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Sunday, May 23, 2010

DELETED Google/Blogger BLOGS

  1. 888surplus888
  2. Absurdistan Boys (**NEW LISTING**)
  3. Adam's Candid (two)
  4. Adda4gayporn
  5. Amateur Gay Photos
  6. Bat n Balls
  7. Bater Bud Blog
  8. Bears-tche
  9. Bend Over Country
  10. Boy Fun
  11. Boy's Hardcore Video
  12. Camera Obscura
  13. Colt Deses Gregos
  14. Cool College Guys
  15. Cum Chronicals
  16. Dan's Public Gay Sex
  17. Dickshownary
  18. Dwight Supremacy
  19. Gay Bare Plaisirs
  20. Gay Boys Action
  21. Gay En Chaleur
  22. Gay Movies Free
  23. Gayest Str8 Guy, The
  24. Get Ur Pantz On
  25. Gifted Male
  26. Gorgeous Muscle Guy
  27. Hermaphrodite Endormi
  28. Homens Maduros2/Mature Men 2
  29. Homens Sensuals
  30. Hot Men Appreciation Society
  31. Hot Men 4 Hot Men
  32. Hugh Cocks No Jokes
  33. Jacko's Man
  34. Just Male Model
  35. Just Sum Boyz
  36. Kinky Fuckers
  37. MC Jock
  38. Men 4 Men
  39. Mex Hot
  40. Morning Woody
  41. Narach Sharing Blog
  42. Out of Control
  43. Out of Control ii
  44. Real Men Two
  45. Simply Sweet
  46. Skinf
  47. Stud A Day
  48. Tim Kelly Blog
  49. Twinks On Cam
  50. L'univers de Janus
  51. Young Gay Love
  52. Weezie's Boys
  53. XXX Movies, Memoirs, and More
  54. Zak's World O Sex

Deleted by Google Blogger and then re-opened by Google Blogger:
  1. All Jacked Up
  2. Baring My Sole
  3. Bitchboy Blog
  4. Boot Lover (**NEW LISTING**)
  5. Boy Next Door
  6. Captured Heroes
  7. Cosmo+
  8. Definition of a Man
  9. Gay Titus
  10. Guy Candi
  11. Guyz Naked in Public
  12. Homens Negros
  13. Hungary Boy
  14. Into Pits
  15. IO qUE un gAy qUieRe
  16. Louis Vuittong
  17. Over Our Head
  18. Roids and Rants
  19. Soft and Hard Gay Pictures
  20. Special Content
  21. The Slab

Deleted by Google Blogger & re-opened by blog owner at new addy:

Deleted by Google Blogger according to blog owner:
  1. Gay Desires
  2. Maxe Gatos
  3. Naked and Ready to Serve

Deleted by owner:
  1. Butt Boys
  2. Naked Boy Chronicles
  3. Soft On The Island


Anonymous said...

I am grateful that you published that incident with Colt. I am now in the process of deleting all the pictures I have ever published from Colt and Buckshot. However, it is my opinion that when I have done a post on any of the photos from them not only do I give them credit by leaving the watermark but I often make it a whole plug or promotion including their url, etc. So, in view of the fact they don't want free advertising and that they are behaving so pissy and arrogant, as far as I am concerned Colt is dead and I urge everyone to boycott them. They want to act this way after posting photos that would be by any account in the public domain and then harass those who pick them up. They must know that they can't have their cake and eat it too.

Anonymous said...

Flesh Addicted (http://fleshaddicted.blogspot.com/) has vanished.

vcholo72 said...

Hi dear Jeff,
here is another example of closed blogs by one owner:





Anonymous said...

Raulito, I'm going to publish your response also. I want to show your point of view too. Jeff

Anonymous said...

Kent, Thanks, as always. I have just posted this.

Anonymous said...

Franz, Wie bist du, mein Freund? Thanks for the sites...I just posted them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all you do...
see, you get some postings from Colt, out in the public domain and that is how they promote themselves, hoping you will go into their private, per pay area or buy any of their products. And it is from blogs like ours that they get their pay visitors. If they don't want us bloggers to use any of their pictures in the public domain then they should not put them out there or do like some outfits do: "no right clicking allowed".

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