (Removed)
  1207. White On White Men (Removed)
  1208. whiteass 4 blackcock (Removed)
  1209. Wichskreis--NRW (Removed)
  1210. Wicked Gay Blog (Removed, Re-opened)
  1211. WikiNudes (Removed)
  1212. Wild Angels' Place (Removed)
  1213. wild animals pictures (Removed)
  1214. Wild Ass Dude (Locked)
  1215. Wild Bare Jock (Not found)
  1216. Will Escorpiao Negro (Removed)
  1217. Will Tear Us Apart (Removed)
  1218. Willie's Moon (Removed)
  1219. WILLY @ TIVO (Removed)
  1220. wink city (Removed) 
  1221. wish ~♥ (Removed)
  1222. woderfull speedo pics (Removed)
  1223. Woellchen (Removed)
  1224. woellchen 30 (Removed)
  1225. Woellchen1 (Removed)
  1226. WOLGESCHNÄGGIS (Removed)
  1227. Wollchen (Removed)
  1228. Wonderful Mushrooms (Removed)
  1229. WOOF! Blog (Not found, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  1230. Woofboy's World (Removed)
  1231. Woofmen (Locked)
  1232. Woofs of the Day (Removed)
  1233. Working Hunks (Removed)
  1234. World Amazing Gays (Removed)
  1235. World Gay Play (Not found, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened moved to Nibbelbit, Not found)
  1236. World Naked Bike Ride (Removed) 
  1237. World Of Handsome (Removed) 
  1238. World wide wet net (Removed)
  1239. Worldwide amazing guys (Removed)
  1240. Worn underpants and socks (Removed)
  1241. Wow Thai Student (Removed)
  1242. wow-daddies-wow (Removed)
  1243. Wrestling Great (Removed)
  1244. WRESTLING MACHINES (Removed)
  1245. WTJohn's ShadeHouse (Removed)
  1246. X Gays (Not found)
  1247. X Prime Boys (Removed)
  1248. X Tube 4 Gay (Removed)
  1249. X Tube Boy (Removed)
  1250. X-3 Gay Movies (Removed)
  1251. Xania & Nuno (Removed)
  1252. XBOYhot (Removed)
  1253. XCaramelOcreX (Removed)
  1254. xgays (Removed)
  1255. XICOS ...A POR CARNE (Removed)
  1256. Xilegay (Removed)
  1257. XL Club (Removed) 
  1258. xmanip (Removed)
  1259. Xmem (Removed)
  1260. XOXO L.O.V.E (Removed)
  1261. X-T Men + (Removed)
  1262. X-T Men Xtreme (Removed)
  1263. X-T Pinoy Men (Removed)
  1264. x-tmenplus (Removed)  
  1265. XTRA ASIAN GUYS (Removed, Re-opened)
  1266. Xtra Butts (Not found, Re-opened under new name, Now Private, Re-opened)
  1267. Xtra Cute Boyz (Removed)
  1268. Xtra Dark Lads (Not found)
  1269. Xtra Fetish Lads (Not found, Re-opened)
  1270. XTRA GUYS (Removed, Re-opened)
  1271. Xtra Lads Next Door (Removed)
  1272. XTRA LATINO LADS (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  1273. Xtra Twinks (Removed)
  1274. Xtrem (Removed, Re-opened, Moved to Tumblr, Not found)
  1275. Xtreme Fist (Removed)
  1276. Xtreme Xtra Lads (Not found)
  1277. XTube Maniacs (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1278. xtube MONSTERCOCK star bulgeXXL gay video (Removed)
  1279. XXL Universe Revolution (Removed)
  1280. XXX Downloads - Free Gay Porn Videos (Removed)
  1281. XXX Gay Sex - Porn Videos Online (Removed)
  1282. XXX Movies, Memoirs, and More (Deleted)
  1283. XXXBeautifulGay (Removed)
  1284. xyInstinct (Removed)
  1285. Y fronts underwear (Removed)
  1286. Y... Vuelven mis dedos a volar sobre el teclado (Removed, Re-opened Moved to WordPress)
  1287. yao polska (Removed)
  1288. Yaoi & Arte XXX (Removed)
  1289. Yaoi 4 Boys (Removed)
  1290. Yaoi Art Download (Locked)
  1291. Yaoi Download Jungle (Removed)
  1292. Yaoi Gallery (Not found, Re-opened, Not found)
  1293. Yaoi Garden (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened)
  1294. Yaoi My Toons (Removed, Re-opened, Not found)
  1295. Yaoi Pictures (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  1296. Yaoi Toons Archive RELOADED (Removed) 
  1297. Yaoi Toons Mania (Removed, Re-opened)   
  1298. Yaoi, Gay Cartoons & Fotos (Removed)
  1299. Yaoi/Bara Art Download Site (Removed)
  1300. Yaoi-Bara (Removed)
  1301. Year of the Rabbit (Removed)  
  1302. Yeh... Dil manGAY More! (Removed)
  1303. Yellow boys (Removed)
  1304. Yellowboy16 (Not found, Re-opened, Removed)
  1305. Ylgld Daddy2011 (Removed)
  1306. Yng gay (Removed)
  1307. YngBoyZ (Removed)
  1308. yo (Removed)
  1309. Yo Sucio (Removed)
  1310. Yogyakarta Gay Paradise (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1311. yomosa (Removed)
  1312. You Are Not Alone UK (Removed)
  1313. You Gay Porn (Removed)
  1314. You Know You Want It Bareback (Removed, Re-opened under new name, Removed)
  1315. Young and Teen Muscle Boy Video (Removed)
  1316. Young Gay Love (Deleted)
  1317. Young Gay Passwords (Removed)
  1318. Young Trashy Men (Removed)
  1319. Your chance to visit a gay world (Not found, Re-opened)
  1320. Your Cock is my God (Removed, Re-opened, Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1321. Your Cuties (Removed)
  1322. Your Daily Male (Removed)
  1323. YOUTH (Removed) 
  1324. Youth Fitness Boy with muscle Body Photo (Removed)
  1325. yoylos20 (Removed) 
  1326. YUMOLOGY (Removed)
  1327. Yuri Boy - Acompanhante de Luxo (Removed)
  1328. Zabien Ferrera's Private Pastimes (Removed)
  1329. Zach's Room (Locked)
  1330. Zak's World O Sex (Deleted)
  1331. zapingay-porno (Removed)
  1332. ZeitGAYst (Not found)
  1333. Zelita Zain (Removed)
  1334. zepetitfilou (Removed, Re-opened, Removed)
  1335. Zephyr-Files (Locked)
  1336. zibi-boys (Removed)
  1337. Zinc Muscle (Removed)
  1338. ZIONOLOGY (Removed)
  1339. ZoaZoa : Men's Health
  1340. Zombie Toenails, Inc. (Removed)
  1341. Zona Militar (Removed)
  1342. ZONA PROIBIDA (Removed)
  1343. ZOOFILIA BOY (Removed)
  1344. Zoofulia (Removed)
  1345. Zoosexvideos (Removed)
  1346. Zorritas Calientes (Removed)
  1347. Π Ο Υ Τ Σ Ο φ ά γ ο ς (Removed)
  1348. ΥπερΝόησις (Removed)
  1349. Блог Старика (Removed)  
  1350. Мир фото 2 (Removed)
  1351. Фото и видео парней (Removed)
  1352. שירה פרוזה ודעה ממבט הומוסקסואלי {Israel Bear} (Removed, Re-opened, Now Private, Removed)
  1353. بث مباشر(Removed) 
  1354. صـــور ورعـــان (Removed)
  1355. తెలుగు పత్రికలు (Removed)
  1356. സ്വവര്‍ഗ്ഗ കമ്പി കഥകള്‍ (Removed)
  1357. แจก E-Book น่าอ่านฟรี (Removed)
  1358. คลิปเกย์ หนังเกย์ รูปเกย์ ภาพเกย์ โป๊เกย์ (Removed) 
  1359. ชมรมคนรักเด็กชาย (Removed)
  1360. บันเทิงเริงอารมณ์ (Removed)
  1361. ภาพควย รูปควย รูปควยใหญ่ โชว์ควย ชักว่าว เกย์ รูปเกย์ คลิปเกย์ โหลดคลิปเกย์ (Removed)   
  1362. รูปควย (Removed, Re-opened)
  1363. 몸짱클럽{Hot Asian Guys} (Removed)
  1364. 몸짱클럽{Hot Asian Guys 2} [18+ ONLY] (Removed)
  1365. 型男同誌-賞心悅目 {Gay male comrades - feast for the eyes} (Removed)
  1366. 男 Otoko -The Japanese Male (Removed, Re-opened)
  1367. 裸のおとこ {A naked guy} (Removed)
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