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Friday, November 12, 2010

Follow up tip

Are you getting the following on your Google/Blogger blog?

I previously posted a tip on getting rid of this pop-up window, but two better options came to light and I want to present them to you.

P@T offers the following approach to deal with this pop-up:
Jeff, that info is not entirely correct, it is enough to leave out the icon out of the link (you can turn this of yourself in your pop-up window when you want to ad or change your links) if you leave the sensualwriter link but you remove the icons in your link section than it works also ! done this a few months ago allready .... hope this helps to keep the sensualwriter links up ! :))

And Brent offers another approach to deal with this pop-up:
Hi Guys, just a follow up thought on Jeff’s Great Blog Tip. If you do have a link on Your Blog to any Blogs Hosted by sensualwriter.com, and you would still like to show a link to them without that Annoying Pop-Up Window, you could also place a Text Box right under your Link List or Blog List and type in the Blogs Name and then Hyperlink link it to the Blog. Since Hyperlinks do not use the RSS Feed, like they do in a Link List or a Blog List, this should work for you to link to a sensualwriter.com Blog.

Thanks Guys!
Keep on bloggin' folks!!! Jeff


TFG said...

This just came up in my blog this morning. I don't have any links to sensualwriter at all, but I'm assuming thumblogger counts? I do have two of those. I took out the icons as suggested, and all seems to be fine so far. But I didn't know sensualwriter=thumblogger.

Anonymous said...

TFG, thumblogger is a free adult blog hosting site, just like sensualwriter. I believe they are separate hosting sites, but they are both similar an therefore, Google/Blogger is probably treating them in the same manner. Thanks for you input, I never made the connection to thumblogger! Jeff

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