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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Google Blog could equal tears!

Google doesn't just shut down Gay content blogs.  All sorts of blogs get closed down on a regular basis.  Here is a report by Christiane Browne which appeared on May 13, 2012 in Breitbart.
"The New York Conservative was a blog hosted by Google Blogger. I started the blog in February of this year and had posted 17 columns prior to the KSM entry, commenting on political matters and issues affecting the Catholic Church. I would post my entries on Facebook and occasionally would email a link to friends or other interested parties. I received no complaints about the blog whatsoever.
On Monday, the pro-U.S. security group Secure American Now posted a link to my KSM piece on its website. The link received numerous hits and generated multiple comments on the Secure America Now page.
However, a few hours after Secure America Now linked to the New York Conservative, I received a form email, no reply possible, from Google Blogger informing me that the New York Conservative had been deleted. The email classified my blog as “spam” in violation of Google’s terms of service. There was no further explanation. My URL was dead; all of the content, everything I ever posted, was gone.
I made two telephone calls to Google to protest and demand a reason for the deletion of my blog. The Google representatives told me that Google does not provide “live support” for Google Blogger, meaning you cannot speak with anyone at all about the deletion. The representatives directed me to the Google Blogger website, where the company extols its commitment to free speech and its great reluctance to censor its bloggers.
Obviously, I do not know why Google deleted my blog, but it's awfully odd that The New York Conservative was summarily executed after a post in which I called for the summary execution of KSM.
Given the company’s self-proclaimed devotion to free speech, I think Google ought to explain why it deleted the blog."

(The entire article may be read by clicking here)

With Google Blogger you are always guilty first.  Often you will not know what you are guilty of.  Google will never tell you what you have done.  Google will never give you a chance to change your blog, because they won't tell you what needs to be changed.
If you consider your blog precious, if you have put effort and time into your blog, if you don't want to lose everything you trusted Google, Blogger, Blogspot with, BACK UP YOUR BLOG!!!
Open your blog==>Design==>Settings==>Other==>Blog Tools Export Blog

If You Receive An Error Message....Unable To Download....Try A Different Browser Such As FireFox Or Chrome..... :(
If you receive an error message, your browser will not work for this step.  It is simple and free to download Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser, even if just for backing up your blog.

click here for Firefox
click here for Google Chrome

It takes less than 30 seconds once you get used to it.  Do it every day!  Don't give Google the power to make you an empty hulk by discovering your blog has just been deleted.  You owe it to yourself to be pro-active, and you will never regret it! 
Keep on Bloggin'

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