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Friday, August 21, 2009

Copyright infringement is a violation of Google Blogger's Terms of Service.  This Dutch Dude has two very good insights into how copyright infringement can be sought out and reported.

"The reason why blogs (not only gay-oriented) get deleted is very simple: copyright violations. Some porn companies are very active in this respect: if you post a movie or a clip from Titan you will almost certainly get deleted. But why do not all blogs with gay porn clips get deleted? I think there are two reasons:

1. Only a few porn companies actively pursue copyright violations of their material. Hiring someone or a firm to browse the web for their material costs money. Most gay porn companies don't have the money to pay for this.

2. There are so many blogs and sites that is almost impossible to check them all out. But through the system of blog linkage and referral the search for 'copyright violations' becomes much easier. If an active porn company detects 'their' stuff on blogs or sites it complains with Blogger (=Google) who takes the all too well known action against the blog/blogger concerned. 

Kind Regards,

Dutch Dude" 


FlipFlopsBoy said...

You might be on to something here...but...I would also think that the porn companies would LIKE these posts of which you speak, becaue it is free advertising for them...

Nil Street said...

Porn companies love marketing, that is why there are so many free galleries all over the net proposing pictures and clips. Though they may not like their pictures being posted on a blog without a visible and clickable link to their respective websites.

Problem is, Blogger has a problem with blogs which promote paysites.

But I can't be so sure about that hypothesis, since many blogs propose those pictures, which are available as promotional pictures everywhere, intact with the address of the website bright and shiny in the pictures themselves. It's a very good advertizement. So if they wanted to close blogs, they'd close blogs like SUGARBOYS and many others which propose non-promotional material which is supposed to be available at the paysite only.

My best guess remains the same: one or many homophobic zealot(s) flag blogs by following the lists of blogs they find on your blogs. If Blogger works like YouTube in any way, then it doesn't take much flags to get your blog temporary closed for review, reviews that they never do without vloggers getting involved with legal advices.

Anonymous said...

I am almost 100% sure that google is homophobic(You can google "Google Homophobic" and ironically it will show you results of cases where google has been homophobic.

Before blogger, it was adsense(because they deem content like "homosexual" or "gay" as being "not family friendly" and thus their adsense will screw you over if you try having ads on a gay website, even if its just a site like the ACLU).

I suggest adding this as a test:

Find images that are public domain, but are either pornographic, or just obviously homosexual in nature depicting kissing, poses, etc.
Add these to a blog and see what happens. Since they are not copyrighted images, there should be no reason to delete it, as the straight porn blogs don't have this issue.

Jeff said...

Anonymous: I'm not sure the test you suggested is necessary. At the moment there are plenty of gay picture blogs open on Google Blogger. Most have similar pictures to the ones you suggested. This obviously adds to the confusion. There is a line somewhere and we don't know what it is. Too bad Blogger Administration doesn't communicate with bloggers. Many of us would be happy to adjust our blogs accordingly or migrate to another site without feeling like shit.


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