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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Are Google User's Turning Somewhere Else???

For the longest of time, I have been and I still am a very happy Internet Browser using Mozilla Firefox and always thought that Mozilla and Google where hand shacking very well with each other, for after all Mozilla Firefox's Home Page was Google.Com for the longest of time, that was until Google decided to start forcing their services, anywhere and everywhere they thought they could and get away with it!!!  Let Me Give You Some Examples....
Example #1> Mozilla Firefox's home page, like I just said,  for the longest of time was Google.Com till Google.Com decided that any Browser that was visiting their Home Page that WASN'T Visiting it via CHROME, Well Google Just Added This To The Upper Right Hand Side Of The Page!!!....
And there is no WAY to shut it off, other than clicking on the (X) Box each and every TIME Your Browser Visited Google's Home Page!!!  Don't believe Me, well just go to www.google.com via any Browsers other than Chrome and You will see what I'm talking about.  And while Mozilla Firefox did finally create their Own Home Page, and while they are still using Google as their Default Search Engine, for the time being, but based upon what I have Highlighted Above, something is telling me this just might be changing and soon, for more and more of Us are contacting Mozilla requesting that it be changed to Bing!!!.
Example #2> Have You noticed that when visiting many of the Google Services, such as I do, like the Google Translator that I use all the time to translate foreign Blogs Titles for You Guys, that We are now seeing this, if not visiting the Google Translator Via Chrome..(Click On Image For Full View)
And once again, the only way to turn it off is to click on dismiss each and every time you visit the Google Translator, if not visiting it by Google Chrome. It is everywhere on ALL GOOGLE SERVICES, THAT IS, IF YOU'RE NOT VISITING IT VIA CHROME!!!  Come On Google, Give Us All A Break!!!!  If We Are Wanting To Use Your Browser, We Would Be Using Your Browser, but some of Us just like the other Browser's better with a Full Tool Bar!!!  It is simple as simply as that Google!!!
OK, OK, So Much about Google Chrome, or as I prefer to call it, Google Crummy so let me move on to My Next Most Wonderful Pet Peeve about Google and THIS ONE FALLS RIGHT UNDER THEIR PUSH FOR THEIR BROWSER AND THAT IS THEIR PUSH GOOGLE PLUS+++++
Where, OH Where DO I start on this one???
Well how about from the beginning, Why in the HELL would anyone in their right mind within Google would even want to add another Google Service to their Google Account is beyond believe, knowing that at any given time that Google would/could Close that individuals Account and yet loose once again another Google Service that they singed up for and all their friends and contacts would be lost within their so called Google+ Circle???  Yet Google Wonders Why hardly anyone is jumping on the band wagon on this one!!!!  DA!!!  But then again, Yes Some are, but WHY???  And Sorry To Say, But Haven't They Read About The Google Horror Stories of in the Past of many of the Google accounts that have been closed by Google and the Hell They Went Trough!!!  And for those that have joined, well they are jumping ship because of Google's once again, Censorship!!!  Take for example of just one of Oh So Many like "Tasty Bum"He has had it with Google+ and Google deleting many of His Posted Photos and You can see what he had to say about all this by clicking (Here).
And there is so, so much more on the Net about this one and let Me share with You some of what I have found about Google+.....Better known on the Net as Google-!!!  In fact it is being reported that Google+ is virtually a....
And for the complete story on this one, well simply click (Here).
Yes Blogger Buddies, Google is Failing On This One, Big Time!!!  In fact it has failing so bad that NOT ONE NEW Single Google Account that is signing up today for a new account, is not now automatically being enrolled into Google Plus!!!  For the complete story on this, click (Here).
Well this is only what I believe is because Google Users are getting smarter and smarter of what Google is doing and they are not wanting to fall into Google's Traps to close them out!!!  This is how bad Google Plus has become for Google!!!  And Yes You can still get a New Google Account, but now You have to go through all the steps to Close Your Google Plus Account if You don't want it ONLY BECAUSE GOOGLE WANTS YOU THERE!!! DA and How Sad....BUT....They Have Brought All This Major Down Fall Upon Themselves!!!!!
Which brings Me back to what I almost forgot about when I starting off this Posting and that is with Bing VS Google Search!!!  Wow Guys, if you haven't checked out Bing Search Engine by Microsoft recently, check it out now by taking the Bing Challenge, and You can do it by clicking (Here).  I have been using Bing Photo Search for My Wallpaper work for some time now, and it is so, so much better than Google's Image Search!!!  And Now after taking on the Bing Challenge, I'm proud to announce that Bing is now My Default Search Engine in Firefox!!!  Just two more less things I don't have to depend on from Google and I'm just waiting and hoping for Yahoo to come out with their Blogging Platform!!!  Oh Google, when and if this happens, You will Truly become a....

Ghost Town for Me!!!  With all this said, here is.... 
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