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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meet Our Newest Supporters....

And It Is with the Greatest of Gratitude that We are Proudly Announcing that the Following Blog/Web Site Owner's have either added Our Blog Link and/or Have Installed Our Colorful "Counter Of Shame" and Have Been Added to Our Blogs Roles and they are as follows....
(In Our Re-Opened Section)
(None Found, Nor Reported)
(In Our Supporter Section)
Bisexual Paradise (A New Supporter In Section #1)
Bone2Bone (A New Supporter In Section #2)
Daddies & Bears LOVER! (Moved From Section #2 to Section #1)
Gardenshed5dotcom (A New Supporter In Section #1) 
OlePlusMen (A New Supporter In Section #2)
And with these Newest Supporters Added To Our Blog Roles, Well We are happy to report that We now have (143) Blogs/Web Sites that are Supporting Us in Our Supporter Section that You can see by clicking on the following...
And (100) Blogs/Web Sites that are Supporting Us in Our Re-Opened Section #1 that You can see by clicking on the following.. 

So Keep On Bloggin' Blogger Buddies!!!
Your Blogger Buddies Here @
Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs
And Thanks For All Your Love And Support!!!
This List Just Keeps Growing!!!
PS: A Note Here To All Blog Owner's And Blog Visitor's!!!
One of Our Supporter's by the name of O!Daddie, the Blogger Owner of "free 2b..smokey & me !!" did an out standing Posting Yesterday that I highly recommend that All of You check it out entitled "Google Chrome malware warning blocks tech sites" and You can see it by clicking (Here).  Hugs To You O!Daddie for compiling such a great list of most valuable information for all of US!!! 

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