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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Could hackers be involved in some of these blog deletions?

Here is one blogger's account of what happened to his blog, the steps Google/Blogger took, and the conclusion he came to:

Kudos to Blogger...?

I woke up this morning and to my surprise couldn´t log in to my Gmail which usually happens automatically. Instead, I got a message that my Google Account was suspended and I needed to verify that I´m the owner. They then sent me a text message on my cell phone which made me realize that something weird was going on as they couldn´t possibly be spending all that money to send text messages to millions of phones around the world.

Once I accessed my account I found a bunch of worried emails asking me where my blog had gone. Apparently it´s back online now as the site meter is chugging on happily, and I suspect that someone may have tried to hijack my blog but Google intervened to save my perverted porn... If that´s the case, my opinion on Blogger went up a couple of notches (and truth to be told, I´be been quite pleased by the way the program has been working lately).

Thanks for your concern guys and gals!


vcholo72 said...

Hi Jeff,
interesting point of view about closed blogs being hacked.
Well another blog has dissapeared:
I'm doing my weekly blogcheck right now,i inform of any further changes!

vcholo72 said...

Hi Jeff,
here is the suit to my blogcheck:
The blog Http://louis-vuittong.blogspot.com is open again under the same adress.
The blog http://theboynextdoor-mmg.blogspot.com is closed.I think the owner closed it, it wasn't updated since January 14th.
Nice week



Jeff said...

Thanks, Franz!

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