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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get more FREE SPACE for your blog

The previous post discussed your account's FREE space and your account's Picasa.   With that in mind, here is how to increase your FREE space if necessary without paying a monthly fee.

You may find it easier to print this post before actually completing the steps.  It is not difficult.  Just take your time, and relax!
  1. Open a New Account.  (Go through the same process you went through to open your original account.  When setting up your new account, remember to use the same "post name" as in your original account if you want that name to be consistant in your blog.)
  2. Send a quick email from your New Account to your Original Account.
  3. Log out of New Account.
  4. Open your Original Account.
  5. In your gmail, add New Account to your contacts.  Go to Blogger Dashboard in your Original Account, and follow these steps:
  6. Original Account==> your blog in Blogger==> Settings==> Basic==> Permissions==> Add Authors==> Invite your New Account using Choose From Contacts==> Send
  7. Log out of Old Account.
  8. Log into New Account gmail and accept invitation to author your blog.
  9. Log out of New Account.
  10. Log into Original Account.  Follow the same steps to get to your blog's "Permissions" as detailed above.  You will see your New Account listed as "Author".
  11. Click the drop down Button and make your New Account "ADMIN".
That's all you have to do, and you can continue adding additional New Accounts, as Brent did, using the same procedure.  Each New Account comes with a new Picasa so now you get to keep your blog and can start filling up your new Picasa albums (as discussed in the previous post)!

By the way, if Google closes your original account, you can still continue to blog using your New Account.  If you have backed up your blog every time you make a change to it as Brent always tell you to do, you will never lose access to all the work you did in your blog.  If you did not back up, kiss your original images good-bye!!  I would suggest opening another New Account to make up for the account Google closed.  Always have at least two account linked to the same blog.

Questions, problems, help, let us know and we will answer, resolve, clarify and/or help you in anyway we can.

Keep on Bloggin'



Cock Show said...

Cocks Show
I want trade link with you. Answer me.
Thank you!

Brent said...

Hi Cock Show, and We would be more than glad to trade Blog links with You. Like We say in Our Supporter Section, all You have to do is add Our Blog Link to Your Blog Role and then send Us an E-mail advising Us that You have done so and We will Add Your Blog to Our Second Section. However, if you would like to have a top priority listing with Us in Our First Section, then Install Our Colorful "Counter Of Shame" somewhere on Your Blog and e-mail Us and We will Add Your Blog to Our First Section. Hoping to receive your e-mail soon, (Brent)

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