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Thursday, January 12, 2012

DOJmedia invites everyone to join her site!

DOJ (NOT the Department of Justice) media community has sent me a tweet and invited all visitors to read her thread about Jeff, register for free, and make a comment!  Please, please, please take a moment this weekend to register and comment.  

DOJ Media Community
For those who want to read this mans rant about "boys" and piss, just go here:dojmedia.com/showthread.php?t=182  to read it. Register free and comment!
For those on twitter, consider adding @dojmedia, but I must tell you it is a waste of time.  They are nothing but three or fours game playing girls.  Don't let all the phony members fool you either.  You'll notice they all registered in alpha order on the same day and within a few minutes of each other.  

Please register.  It would make us very happy.


Digital Off-Topic Journalism said...

You must really like me Jeff. I am a guy and bi and you do keep me amused. Have you ever heard of a MYSQL database? Those contain tables and within those tables are member tables that contain all past members. When you import them, they end up coming just as you said. Fake? No, just old members that we put back using an SQL table import. It amazes me that you don't know this but you run your own dedicated server like we do. lmao... Wordpress has MYSQL and tables too. Try it yourself and for ONCE, could you please actually make some sense and know wtf you're talking about? Epic failure once again. Oh, since you keep coming to our site, i'll keep coming here and commenting. We know how much you hate me being here! I am starting to feel the love from you since you keep stalking me on a daily basis. Server logs don't lie. =) Your followers here are more than welcome to register and post or use the live chat. I am not a bigot like you claim me to be. We can all have some fun posting and maybe they'll see you for what you really are.. So yes guys, you are all welcome and you aren't limited to just that one thread. If only Jeff would get it right about me, the rest would see that i'm actually nice until you piss me off like Jeff did.

Daddy Jeff said...

Don't you host Connecticut Water? You would be amazed what we know about you, dear!

Instead of bullying the less smart who have taken you up on your offer for "free" hosting in exchange for never revealing all the lies you have told over the years, you might want to consider the affect the truth might have on your paying customers! lol

Digital Off-Topic Journalism said...

Paid customers? I have none and I know a lot about you as well. I host sites for free on several dedicated servers while I foot the bill for them and even code them when they need help. I have every right to do so and help them with getting SSL installed and even helping them through the process of registering a domain so they don't have to pay a small fortune. I don't get paid for that nor do I accept donations for doing it. I do it for free for them just like i'd do the same for you. I thought I was being nice by doing that to help people but somehow you see it differently?

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