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Sunday, February 28, 2010


A surprising number of active blogs are being deleted.  This activity began this past week and I do not know, yet, if the deletions were voluntary by the blogger or if Google Blogger has deleted them.  I will try to get to the bottom of this.  If you run across a deleted, or not found, blog, and you have the email address for the blogger, please send it to me so I can try to find out what's going on.

In the mean time:  BACK UP YOUR BLOGS!!!! 

  1. Log into your Blogger blog
  2. From the Dashboard click "Settings"
  3. On the "Basics" tab, the very first item is "Blog Tools"
  4. Click "Export Blog" (you will lose nothing from your blog...panic not!)
  5. You will get a downloaded file ending in ".xml"
  6. That .xml file is your blog postings, past and future

Should you wish to open another blog, just input this .xml file.  It's that simple.

Be aware that the .xml file will not include your header or footer (if customized) nor will it include your widgets or comments to your posts.

Daddy Jeff


vcholo72 said...

Hi Jeff,
it seems that google is striking back with closings of blogs.But its only a speculation. I just want to report that the blog http://monterrey-gay.blogsot.com is closed now too. Google says that "unfortunatelly this blog was being deleted". Google includes by the owner, if this is so. But in this case not. I Don't have the email of the owner, but maybe someone reading your blog does.

Greets from the stormy Germany


Jeff said...

Greetings Franz!! Hope you are well. Thanks for the above blog info. I have started a new set of postings of deleted blogs. Jeff

vcholo72 said...

Hi Jeff,

i am quite well, thanks for asking. Hope you both are well,too.
I saw already that the long list of deleted/closed blogs has been reinsurrected,lol.
Willthis also happen to the list of reopened blogs??



Jeff said...

If folks send me re-opened addresses, I will publish them.

Glad to hear you are well. We are too. It's been a rough winter but it's behind us now and spring is right around the corner.


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