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Monday, January 2, 2012

Tricks & Tips

Tricks & Tips

If you get in Google's cross-hairs, usually one of two things will happen:
only your blog will be suspended, 
your entire account (G-mail, Blogger, Picasa, etc) will be suspended.

If your blog is currently open take a few minutes to complete the following steps BEFORE your account is suspended:
  1. Open 2 NEW Gmail accounts and 1 NEW Yahoo mail account.
  2. Go to your ORIGINAL blog's Settings==>Permissions==>Add Authors
  3. INVITE the three new accounts you created in step #1.
  4. From each new account, ACCEPT the invitation to author.  You will be required to log into your blogger account so open a new dummy blog for each new account.
  5. Go back to your original blog's==>Settings==>Permissions==>Author and click GRANT ADMIN PRIVILEGES

Now you can still access your original blog from any of the new accounts, even if Google Blogger suspends your original account.

Your blogging buddies,
Jeff & Brent

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