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Friday, March 5, 2010


The following blogs have been deleted. It is unknown at this time if the blogs have been voluntarily deleted by the owner, or if the blogs have been deleted by Google Blogger.

If you are the owner, or if you know the owner's email address, please contact me at:

Adam's Candid (two)
Bat n Balls
Bend Over Country
Boy Fun
Cam Obscur
Gay En Chaleur
Get Ur Pantz On
Gorgeous Muscle Guys
Guy Candi
Homens Maduros2/Mature Men 2
Just Male Model
Just Sum Boyz
Kinky Fuckers
MC Jock
Men 4 Men
Naked And Ready To Serve
Narach Sharing Blog
Real Men Two
Simply Sweet
Soft On The Island

Deleted by Google Blogger according to blog owner:

The Slab

Deleted by owner:

Butt Boys
Naked Boy Chronicles


Boot boy said...

Found the following deleted blogs in the past week.
Hugh Cocks No Jokes http://hugecocksnojokes.blogspot.com/
Gay Movies Free http://gaymoviesfreeforyou.blogspot.com/
Boy's Hardcore Video http://boyshardcorevideo.blogspot.com/
Gay Boys Action http://gayboysactions.blogspot.com/

I don't know the owners of any of them..sorry.

Boot boy

Anonymous said...

Thanks, boot boy. I'll post them tomorrow. Daddy Jeff

EBryan said...

Just Sum Boys deleted by Blogger along with account...it's not worth doing gay pic blogs with blogger...

Anonymous said...

@EBryan...Yes, I have that one...thanks. Do you know the owner of that blog? If so, please send me his e-mail, or have him e-mail me. I may be able to help him get his blog back.

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