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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Rough Week For Our Blogs

Has Google Blogger Algorithms
Pulled Over Your Your Favorite Blog
For Spamming, Sent Them Straight To Jail
And Closed Your Favorite Blog???
Our New Listing(s) for January 7, 2012
A Bear's Tail in the Motor City (Removed)
Air Boys (Removed)
Blog protótico (Removed)#2
boy-stempting (Removed)
Bras Zilian Gay (Removed)
EPHRANOR (Removed)
Gay News Blog (Removed again)
gaylady (Removed)
Hot Boys TV (Removed)
king of Muscle (Removed)
Lovesex (Removed)
Magus Young 3.0 (Removed)
Sawdust Caesars (Removed)
Smokin Hot Men (Removed)
#1 English Translation (Superficial and vulgar) Of A Spanish Blog
#2 English Translation (blogs prototype) Of An Italian Blog
#3 English Translation (Making the Americas) Of A Spanish Blog
#4 English Translation (The Chronicles of Erebus) Of A Spanish Blog
Today's Listings were supplied to Us by, Alexander, Antonio, Caleb, Daniel, Devin, Dylan, Eric, Garrett, Jacob, Jared, Jordan, Kenneth, Marcus, Nathaniel, Peter, Richard, Rob, Scott, Steven, Trevor, Victor and (2) other Unknown (Blog Followers) that did not want their names highlight. And We Thank ALL OF YOU Guys for taking the time to sharing what You know with US so That All of Us Know The Same!!!
And now there are (2,422) Blogs on Our Master List and You can see the complete list by clicking on the following...
So Blog Owners!!!
Need Help With This? Then Click (Here)
Backup Your Blog each time to you Post to it before you see Your Blog's Name on Our Next Posting!!! It fast and easy to do and Your Blog Fans will be so glad you have, when You Open Up Your Replacement Blog!!!
And If You're A Blog Visitor....and
You're Looking For Your Favorite Blog???
And Can Not Find It because it has been "Closed, Removed Or Deleted" by Google!!! Well We are happy to report that (279) of them have been re-opened either here at Google Blogger's or on another Service known as "WordPress"or they now have their "Own Domain".
So Guys, either check out Our Master List and hopefully You will find one of YOUR Favorite Blog(s) that has been Re-opened.....:) and Your Favorite Blog Owner didn't give up because of what Google is doing to OH SO MANY BLOGS!! OR.... You can simply click on the following Button to see Our complete Re-opened Blog Role!!!
And whether You're a Blog Owner or You're A Blog Visitor or You're Both click (Here) to report YOUR information about a Google Blog to Us and see Your Blog And/Or Your Name Highlighted here on our next Posting!!!! Thanking You if you do.
Your Blogger Buddies Always, Jeff & Brent


Digital Off-Topic Journalism said...

You guys can keep blaming us and Google for shutting down your blogs but the fact is, there are many reasons these blogs get booted. Copyright infringement is one of many reasons. Instead, Jeff decides to create other blogs full of our sites content which violates our TOS under penalty of perjury and decided to act like a child. Now, I am doing DMCA complaints even on this blog as you refuse to stop. There was no need for this. You could have taken a much different approach and chose not to do so. Just so you know, I am bi and male so let's not get it confused with this Miss BioHazard garbage you keep posting. Why don't you let your followers know what else you've been up to? Oh, you might not look like a hero at that point.

Daddy Jeff said...

You started this and I am willing to let you have the last word. STOP commenting here, STOP sending emails, STOP commenting about us on your site, and STOP your members from posting hate speech about me, Brent, and our site visitors, and this will be the last you ever hear from me! Deal?

Digital Off-Topic Journalism said...

I am not looking for the last word. What I am looking for is this issue between us to be over. You went ahead and created additional blogs full of our content and even added some ad from some site I have never heard of, while giving me a spell check when I never even wrote it! As for the deal.. I will not make a deal unless you remove the posts from here and your other blogs that you setup that not only bashes us but also has our sites content. In return, I will remove everything about you on our sites. If we can't agree to that, then I guess this will continue and neither one of us will win. I am even willing to give you my Washington DC number to come to a compromise to end this as long as it doesn't get posted on one of your many blogs. We used to get along in the past Jeff and I see no reason why we can't end this war between us. I think your blogging friends would be much happier as well. If you'd like to continue this, i'll just start filing DMCA complaints and have this blog and the rest shutdown. You mentioned on your other blog about my lawyer status. Just so you know, I have 8 lawyers that work for my family. Four of which are in this business. Send me an email at my webmaster account and either leave me your number or let me know when you can call and i'll give you mine. I say we end this now and move on like responsible adults. BTW, I have tested the alithogram and found several flaws that you can take up with Google if you really want to help legit blogs. Hate me if you wish but we are adults and can handle this matter as such.

poster said...

hi ... do you like to change links ?


send backlink please... of course i add your site to my blogroll

best regards

berlin boy :)


Daddy Jeff said...

@DOJmedia.com...We gave you a chance to better your current situation and, once again, you made the wrong choice.

Kent said...

tacobill.blogspot.com has been removed

Digital Off-Topic Journalism said...

I have no time for childish games. You get NO deal as you felt the need to post more garbage on your other blog. You stole our sites material and I have been fair even with that. I can DMCA these blogs and have them shutdown on a TOS violation. Have I done that?

You will not receive another comment from me and in a few hours, our site will be back open. I gave you a fair and reasonable way to come to a mutual agreement. You decided to void it. Now we are done talking.

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