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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kill Lightbox---with slight revision from Skilled4Men

How to Kill Lightbox in your blog:
and thanks to Skilled4Men who provided a positioning tip which makes it load and work faster.

1.  Go to Layout/Design Editor;
2.  Add new HTML/Javascript gadget under your blog's Header;
3.  Do not title the new gadget;
4.  Add the following script to the gadget (you can copy and paste):

<script type="text/javascript">
function killLightbox() {
 var images = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
 for (var i = 0 ; i < images.length ; ++i) {
  images[i].onmousemove=function() {  
   var html = this.parentNode.innerHTML;   
   this.parentNode.innerHTML = html;

if (window.addEventListener) {
} else {

5.  Save gadget;
6.  Save Layout/Design;
7.  All done.
8.  If this does work immediately, give your blog a few seconds to load and try again!
9.  Please leave a comment if this works or not for you!

News Flash Guys...This Works and the New Pain In The ASS LightBox is TUNED OFF on this Blog........

Jeff & Brent
with help from Skilled4Men


djbear said...

Thanks for the great tip on getting this fix to stop the Lightbox.

This worked on all 4 of my blogs
Mature & Bear Men Hideaway
Chubby Man Hideaway
Real Mature Men Hideaway
Muscle Man Hideaway

Thanks for all your great work here!


Woof!Blog said...

ok thanks worked ! is faster than before.
thanks for your work

Jim said...

Worked on my blog :) THANKS! Lightbox, in this case, is another great example of just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. Who thought this was an "improvement" anyway?

Ray's Cowboy said...

Ok given it a try.
Thanks for the heads up.

Señor Germán said...

Hello Daddy Jeff
It worked perfect in Perros
Thank you very much!

deejohn said...

Thanks Jeff, I'll give it a try on my tester blog if I get time before going away.


KEPLER23BCN said...

Hello boy!!!!! you know why blogger push this imagen of "stop" in some pictures?



Keith said...

If I kill Lightbox, will it make those damned error signs disappear, once and for all?

Brent said...

Hi Guys, first of all, while this is Jeff's posting, just wanted to let you all know that He currently is One Busy, Busy Guy right now for He is personally is sending out hundreds of personals e-mails to ALL The Known Blog Owners that are Linking this Blog in their Blog Roles for Us in how to turn off Lightbox, with that said, I'm hoping He doesn't mind, nor You, but on behalf Of Jeff, THANK YOU, THANK YOU All that have tired Jeff's Tip and it working on Your Blogs. And If it working On Your Blog, Post a Comment and be sure to leave YOUR Blog Address. Great Way to get some Blog Exposer Buddies!!!

And to Keith, sorry to say, but killing Lightbox is not going to solve your problem of the "damned error signs" on Your Blog, for the missing photo problem started long before Google Dump Lightbox on everyone's Blog. But I think I have some GOOD NEWS about this problem for You and All Our Blogs Fans and I'm working on it for My normal Wednesday Morning Posting Of "Our Current Listings For September 21st. So please check back then. OK? Ok! Jeff's Co-Author (Brent), thanking you all for Jeff.

Stan said...

Thanks Jeff! I just installed it and I hope it works. This has been pissing me off to no end! Thanks again!


Keith said...

Thanks for the answer, Brent. See, my basic problem with Google isn't Lightbox per se. It's the basic unreliability of posting photos on Blogger, no matter what, and never knowing when they're going to go bad on you. It can be days after the original posting, when they seemed to be fine.

This is intolerable. Absolutely, utterly fucking intolerable.

Therefore, if Google doesn't fix this problem or policy (whichever it is), I'll just have to end my blog. That is, I'll continue it, but somewhere other than Google.

Falcon said...

Thank you, Jeff!
It worked on my blogs:

Some pics seems to open in the new way, but I'll wait some minutes and try again.
Good job, man!
Elias from Brazil.

Daddy Jeff said...

Kepler, nadie sabe por qué Blogger está mostrando la imagen de la STOP pare de algunas de las imágenes. Todos estamos tratando de encontrar una manera de evitarlo porque es lo que los blogs de Blogger parece una mierda. Espero Blogger fija de forma rápida porque todo el mundo se queja de ello. Jeff

Daddy Jeff said...

As Brent has said (thanks for covering my busy ass, man) we are glad that this is working for all of you.

We will still be on the lookout for the cause of the "Stop" sign image in lieu of the images we post on our blogs. Once we can find out the cause, we can probably figure out a way around it.

One thing we have tried, and so far seems to work just fine: if you do not host your images in picasa the stop sign does not appear - so far. However, be advised that once an image is posted into your blog, it automatically goes to picasa. You will need to use a different source for each image. Too much work for keeping a blog, in my opinion. We'll keep looking for a cure if Blogger doesn't get one first.

KEPLER23BCN said...

Gracias Daddy Jeff, I ever push first the pictures in picasa, and push the "code" of picasa of picture in the post, when google push the picture STOP, I push the picture "directamente" en the post.

One kisss


Boys na Web said...

On my blog the script did not work = /


The New Flops Boy said...

Thanks, Jeff and Brent! You guys are the best! I know if there is a fix for the Black Box shit, you will find it!


Daddy Jeff said...

@Boys na Web: Your blog is a bit more complicated than the average Blogger blog. I am only guessing, but perhaps the code needs to be installed on the page which comes up after "read more" is clicked. In other words, the actual page where you have multiple images. That's my best guess for your blog. Jeff

CoreyJo said...

Thank you so much for this fix. I've used it on both my family blog, which is lots of photos of nature that need to be seen in original size for the full effect, and on Corey's Dark Corner... , which is a photo blog of men. This light box doesn't do photo blogging any justice. Thank you once again for all of your help.


Corey's Dark Corner & Other Unreachable Regions


HEEYY..THANKS* for the information ...ADD ME....

RafaDe said...

Found the link for this little tidbit of info on FFB's site, http://flopsreturns.blogspot.com/.

Thanks to you for the help and FFB for posting the link!!

Happy Belated New Year!!


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