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Monday, December 21, 2009

55 Blogs Re-opened
after having been locked by Google Blogger
migrated from Google Blogger in fear of being locked

(Re-opened blogs which have been inactive for 1 month will be removed from this list)

  1. 1001 Hotties of the Day
  2. A Beautiful Behind
  3. Algay69001
  4. All About Hairy Men
  5. Amateurs From Everywhere
  7. BAMBIBOY (2nd site)
  8. Black Latin Ethnic Mens Blog (BLEMB)
  9. Black Onyx Videos
  10. Blond Twinks
  11. Boivice
  12. Boy oh Boi
  13. Boys Kneeling
  14. Bulge
  15. Burbujas De Deseo   (*REVISED LISTING*)
  16. Butch's Boys
  17. Chubby Man Hideaway
  18. c0nn3ction
  19. Cumtastik   (*REVISED LISTING*)
  20. Daddy's Bad Boys
  21. Daily Slab, The
  22. Definition Of A Man
  23. Fence Rider
  24. FlipFlopsBoys   (*REVISED LISTING*)
  25. Fotos Teens Negros e Latinos
  26. Garibaldi Gay
  27. Gay Man In The High Desert
  28. Gay Porn Obsession
  29. Gay Porn Obsession (2nd site)
  30. Jackoff Material
  31. Jesse's Sexy Celebs
  32. Jock Spank
  33. Keith Kats III
  34. Lads Into Sports
  35. Lads Largin It
  36. MachoFace
  37. McDreamy World (A Positive Role Model)
  38. Mika's Men
  39. Mis Maduros
  40. Naked Everywhere
  41. NaNu-reife Maenner
  42. Piel De Angel
  43. Pink and Wrinkly
  44. Premium Boy Blog
  45. Prince Kai
  47. UnrulyDude
  48. Scorpio Italia Hot
  49. Sex Is Still Subjective
  50. Sissy Dude   (*NEW LISTING*)
  51. So Many Hot Guys
  52. Sore Bottomed Guys
  53. To Pleasure Sir
  54. Uncut Guys   (*NEW LISTING*)
  55. Zach's Room

Notify me of changes, additions, etc. You know the drill, guys!
Jeff and his boy


Lanis said...

My boybeauty blog is deleted after 2,5 years and 1,600,000 views!

I reopenend at: http://boybeauty.nibblebit.com/

Nelson G. said...

Perhaps unrelated, but on Friday, I was locked out of my blog after Blogger spam bots determined my blog had characteristics of a spam blog.

I filed an unlock request.

On Saturday PM, the blog was unlocked. I did some maintanence and, um, blogging.

On Sunday, I discovered I was not only locked out, again, but deleted.

On Monday, the blog was restored.

NGblog is not a photo blog. I've also been skeptical about alot of the blogs that have been cited here. But after what happened this weekend...

Jeff said...

Lanis...Sorry to hear that, dude. I have your closing and re-opening posted.

Jeff said...

Nelson, from my personal, none of my blogs were spam blogs and they were all locked by Google Blogger. I got them opened again, but left Blogger. I am confident that many, if not most, of the gay blogs (and non-gay blogs) locked by Google Blogger are legit blogs. There is no question in my mind that Blogger was using a bad algorythm.

Perhaps a coincidence, but there has been very little gay themed blogs locked in the last month. Perhaps Blogger wised up!

Nelson G. said...

When it comes to Google and their spam detection, their methods suck.

There is one blog you haven't mentioned yet. Supposedly, his blog was deleted on false charges of pedophillia. I've asked this particular blogger to provide screengrabs or e-mail forwards, but he hasn't replied to my request.

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