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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This long time blogger agrees that Google Blogger's silence is a mystery.  I have edited his emil to "protect the innocent".

Hi Jeff --

I see you have already listed my blog as one that was hit.

I requested a Site Review at 6 AM on August 12. Like you, I got conflicting messages, and no word from Google.

I have reopened at.........., although I would love to leave Blogger altogether. But after 3 years of using it, it is easy to navigate, and I really don't have the free time right now to learn another host.

I take a lot of time trying to keep my blog (which is primarily a picture blog) fresh, creative, fun...and within appropriate boundaries for its content.

I have, however, opened a blog at NibbleBits, as a back up. But again, my time has not been such to really work with it.

I also agree with you that it is the silence of Google Blogger that makes this so frustrating (as well as trying to get the word out to your followers/friends). Why are they so mysterious about it? Just tell us...and we will correct it, or move on.

It really is baffling.

It has been mentioned that "boy" and "boi" might be red flags, but there are many that have been deleted without those tags, and many with those tags that have NOT been deleted...

Which...leads me to believe this could be the result of a (powerful) individual at Google Blogger...someone who has the ability to target whomever they personally choose.

Again, it is baffling! 


Anonymous said...

I venture to guess that it is POLITICAL in nature the dailyslab recently ripped the republicans to shreads in a comentary.

Anonymous said...

Anon:...and Google Blogger has closed the DailySlab!

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