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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Google/Blogger FREE SPACE explained

Have you reached your FREE capacity of 1,024 MB on your blog?  Is Google about to charge you a monthly fee to continue blogging?  Are you pissed?  Read on and learn how to continue blogging for FREE!

On Sept 22nd,  Brent did a posting directed at this very issue.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE to read itI 

We believe you should understand as much as possible.  This puts you in a better position to work around certain problems.  In order to work around the "pay as you blog" issue, it helps to understand what this FREE SPACE actually is.

Take your time as you read this, and relax - nothing you do as a result of this post will damage your blog in any way!

Google FREE space and Picasa
Each Account comes with 1,024 MB of FREE SPACE.  This FREE SPACE is in your Picasa.  Picasa is where your images are stored.  You have Picasa if you have a Google/Blogger blog!  Everytime you upload an image to your blog, Google automatically stores that image in Picasa.  Even if you delete an image from your blog, it is still in your Account's Picasa.  When your account's Picasa reaches 1,024 MB, you will be notified that now you have to "pay as you go".

If you have never looked at your Picasa albums, this is very important!  Follow these instructions and see what is in them:

Log into Blogger ==> from dashboard ==> click drop down option next to your name ==> Account Settings ==> Products ==> Picasa

These are your Picasa Web Albums.  Depending on the number of blogs and the number of images you have uploaded, you may have one or several albums.  If you've never been here, take a look around.  The images will be familiar because they are the images you inserted into your blog!

Try the following experiment: (absolutely NOTHING will happen to your computer or to your blog):

Click and drag the following image, entitled Picasa experiment.jpeg, to your screen:

Open your blog ==> from dashboard ==>choose New Post ==> click Insert Image button ==> choose Picasa experiment.jpeg ==> click SAVE

Return to Picasa , refresh the page, and you will find the above image in Picasa.

Now, return to your blog and DELETE the saved post with the above image.  The saved post and the image are all gone, right?

Finally, return to Picasa.  Behold!  The image is still there!  The only way to delete it is directly from your Picasa album.

So what is this experiment telling you?

  • Every image you upload to your blog, using the blog's "insert image" button, will go directly to your account's Picasa.
  • Every image you upload counts against your FREE SPACE.
  • Every image you delete from your blog remains in your account's Picasa.
  • You cannot create more FREE SPACE by deleting former posts, because the images remain in your account's Picasa!
Starting to get the picture of how this FREE SPACE works?

The only way to reduce your Google account's FREE SPACE capacity is to directly delete images from your Picasa albums, and if you do that, the image will no longer appear in your blog.

So what do you do if you have maxed out your FREE SPACE and you don't want to delete any previous posts?  You can either start paying Google for the extra space
you can read my next post.

Questions, problems, changes?  Let us know and we will be happy to help you as best we can!

Keep on Bloggin'


O!Daddie said...

Im on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment. I have a question relative to:

"Every image you upload to your blog, using the blog's "insert image" button, will go directly to your account's Picasa."

What if I copy and paste instead of using the insert images button. Will that also go directly to Picassa? Thanks guys...

Brent said...

Hey O!Daddie, Yes you can copy and paste any photo from any Web Site or Blog into a current posting for your Blog and NO it will not go to your Picasa Account because the Photo is being hosted somewhere else. However, the big draw back to doing it this way is in the event that the Web Site or Blog should go down in the future that you copied the Photo from, then the pasted Photo on your Blog will also be gone. Also note that you CAN NOT copy and paste a Photo from your hard drive, this only works if the Photo is an already published somewhere on the Net. Hoping this clears things up for you, Your Blogger Buddy, (Brent)

O!Daddie said...

got it, thank you..

Any thoughts or warnings about Google Chrome?

I just upgraded and think I kinda like it.. definitely faster.. but is there a catch? Seems too good to be true.

Brent said...

Hey O!Daddie, Yes Google Chrome is by far the fastest Browser for sure and no there are no catches to using it. The only think I don't like about it is the fact that there is no "Tool" Bar, but other than that I do use it off and on when things are not working on My Blogs with Firefox. Happy Bloggin Blogger Buddy, (Brent)

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