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Thursday, January 5, 2012

DOJ Media...in a NUT shell


Last week, by popular demand, I promised to post the history of DOJmedia.com and this blog, but I really hate wasting my time so here is a recap in a NUT shell.

DOJmedia.com first went by the site name of DOJ Media Community.
It's owner was a self-described 31 year old Wonder Woman type using the screen name of BioHazard.  On January 11, 2011,  she left her first comment on this blog.  Brent thought she would be trouble and I didn't.  Brent was right!  I joined her "community" to check things out.  The site's primary concern appeared to be on-line gaming, particularly one game called "Mafia Wars".
Apparently several DOJ Media members were a team and they got attacked by another team headed by a person known as Sexy Sadie.  
BioHazard and her band of happy supporters got into a cat fight with Sexy Sadie.  Sexy Sadie won and BioHazard closed down the thread.  I just luv me a cat fight between two females, don't you?

Time passes and a few more comments were left on our blog from DOJmedia.com thanking us for the list of gay blogs, and stating how much easier it now was for her to find these blogs.  Apparently she wants to shut down 200 gay blogs a week by "working closely with Google and NibbleBit".  Is she going to save the world and close down as many gay pornographic blogs as possible?

To make a long story really short, DOJmedia.com mysteriously shut down, again, and re-opened as Digitally Off-Topic Journalism.  In the first post she vowed to destroy us.
Brent and I were terrified.  We had no idea what this Super Woman had in mind but I can assure you that much sleep was lost.  In spite of our terror, we decided to publish her post on our site.  Soon after, her site mysteriously went down again!  Go figure!  Her site going down is becoming a habit.

When her site re-opened for a day she had posted the oh-so-fabulous video which has made us oh-so popular and oh-so famous.  We posted her video and mysteriously her site went down again.  It is such a mystery why her site keeps going down, isn't it?  Anyway, BioHazard started as a 31 year old female but when she re-opened again, she is male!  I sense some confusion.
To her credit, she does give great video, and we can only hope that she continues to make more episodes of her Brent and Jeff Show.  We all oh-so love this show and pray she opens an oh-so new blog devoted to nothing but the oh-so-fabulous and oh-so popular adventures of Brent and Jeff.  Wouldn't y'all just oh-so-love that?

So, in a nut-shell, (and I do emphasize NUT) we have the story of a computer tech who uses a blog of closed blogs (US!) in order to find blogs to close.  Since she has partnered oh-so-closely with the oh-so-legal departments of Google and NibbleBit, she is not oh-so-able to oh-so-discuss her mission in any detail because the information is an oh-so-closely guarded oh-so-TOP oh-so-SECRET!

So there.  I am oh-so-over talking about her.....at least for the oh-so-fabulous moment!

PS: For those of You that may have missed Her original video Posting on Her Web Site or Our Posting Here, here an Encore Presentation for you........ :):)
Digital Off-Topic Journalism


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Watch at your own risk and liability. 18 or older only!
Thanks Tim for your comment.  For all the latest from BioHazard, Please feel free to visit He/She's Web Site and become A Member and join in with all the crazy fun that goes on @ Digital Off-Topic Journalism.  That is, if it still up and running??? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey daddy jeff, the nut case has her web site back up and running again and she has done another one of her crazy posting about you!!! Hoping heshe gets "Hot Boy Collection" also backup and running once again, I miss that blog. your bad boy Tim

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