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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Now With Over 2,000 Reported Closed Gay Blogs

Yes So Many B(logs) Just Blown Away!!!
And Yes, Google Is "Our" Mount Saint Helens On
The Net, For We Only Had 493 Blogs On The List
1 Year Ago Today, Now We Have 2,015 - That is
1,522 Blogs Just Blown Away Within The Last Year
And Sorry To Say, But There Is NO Way, NO How
That Many Gay Blogs Were "Spamming"!!!  There
Has To Be Something Else Going On That 
GOOGLE/BLOGGER Is Not Sharing With US!!!!
With All This Said.....
Our New Listing(s) for October 8, 2011
Asphalt (Removed)
Bate State (Removed)
Crazy Of Men (Removed)
Dirty Desktops (Removed)
Gay Adult Moviez (Removed)
Gay Workers (Removed)
GloryHole Zone (Removed)
Hotmen 4 Hotmen (Removed)
Notsopretty (Removed)
Pop Adict (Removed)
Rickie and Life (Removed)
Scatdude Daniel (Removed)
Still In Search of a boi (Removed again)
Strait-Acting (Removed)
* English Translation (Only To Crowns) Of A Portuguese Blog
Today's Listings were supplied to Us by and Jeff & I Thank You for making this special posting possible, Aidan, Alejandro, Alexander, Brandon, Christopher, Cole, Devin, Dylan, Garry, Jackson, Jordan, Juan, Landon, Mason, Noah, Omega, Ryan, Seth, Tyler  and (3) other Unknown (Blog Followers) that did not want their names highlight. And We Thank ALL OF YOU Guys for taking the time to sharing what You know with US So That All Of Us Know The Same, Your Just Simply THE BEST!!!
And now there are (2,015) Blogs on Our Master List and You can see the complete list by clicking on the following...
So Blog Owners!!!
Need Help With This? Then Click (Here)
Backup Your Blog each time to you Post to it before you see Your Blog's Name on Our Next Posting!!! It fast and easy to do and Your Blog Fans will be so glad you have, when You Open Up Your Replacement Blog!!!
And If You're A Blog Visitor....and
You're Looking For Your Favorite B(log)???
And Can Not Find It because it has been "Chopped Down, Closed, Removed Or Deleted" by Google!!! Well We are happy to report that (257) of them have been re-opened either here at Google Blogger's or on another Service known as "WordPress"or they now have their "Own Domain".
So Guys, either check out Our Master List and hopefully You will find one of YOUR Favorite Blog(s) that has been Re-opened.....:) and Your Favorite Blog Owner didn't give up because of what Google is doing to OH SO MANY BLOGS!! OR.... You can simply click on the following Button to see Our complete Re-opened Blog Role!!!
And whether You're a Blog Owner or You're A Blog Visitor or You're Both click (Here) to report YOUR information about a Google Blog to Us and see Your Blog And/Or Your Name Highlighted here on our next Posting!!!! Thanking You if you do.
Mount Saint Helens in, Washington State, USA
When It Blow It's Top Back On May 18, 1980
That made so many Washington Trees into LOGS!
So Will Your Favorite Blog Still Be Around Next
Week Or Will Google Have Just Blown It Away, 
For What THEY Say Is A Spamming Blog???
Your Blogger Buddies Always, Jeff & Brent


Duta said...

Nothing's free forever, understand? :)

Brent said...

That so true Duta, but a lot of these closed Blogs where paying for their own Domain Name to Google and/or paying for extra storage in their Picasa Accounts to Google for their photos and they were also closed by Google, not just the "free" ones!!! :( :( (Brent)

Anonymous said...

Jeff/Brent, That new Google picture viewer system seems to have vanished from my blog without me doing anything. Did I miss something while I was away?


Anonymous said...

i think the one of the things going on with Gay blogs being mysteriously closed and deleted is that there are anti-gays going around making false reports (such as spamming, copyright infringement, or porn) on these blogs to blogger and getting them removed. Even tho such claims are not true. As blogger never investigates these claims its just quicker to delete them. Anti-gays will do anything to get gay content removed even if they have to lie. I owned a couple gay blogs and thats exactly what happened.

Brent said...

Hey Dee, it appears your right, for I have just removed the code that Jeff supplied all of Us on my Wallpaper Blog and This Blog and the Picture Viewer "LightBox" is no where to be found. Thanks for the news flash and I will get this information Posted tomorrow for all to see. Your Blogger Buddy (Brent)

Brent said...

Hey Cory, thanks for taking the time to let us know what you believed closed your Blogs. Boy that sure seems like a lot of work for the Anti-gays to have to do!!! I mean it would seem that there would have to be OH so many more than just one report to have a Gay Blog Closed. Just my two cents. Your Blogger Buddy (Brent)

Daddy Jeff said...

Cory, I did an experiment soon after I opened this blog. I opened a blog and asked viewers to report it. It had over 1000 reports and was never shut down. A few things I learned:
1. Google allows Gay Content blogs
2. Google has a real live person review complaints against a blog - so false claims get ignored.
3. Google doesn't care if right wing Christian radicals go on a campaign to close a blog. The blog will not be closed unless it violates Terms of Service.


P.S. If you want to look it up, go back to the early days of this blog and you'll see the statistics we had of trying to close a blog down by complaints.

JPTOMO said...

韓国 日本 ゲイ コミュニティ!


Daddy Jeff said...


저희 블로그에 커뮤니티를 환영합니다.

Jeff and Brent

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