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Depending on which Blogger algorithm deleted your blog, or your entire account including Gmail, there are generally two different approaches you can take to get everything reinstated provided your blog is not a spam blog.

FIRST APPROACH: Attempt to log into your blog. If you cannot get to your dashboard you probably received a screen from Blogger which says your blog has been deleted due to possible violation of TOS (Terms of Service). If this screen asks for your mobile phone number, you're in luck! Give your mobile number, choose "Text" or "Automated Voice", and press enter. Keep the screen up and your phone handy. Your phone should ring in less than 60 seconds. You will get a code number. Enter the code number on the the screen and press enter. Your blog should be back up and available within another 60 seconds. That was my experience. Very simple.

TIP: If you do not have a mobile phone, enter your land line phone # and choose "Automated Voice". You will get a computer call within 60 seconds giving you the code number, so have a pen and paper handy, or let it go to voice mail.

SECOND APPROACH: Attempt to log into your blog. If you can get to your dashboard but you see that your blog has been locked, deleted, closed, etc. due to possible violation of TOS, take a deep breath because Blogger is gonna make you jump through hoops to get your blog back open to the viewing public.

First: Click "Request Unlock Review" which is located under your blog on the Dashboard. (This is hoop #1 because absolutely no one will be reviewing your blog!).

Second: Keep clicking "Request Unlock Review" DAILY until you finally get a new form with a word verification fill-in. Complete word verification and submit. (This is hoop #2 because no one is going to review your blog yet.)

Third: Go to Blogger Help--> Blogger Forums--> Something is Broken. (This is the hoop Blogger never tells you about!) Create a new entry requesting that your blog be unlocked. Several things to include in your entry: you MUST include your blog's URL address. State that you have already a) requested an unlock review, and b) you have completed the word verification form. Request that your blog be reopened.

TIP 1: At this point, you'll be very frustrated. Do not be abusive in your request. Keep it short and simple even though you may want everyone at Blogger to eat shit. This is not the post to vent your frustrations.

TIP 2: Make sure you click "follow this thread" at bottom of post so you will know if someone responds.

TIP 3: Send the URL address of your post to us so we can follow along and track the progress. Jeff has had way too much experience dealing with this process and can be very helpful to you if he knows what's going on.

Fourth: Sit and wait. Once you get an employee's attention, your blog will be reviewed for the very first time!! The Blogger Employee will either reinstate your blog or decide it violated TOS and not reinstate it. This one decision is final and there is no appeal. No one from Google/Blogger will ever tell you why your blog was deleted, locked, etc. in the first place, what you can do to make sure it never happens again, or anything about the final decision. Don't waste your time trying to get a detailed response from a Google Employee on anything pertaining to your blog being deleted, locked, etc. It'll NEVER HAPPEN!!

Jeff & Brent

Kindly let us know your experiences. Information is power and we can all learn from the information you provide.
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