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Monday, June 13, 2011

Google sucks!

I am really starting to hate Google. Last Wednesday my g-mail account was closed due to "suspicious activity" (otherwise known as spam). With my g-mail account closed, I could not access my Blogger blogs or my images on picasa. I am really starting to hate Google.



The New Flops Boy said...

Undressing Boys is gone.

For The Love Of Male Booty is gone.



Hairy4ever said...

Google censorship...
and us without the right to defense.


karl said...

God, I hear that...
my google email account was erased/deleted [ I dont know, no answer ] in February. I lost EVERYTHING, its appalling. Took me weeks to get a new email account.
I totally share your frustration.

Daddy Jeff said...

Thanks, all. I am still working with Google to get my account returned to me. The fight isn't over yet.

FOGGY said...

As a technically challenged old fart, I find Google sites relatively easy to use, compared to other sites - like Tumblr and Wordpress.

Hopefully, Daddy Jeff will be able to figure out a way to get HIS stuff back from Google. Unfortunately, I am totally at their mercy. All my photos and videos are linked to their Picasa3 app; and should they decide that my stuff is "suspicious" they can destroy it all with one swipe - as they did with Tman's blog "Tony's Red Flash".

This was the first blog I followed. His writing style was on par with what I would consider among the legends of published authors. It was always a compelling read for me; and THIS from someone who's NOT a "book reader". I found nothing in his writing that would constitute any violation of Google's "terms of service and content policies".

But that's MY opinion - a native born American citizen, reared in the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. "Ideals" - - NOT "Reality".

Google talks from both sides of its mouth.

Daddy Jeff said...

Foggy, Google will not return my account to me. It all started with a notice of "suspicious activity on your account" and I never heard from them again, in spite of all the requests I made in the Help Forums.
I tried everything and everyone I know. Google ain't talking and I will never get my account back again.

I'll be writing tips and hints in a few weeks to help users of Google, Blogger, Picasa, etc. Be Warned: Unless you have a backup of EVERYTHING you have on Google, your ability to get to it is not secure. Google can, and does, take it away without warning and without explanation.

Thanks for your concern.


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