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Saturday, September 12, 2009


On Monday, September 7, 2009 I told you what I did in my attempt to "Unlock" my original blog, Daddy's Bad Boys, which only had one post of a cute puppy dog.  In less than 24 hours this blog was unlocked and I received a short email from a Google Blogger Administrator:

"gatsby has posted an answer to the question "Please unlock my blog.":
Daddy Jeff,
Thanks for your patience; that blog has been restored.

I waited two days and bit the bullet.  I decided to request a review of my 3rd blog, Jeff's Place, which contained all of my original adult posts.  I followed the same steps and wrote the following:

Subject:  Gatsby, Please help.

I have an adult blog which has been locked out to viewers while under review for possible violation of TOS.  I have been unable to get a response from any Google Administrator, and request your help.

Would you review my blog and let me know if it has violated any TOS?  My URL is:  http://jeffsfunplace.blogspot.com/

If I have not violated any TOS, would you kindly open my blog?

If I have violated any TOS, would you inform me what I must do to comply with the TOS?  I am a reasonable man and wish to continue my blog as well as remain in compliance with Google Blogger's TOS.  I will change, add, or delete anything, but I am at a loss without some input as to the proper way to proceed.

You have assisted me in the past and I hope you can assist me on this issue.  Thanks!

In less than 24 hours, my adult blog was unlocked.

So, if you want to attempt to get your Blogger blog unlocked and back open to viewers follow the same steps.  NOTE:  I have no idea how long it will stay open!

  1. Log in to your Blogger account
  2. From your Dashboard click "Help"
  3. From Blogger Help click "Help Forum"
  4. Under "Discussion Categories" click "Something Is Broken"
  5. From "Something Is Broken" click "Post a Question"
  6. Complete the Question and Detail boxes*****
  7. Click "Post Question"

*****In order for anyone to help you, you MUST include your blog's URL.  This is essential.
*****I strongly recommend you control your anger, frustration, etc., etc., etc.,  Don't be an asshole when completing the details.  Be specific, be polite, be objective.  Pretend you're talking to your Daddy  :)   

You may not want to continue your blog on Google Blogger, but there are many different reasons to try to get it unlocked:
  • Satisfaction
  • An outlet, perhaps temporary, for your anger and frustration
  • An opportunity to continue on Blogger, which may be temporary
  • An opportunity to put a "Moved To" sign on the blog you spent so much time on
  • To flood Google Help with requests from Adult Bloggers
  • To make Blogger Administrators know that you are taking action
  • To notify other posters in the help forums that you are not just "taking it"
  • Or maybe just for the hell of it

I hope you all try to get your blogs unlocked.  I also would really appreciate knowing your experience.



Anonymous said...

Hey! I am going to try this!

Love, FFB

Anonymous said...

FFB Good. I just heard from Daddy's boy of A Collection of Men blogspot, which was locked today. He is taking this approach too. Hope it works for you, dude.

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