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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fight Back! Report your Problems!

The Value of Reporting Your Blog Removal

So many people reported their blogs removed on March 19th that an actual Google Employee, Brett, made a post saying they were going to look for what underlying issue may have caused this.

It is virtually impossible to get a Google Employee to acknowledge a problem or even to "appear in public" by posting in the Help Forums.

EVERYONE, when you have a problem with Google, go to the Help Forums and post, post, post!  Let them know there is a problem!  Stop being so quiet, and for god's sake stop sitting there with your fingers crossed hoping that the problem will resolve itself.  GET INVOLVED!

You may enjoy reading the replies to "Brett from blogger"'s post:


Project Pretty Boy 2 said...

don't know if you know but some ponies is back but on tumblr URL-http://someponies.tumblr.com

H A W T Blog said...

Hey Jeff & Brent,
I was really fortunate in that when my account was closed, I did not lose my blog, only about a year's worth of posts... well the pics on the posts anyways... not the post "containers" or the comments. This didn't happen by design, it was completely accidental, but I think maybe it should be designed into a blogging strategy on Google.
Very simply, my blog was not deleted because it was set up under a different account than the one that was deleted.
Do you think this might be a blogging strategy worth exploring? The use of multiple accounts to spread out the risk?

Brent said...

Thanks so much Project Pretty Boy, I will get this Great News Added to Our Wednesday Morning Posting and Highlighting Your Blog as one of the supplies of the information. (Brent)

Brent said...

Hey H A W T Blog, Jeff and I are currently looking into what you have just stumble into to. For there are more and more guys reporting this same thing to Us. In fact, when Jeff signed me on as His Co-Author, He just used my personal G-Mail Account to do so, but after receiving more and more reports on this subject, well I set myself up as another author for this Blog using Our G-Mail Account and now I have two complete dashboards for this BLOG!!! One under my original Personal E-mail Address and the other under this Blog's E-mail Account!!! My thinking is, like you, this just might be the answer to still be able to access a CLOSED BLOG, but then again, it could be OPENING UP A WHOLE NEW CAN OF WORMS and that being EVERYONE LINKED to a Blog that is be CLOSED, Could also be shut DOWN!!! We just don't know YET on this one!!! But thank you so much for your thoughts!!! (Brent)

deejohn said...

Jeff, Thanks for the e-mail reminder.
But tell me is Google genuinely reviewing our deleted blogs or have they perhaps been trashed and thrown out altogether... and waiting for us bloggers to just give up waiting. I know that some are giving up.
I would shout and scream at nitecruzr but I just dont think he has access to speed up the process.


H A W T Blog said...

Nice to finally meet you Brent... and thank you for all the work you have done on our behalf... it is very appreciated :)

I'm a little new to getting down into the nitty-gritty of all this, but I am gathering that there are different levels closure? You can have individual services closed (i.e. your blog) but your account and other services still remain active? And the other extreme is to close your account, and all services associated with that account are wiped out... blogs, gmail, etc... Am I correct that are degrees of closure?

My personal situation is that my whole account was closed... yikes... i guess a first-degree murder conviction (lol... without trial or even charges!)

What I am thinking is that you set up a blog with one account as I did, open up another account and give that account full Admin rights on the blog, post with that account until your storage is used up, open up another account and give it full Admin rights, and so on. And if you don't use the original account for posting to your blog... I am suspecting that the Picasa storage is where the real problem lies... I never purposely set up a Picasa account, I think it is auto set-up when you post to a blog? But I was shocked to read on Picaso's TOS that "nudity" is not permitted... Google's TOS says porn and nudity is fine (within parameters) but your storage on Picasa says no nudity... and I also saw a lot of mention on the Picasa help forum about TOS warning emails being received from Picasa... I never received anything like that... I've never received any email from Picasa period.

If there are different levels of closure, and we can figure out what triggers each level, then maybe a strategy can be formulated... I dunno... just thinking (and rambling) out loud... sorry :)

H A W T Blog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brent said...

Thanks H A W T for your kind words and great comment and sorry about it not showing up, we are having some problems with some comments going into Our Comment "Spam" Folder, but I found it and have move it out of the "Spam" Folder. Anyway, you summed up the different levels of Closure very well, at least the way I see it, however Jeff might have some more thoughts on this, He knows far, far more about this stuff than I do. The only thing I do have a comment about is "nudity" in Picasa. When one opens a new blog and starts upload photos with nudity to it, all uploaded photos go into your Blogs Picasa "PRIVIATE" folder and this does not violate the Picasa TOS. It is when someone unlocks their Picasa "Private" fold and make it a Public Folder, this is when they are in violation of Picasa TOS if the folder contains nudity. Hoping that this clears that up for you. (Brent)

H A W T Blog said...

Thanks for clearing up that Picasa folder issue Brent. So what you're saying is that I did not need to spend those 2 1/2 hours going through all my locked storage folders and removing every nudie pic... damn :)

Jeff said...

Dee, I do not think blog review requests are being trashed. Nitecruzr is a volunteer, not an employee, but he is a high level volunteer. He and a few others help bloggers follow the steps designed by Google, but he does not actually do the review. The reviews are done by Google employees - and there aren't many of them hired to do this. I only know of one but the screen name of Gatsby. When Nitecruzr says it has escalated up - that means he has made sure it has been passed on to Google staff. At the moment, I know they are very backed up because of so many blogs being shut down and so many people wanting reviews. Serves them right for closing so many blogs, but it is the bloggers who suffer as a result. Google needs more paid staff.

So you are right: screaming at Nitecruzr is useless. He has no actual power (that I know of) but he does take his volunteer work seriously and tries to get people thru what he calls the 4 SIMPLE steps required by Google. Many bloggers do lose heart, and all too many bloggers just give up. I know I almost did.

So that's a long winded answer to your question. Jeff

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