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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Twenty-six minutes ago, when I just happened by chance to be checking, Google/Blogger suddenly restored everything, including all my Picasa albums and all my active blogs.  Everything.
No explanation whatsoever from Google/Blogger.  Not a peep.  Not even a "Fuck you for your trouble and the disruption."
Those guys are just plain incompetent, not to mention cruel and arbitrary.
Jeff, thank you for your concern and your kindness,
The Slabber


Nelson G. said...

The Slabber's blog issue appears to be similar to the one I had earlier this year. Deleted for no reason, restored with no explanation or apology.

The Slabber said...

That is interesting information from Nelson.

How thrilling to know that I'm on a senseless roulette wheel.

RedCedar said...


What never made any sense at all regarding the eliminated blogs (if it was because of some sort of disapproval) was that they also eliminated HAL 9000, which isn't even a blog that displays anything "controversial".

Jeff said...

I think this is due to a bad algorithm and these deleted blogs were never actually reviewed by a real person. However, a real person sure did re-open them. It's all a bad mystery and every blog on Google/Blogger is capable of being locked or deleted.

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