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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Gay Google Blog With One Million Hits & Counting....

YES Blogger Buddies, It's THIS Blog!!!
Now With Over 1 Million Hits And
We Are Still Counting......
Just Wanted to take this MOMENT in TIME, within THIS BLOGS Most Historical Moment, of this most WONDERFUL Milestone for ANY Google Gay Blog, And That Is To Say,
Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank You To All Of You for making this, OH SO Possible!!!

And while it was well over two years ago when Google Locked Jeff’s Blog and He was angry!  Jeff wondered if the rumors were true: Was Google closing Gay blogs.  Weeks later, while trying to find out more information, Jeff stumbled across a process to appeal a Locked (by Google) Blog.  Jeff appealed; his blog was re-opened.  So Jeff started this blog on Blogger, with a provocative title, which was sure to get some attention.  Jeff wanted to know if Google was closing gay blogs simply because they were gay.  He also wanted to make it known that if your blog is Locked or Removed, there is an appeals process, which Google doesn’t tell you about.  This turned into the blog you see today: "Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs".
Through this blog, Gay Blog Owners World Wide and Their Followers have stayed in touch with each other for over two years NOW!!!  And while His vision almost came to an end over a year ago when He was about ready to give UP!  And when I saw that, that is when I stepped up and on Sept 15, 2010, I became His Co-Author.  Now that Jeff and I were working together, Jeff got infused with new hope and got His juices going once again, so to speak, to help others, and while I brought a whole New Look To This Blog, which it really needed,  Jeff and I worked together and we brought this Blog from 13 Blog Followers, to it's current count of 440 Followers and from it's hopeful 1,000 hits a week, to it's current daily average of over 2,000 hits A DAY!!!  And while Jeff and I are doing our best to help in anyway that we can, Jeff and I both know that IT IS YOU GUYS that have made ALL this OH SO possible!!!
So We THANK YOU, the 1,508 Visitor's that have posted your comments over the History Of This Blog, and WE THANK ALL THOSE that have e-mailed Us and there have been has many, if not more than the Blog Visitor's Comments!!!  And We Also Want To Thank all of You that have been using Our "Report A Blog Status-Via Our Blog" MOST OF ALL!!!  For this has been the Biggest HELP of ALL TO US!!!
And Of Course to the Hundreds and Hundreds of Gay Blog Owner's that have been so, so kind to List Our Blog Link in their Blog Roles for Us and/or for Installing Our New "The Counter Of Shame", that is now always current to what is being reported here.
And Last, But Not Least, (why is it that all of a sudden I feel like I'm at the Academy Awards trying to remember everybody to thank)....(Big Smile).... We would also like to Thank Google for letting this Gay Blog stay open over the course of the last two years now with over 1 Million Hits, even after closing the Owner's Personal Gmail Account and never re-opening it, You Left This Blog Remain Open, for You surly could have shut US down by now, but without a doubt you surely knew full well it would have just been re-opened on a WordPress Blog Service and We would have just continue on word and up word from there!!!  Jeff and I and Our Blog Fans are Most Gratefully to You For allowing this Gay Blog To Remain Open!!  Thanks Google.
With all this said, just wanted you ALL to know, that as long as so many of you keep helping out and letting us know what is going on, and of course as long as Google keeps doing what they are doing, and We are sure they will, well, Jeff and I will keep on showing the World what is going on with Google and Gay Blogs.  And while Non-Gay Blogs are also being closed left and right, we will just continue to bring to you the Gay Blog information and keep try our best to keep Gay Blog Owners And Their Followers staying in touch with each other!! And if you do and Google does, well this Blog, or one just like it, will just keep going for another million HITS!!!! OH YEAH!!!
With BIG, BIG Hugs To All Of You,
Your Blogger Buddies,
Brent and Jeff
Just Saying Thanks

P.S. Brent brought this blog back to life.  Without Brent, this blog would not even be existing today.  And You all know that this blog was never out to make ANY money.  There never has been, nor will there ever be any ad space nor requests for donations.  This blog is Our gift to You, and Your involvement in keeping this blog current and accurate is Your gift to Us.  Thanks!  Jeff


Trickle Down BS said...

Congratulations! Now you see why you were deserving the award from Top to Bottom.



simonlover said...

A sincere congratulatory wish from the "BOTTOM" of my heart! Keep up the good "WORK" and hope you guys will forever be "TOPS" in crusading against Google's discriminatory approaches! Cheers!

Stan said...

Congratulations! to you Jeff and Brent. Keep up the good work that you do for all of us.

Skilled4Men said...

"WOW!!!" Most Sincere Congratulations to the "Dynamic Duo" -for pioneering the cause, and stepping-up when support was otherwise non-existent. Always the optimist, I believe Google is staring to realize this blog to be instrumental in supporting their own platform, and how devastating these numbers can be to their own product. Just take a look at the progression of LGBTQ issues in today's media... Does Google really want to become a casualty of the crusade for Equality and Fairness? My guess is you've got them thinking/re-thinking! What an excellent model this blog is -of what a Support Forum should be all about!!! [Applause]

karl said...

Congratulations to the both of you for your sterling work in trying to keep the blogs open - long may it continue! A lot of people here in England find your efforts very inspiring.
[[[[[[[[[[[[[ hugs ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

miguel said...

en hora buena para ti ya que tu espacio es vital para saber donde se crea la censura de muchos espacios donde los temas lgtb se exponen
gracias por tu labor de mantenernos al tantode espacios cerrados por el gigante de la busqueda

Brent said...

OH WOW, Thanks Raulito, Simonlover, Stan, Skilled4Men, Karl and Miguel for taking the time to post your most kind comments. It is greatly appreciated and so glad to know that We are such a help to all of You. Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

Daddy Jeff said...

Without you guys this wouldn't have happened. Thanks! Jeff

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