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The Place With The Most Current Status On Google Blogger's Closed Blogs.

With A New Posting On Saturday Mornings, With 'News Flash Bulletins' In Between, When There Is A Need To Let You Know Of The Latest Breaking News On All Google Blogger's Gay Blogs!!!

This Blog Is Best Viewed By Using Firefox Or Opera Or Safari By Apple!!! And You Will Be Surprised At What A Difference This Makes When Visiting ANY GOOGLE BLOG Using Any One Of These Three Browser's!!!

And This Blog's Followers From Around The World Are....

The Counter Of Shame

Yes Gay Blog Owner's,
You Too Can Also Have
On 'Your' Blog!!!!

The Fast Becoming New Standard Gadget On
All Gay Blogs.....((( Big Smile )))
News Bulletin (6/7/2013)!!!...For All Those Blog Owner's That Have Already Installed This Prior To June 7, 2013...Please See The PS:Note At The Bottom Of This Page..... Sorry Guys :(
Well By Displaying OUR NEW COUNTER on "Your" Blog,  You're not only showing Google Blogger, but You're Also Showing Your Blog Visitors that...
- You are aware of what Google is doing and you are

   keeping track of what they ARE DOING!
- You Want Your Visitors to know where to turn to when
   and If Your Blog is Closed to Find "Your" Next Blog!
- You think the closing of so many gay blogs is shameful.
- You support the efforts of what We are doing here
- You want everyone to know what the HELL is going on.

And YES, Our NEW Counter does All This For "Your" Blog And Unlike the Previous Counter, This NEW One Will Always Be Current to What Is Being Report Here, As shown here... 

This NEW counter WILL BE Updated 
  Each time We Do A Posting Here for "Your" BLOG!  And With
It's transparent background, Well It Just Looks Great On ALL

Gay Blogs.
Blog Installation Instructions For Our New Counter:

If You have a Google Blogger Blog Add a HTML/JavaScript Gadget and insert the following code;
If You have a WordPress Blog Add a Text Widget and insert the following code;    

<div align=center>
<content type="html">
<div style="text-align:center; width:150px; height:105px; ">
<a href="http://googlebloggerclosesgayblogs.blogspot.com" target="_blank"> <img border="0" alt="Shame Counter" src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/76jb0naardk6tch/Shame%20Counter.png" title="Click to learn more" /></a> <a href="http://googlebloggerclosesgayblogs.blogspot.com/p/counter-of-shame.html" target="_blank">Display this on your blog</a>
Note:  Left or Right alignment in your sidebar can be achieved by simple changes to the above code.
Example – Your right sidebar is 250px wide and you want the counter aligned to the right.  Change “width:150px” to “width:250px” and change “text-align:center” to “text-align:right”.
If you want a border, change ‘border=”0”’ to ‘border=”1”’.
If you have any questions and/or problems with this one, well feel free to e-mails US, We will be more than glad to help you out.  Hoping you ALL install this one, thanking you if you do.

PS: If you already have "The Counter Of Shame" installed on Your Blog and if it is looking like either one of the following two....
Well We are sorry to say, We no longer have access to them and We can not up-dated them.  The reason being is because Dropbox dot com, which is hosting this file for Us,  has made changes to all it's public files for security reasons and all the hosting addresses HAVE CHANGED!!!  So what this means to You is that you have to copy the new code above and delete Your old code for Our Counter and replace it with the new code.  We are so sorry about this Guys, but when you are relying on a third party for any of Your Blog's Gadgets, you are at their mercy for what ever they decide to do, and when it is "free" service, well you really don't have any playing room to complain!!!  (Big Smile)... So hoping all of You make the change for Us and if you do, We Thank You and hoping you understand.
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