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Thursday, October 1, 2009


208 gay blogs "Under Review" and locked out to viewers by Google Blogger between August 15-September 30, 2009

  1. 001 Hot as Fuck
  2. A-1 Galleries
  3. A Beautiful Behind
  4. A Collection of Men
  5. Adam's Candids
  6. AdamsXmen (*NEW LISTING*)
  7. Adonis-and-Narcissus
  8. Afro Bones
  9. Age of Man
  10. Algay69001 (*NEW LISTING*)
  11. Aikuinen Mies
  12. Al Maschile
  13. All About Hairy Men (*NEW LISTING*)
  14. All Daddy
  15. All Masculine Male
  16. Alternative
  17. Amar's World
  18. Amateur Mature Men
  19. Amateurs From Everywhere
  20. Amateurs From Everywhere 2
  21. Andrea's New Life
  22. Asterix
  23. Backroom
  24. Balloons
  25. Bambi Boyz
  26. Bananahammock Boys
  27. Bara Blogger (*NEW LISTING*)
  28. Bareback Schlampen
  29. Barefootmale's Edging Blog
  30. Barefoot Male
  31. Bare Party Boys
  32. Be Naked Everywhere
  33. Bears R Us
  34. Best Grandpas
  35. Big Black Dick
  36. Big Brother Men Uncut
  37. Black Latin Ethnic Mens Blog (BLEMB2)(*NEW LISTING)
  38. Blog Segay
  39. Blond Twinks
  40. Blonde Twinks
  41. Boneyard2
  42. Bottom Boy
  43. Boy Oh Boi
  44. Boy Park
  45. BoyBoy
  46. Boytoy Toyboy
  47. Boys Kneeling
  48. Boys of the Sin
  49. Brats and Punks
  50. Bry's Blue Boys
  51. Buff Boi
  52. Butch's Teen & Twink Blog
  53. Casperfan
  54. Casperfan (again)
  55. Celebrating the Young Male Body
  56. cfy1
  57. Chubby Man Place, The
  58. Circoncis
  59. Club de Incesto
  60. Club Gay 888
  61. Cock Show, The
  62. Confraria Grisalho
  63. COnn3ction
  64. Crooked Vein (*NEW LISTING*)
  65. Cumtastik
  66. Cute Boys
  67. Cute Gay Guys
  68. Daddies Gallery
  69. Daddy Finder
  70. DaddyPorn
  71. Daddy's Bad Boys
  72. Daddy's Bad Boys 2
  73. Daily Slab, The
  74. Definition of a Man
  75. Digitized Dicks
  76. El Estudio de Areko
  77. Facials and Cum Eating
  78. Famous Like me
  79. Feetish
  80. Fence Rider
  81. Fetichismo gay
  82. FlipFlopsBoys
  83. Foot Frenzy
  84. For The Love Of Male Butts
  85. Fotos Teens Negros e Latinos
  86. Francesco d'Macho
  87. Furry Gallery
  88. Gabe's Yaoi Corner
  89. Gallery Boyz
  90. Garden Shed
  91. Gay Daily Hot
  92. Gay Fotos Group
  93. Gay Hot
  94. Gay Man In The High Desert
  95. gay-naturiste
  96. Gay Park
  97. Gay Porn Obsession
  98. Gay Rimming Ass
  99. Gay Sex Forum
  100. Gay Tambem E Gente
  101. Gay Teen Guys
  102. Gay WYSPA Adam
  103. Geeky Wanker
  104. Get It Out In Public (*NEW LISTING*)
  105. Gomez Patchouly
  106. Gus CE Clips
  107. Hairy Male 4 You
  108. Hairy-Men-Territory
  109. Hammer Vice
  110. Hammer's Twinks
  111. Handsome Devils
  112. Hench Guyz
  113. Hot Boy Cam Skin
  114. Hot Boy Skin
  115. Hottest Pics of Boys on Flickr, The
  116. Hunboy88-2
  117. Hunk Jewels
  118. I Want To Smell His Pits
  119. Imperial Palace Of Pleasure (*NEW LISTING*)
  120. It's OK To Be Gay Now
  121. Jackoff Material
  122. Jechtdlsite
  123. Jeff's Place
  124. Jesse's Sexy Celebs
  125. Jock Spank
  126. Jonas Dick
  127. Josh's Lot
  128. Just Naked Men
  129. Kokane's Playground
  130. Lads At Large
  131. Lads Largin It
  132. Like It Or Not
  133. Love Magazine, The
  134. Loving Penetration
  135. Macho Sexy
  136. Male Model Mayhem
  137. Malice In Wonderland
  138. Mature and Bare Men Hideaway
  139. Mature Man Place
  140. Mature Sexy Men
  141. Matureoldermendaddiesseniors
  142. Max's Dorm
  143. Mika's Men
  144. Miong Triple X
  145. Mirgem Perfeita
  146. Mismaduros
  147. Models By Didio
  148. My Spabo
  149. Mythos Man
  150. Naked Everywhere
  151. Nearly Perfect
  152. New Keith Kats
  153. Nipple Lovers
  154. Oink Central
  155. Olhar Gay
  156. One Man's Pleasure
  157. Oral Visualization
  158. Pato Blog
  159. Perfect Male Butts
  160. Perhaps Blog
  161. Pink and Wrinkly
  162. Pocket-Rocket
  163. Premium Boy Blog
  164. Prince Kai
  165. Pure Pig Boy
  166. Queen Bee Lover
  167. Ralph
  168. Raspberry Fruit Cake
  169. R E A L M E N (*NEW LISTING*)
  170. RedHead Boys
  171. Roommate CM
  172. Rough Dudes
  173. Ruggedly Handsome
  174. Scorpio Italia Hot
  175. Sean's Wet Dreams
  176. Shadow Angle, The
  177. Shaved and Proud
  178. Simple Boy Sex
  179. Sissy Dude
  180. Sneaker121
  181. So Many Hot Guys
  182. Sobre Revistas
  183. Sore Bottomed Guys
  184. Sperm My Cum Hole
  185. Sports and Spanking
  186. Strip Me Down
  187. Sunny Way Of Life, The
  188. Teen Boy Beauty
  189. Tiger's Party Spot
  190. Timeey's Dream
  191. Tom's Gay Planet
  192. Too Sexy Boys
  193. Topper's Bottom Bois
  194. Truly Madly Deeply
  195. Twink Town
  196. Ugly Land, The
  197. Uncut Guys 3
  198. Unruly Boi
  199. Unruly Dude
  200. Videos For Men
  201. Val Hummer's- hot video blog
  202. Viktor - Lovely Men
  203. Wallpaper For the Gay Eye
  204. Wild Ramblings, The
  205. Woofmen
  206. Yaoi Art Download
  207. Zach's Room
  208. Zephyr-Files

Please leave a comment or send me an email if you know of other gay blogs which have been locked as "Under Review" by Google Blogger.


vcholo72 said...

Hi Jeff
Hi the boy,

algay69001 was very clever and installed a blog at nibblebit just in case his blog here at blogger will close, what now happened.
Here is the link:



vcholo72 said...

Hi Jeff,hi the boy(me again,lol)
maybe you can make a big post of this in your blog(only if you would like to):


If you are in personal contact with blog owners whose blogs where closed or put under review, please ask him if he will create a new one and ask for the link, so it can be posted here at googlebloggerclosesgayblogs.



vcholo72 said...

Well you both,
as we say in Germany all good things are three, here i am again....
I made a quick review of my bloglist and the following blogs are closed too:
http://dany905r.blogspot.com(this blog is known under so many hot man, but this is the official link)

Greets again


vcholo72 said...

i forgot to mention sth:
The blog dany905r has been closed several times in the last months, but after some days it was open again under the same url. i will keep an eye on this blog and see if it reopens and then contact the blog owner, maybe he can give us more concrete clues as he has been through some times by the fact of being put under review.
And now i really will go to sleep its almaost 7 Am here...
So nice day and see you later

Don said...

Thought I had reported this one, but maybe not:

Gaywaterdevil was closed.

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