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Monday, December 5, 2011

DOJ Media Community Takes Control of HOT BOY COLLECTION

DOJ Media Community's Legal Department admits to taking control of Hot Boy Collection.

(DOJ Media Community is NOT associated with the United States Department of Justice.)

----- Original Message -----
From: DOJ Media Legal Department
Sent: 11/23/11 07:17 PM
To: Google Sucks
Subject: Re: Illegal Blog Closings Will Continue

Please check your facts. Fact is, most blogs we target contain material that is illegal. You seem to support blogs that in fact have such content. I do believe these blogs have the right to exist but they need to do so legally. You may have been a member in the past, but again, you should come by and see what we do.
If you'd like, we can update that thread with blogs that are now in our possession. You'll even find some in your own listings.
I imagine I am speaking with Jeff and I shall have a look at your main blog to ensure it is within U.S. 2257 compliance. We are not trying to be the bad guys here but ask yourself.. If your child or picture was being posted on the net without permission, would you still be so accepting to the mass amount of blogs on the many blogging platforms?
I'll make you a deal Jeff. We took control of www.hotboycollection.com. If you can at least be civil and a bit more detailed on why you choose to protect these blogs, i'll hand that domain over to you and even give you free hosting on our dedicated server provided you keep it legit.
As for our involvement with closing down these blogs, we have done so in many cases via several legal channels. After all, they are spamming right?

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This e-mail message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information or otherwise protected by law.  Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited.  If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message.

A public message to DOJ Media Community &/or  Twilight Crew:
I'll make a deal with you: STOP sending comments to this blog and to ANY of our emails and I will stop posting your emails.


Brent said...

Way to go Sir Jeff, I didn't even know of this Blog that He/She Or They had taken, but did You know that He/She Or They have changed their name once again TODAY!!! Now He/She Or They are calling themselves "Digitally Odd Journalism"!!! Have know Idea Why so many name changes within just the last few days! Why so many Blogs that they Author have also had name changes within the last few days, not to mention with a new Author? But what I do know for a fact and that is any time you are dealing with someone that isn't of a sound mind, or someone that is well, somewhat unstable, well for those of us that live in the "Real World" with sound minds and a clear understanding of what is "Real" and "What Isn't" and We ALL try our very best to do things the "Right Way", Well for those that live in a "Fantasy World" and they believe it's "Real", Well You just never know what they are going to try and do next!!! And while I'm not saying that He/She Or They are off their rocker's, what I am saying is that ALL THE CURRENT Actions in the past few days sure makes it appear to ME that He/Her or They just may be that way. What ever the case may be, sure has helped Our Blog Traffic Out, BIG TIME HERE, While I'm sure what ever Traffic that was there for this Web Site is trying to figure out what the Hell Is Going On!!! Hopefully, thanks to this Web Site's That Once Posting About Us, they will ALL KNOW where to turn to next to see what is REALLY GOING ON!! And so LOOKING FORWARD to seeing what He/She Or They try to pull off Next!!! I bet it is going to be a dozy whether it be from a sound minded person or from someone that is just in need of some Professional Medical HELP and SOON!!!

Your One and Only One Co-Author, that stands by all of what I have posted in this matter to be true to the best of my knowledge to Your Blog Sir Jeff and ALL Our Blog Fans. (Brent)

PS: Now to the current "Digitally Odd Journalism", as of today, formerly known as "Twilight Crew Community" known as of yesterday, formerly known as "DOJ Media Community" the day before, while you may not like what Jeff and I are doing here, and/or what We are saying about You here, THIS IS AMERICA!!! And this Blog is being hosted by a USA Corporation which allows for ALL it's CITIZENS the freedom of SPEECH under the USA Constitution, where Jeff & I both live, he on the east coast, I here on the west coast!!! And since Your based in Washington DC, if you don't feel one should not have the freedom of speech in this country, take this matter up with your local Congressman, rather than bothering everyone on Your Web Sites with your hollow threats of a legal action, which You have already taken down!!! Thanks..

You Wanted to plays mind games, see Your Local Doctor, AND SOON, but Please leave Us Alone!!! Your Undies/Your Panties/Your What ever have been totally exposed here, that is if you EVEN WEAR ANY AT ALL, just leave Us ALONE, AND I DO MEAN NOW!!!! Your Claim Of Being A Do Righter As Just Turned Into A Claim Of Being A Do WRONGER!!!

Marco said...


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