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Monday, May 31, 2010

Has your blog been DELETED?

If your Google/Blogger account has been mysteriously deleted, I know of 3 options to get it reactivated:

  1. Log into your account. If you get a message asking for your telephone number so Google/Blogger can send you a reactivation code number, fill in your phone number and hit enter. You will get a new page for the number and your phone will ring. Enter the number given to you by Google/Blogger and your account will be immediately reactivated.
  2. Go to Blogger Help Forums, "Something is Broken" category, "Post a Question" section. Start your own thread providing the necessary information. This option works, but takes longer since you need to wait until a Blogger employee takes your question and re-opens your account.
  3. Finally, you can wait a few days and do nothing. Some accounts have been re-opened as mysteriously as they were deleted. There is no guarantee that your account will be re-opened by following this passive approach.

I would appreciate hearing your experiences so I can pass them on to viewers of this blog.


Anonymous said...

I tried to follow your instructions. I do hope I will have my blog up and running soon. Can you email me and help me get my blog up.

Ray's Cowboy

(Please write either Jeff or Ray's Cowboy in th esubject so I will not think it is spam, thank you)

Anonymous said...

Ray, I just emailed you. I'll try to help you on this. Jeff

Leatherpigboy said...

This is exactly what happened to me on Thursday but thank god i caught it right away and it was only down for about an hour.

Anonymous said...

Pigboy, Glad you were on it fast.

djbear said...

Hello Jeff

My blog has been deleted as well at blogger.

Real Mature Men Hideaway blog.

I followed their instructions just like yours in your post here about keying in my cell number and getting a code to key in to reactivate the blog, which I did and keyed in this code, but that has been almost 24 hours now since I completed that task.

I'm still waiting and hoping that the account gets reopened. The one thing I can think of why the account hasn't been reopened yet is because it is the weekend and hopefully this will clear up early in the week.
Bloggers message indicated that a person would review my blog to determine if it is a Spam blog or not.

If you can give any help would be greatly appreciated to guide this along the way to get my blog back up and running again.

Anonymous said...

Question. Why are the blogs being closed? Is it because of copywrite infringments of Pictures? I have blogs that are mainly Stories, but I have added some pictures. I watch carefully not to post pictures that are copywrites.What do you think? Am I safe?

Anonymous said...

Sir Richard,
Few blogs are closed due to copyright infringement. I am willing to guess that this is rare. Most blogs are closed due to spam. You may want to check out the following link:
Your blogs are probably as safe as anyone else's. The spam problem is often not direct spamming by the blog owner but some connection or link within the blog. Algorithms, used by Google Blogger, go through all blogs and are written to close blogs suspected of spam. These algorithm closings are not done by a human. But I don't want to digress too much, I just want to give you a fuller picture of what happens to Blogger blogs.
Unless the owner of copyrighted material or images complains directly to Google/Blogger, you're blogs are probably very safe.

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