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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Is Mozilla Firefox Thumbing Their Nose At Google?

Yes Blogger Buddies, I have been a big, big fan of the Mozilla Firefox Browser for years now and for the longest of time their Homepage was Google Dot Com, that was till Google got their brilliant idea of anyone visiting their Web Site that wasn't using the Chrome Browser received that annoying message in the upper right hand corner that there was a better way to browse the Internet, and no way to remove it other than clicking on the "X" Button each and every time as shown here....

Well Mozilla created a New Homepage of their own, as shown here....

But what surprised me was that they kept the Google Search Box in the center of their Page???  Well guess what Blogger Buddies, You can now change it from Google Search to Bing Search, as shown here...

(<<< BING >>>)
(Typed in by me for displaying it here)

This is an Add-on extension to Firefox and if You would like to stop supporting Google and start supporting Bing, which I feel is a much better search engine away, well You can do so by clicking (Here).  And if you don't like the switch, well you can always remove the Add-on and it reverts right back to Google, but I doubt it if You will!!!  Besides that, You can set the default search engine now on Firefox to Goggle so it is on standby in Firefox's toolbar, like I have done.

Now for my original question, starting this Posting,  "Is Mozilla Thumbing Their Nose At Google?".  Well four weeks ago when Mozilla wanted to post the Top (3) Videos of a Contest they are current having, I found it somewhat surprising that they did NOT post them on any of their own Web Sites that they have at Dot Org for their Browser Business, nor on their long time running Blog on Dot Org to share information with all of Us, nor on YouTube, owned by Google, but instead they choose to open up a New Blog, as shown here....

That Right Guys, IT IS ON TUMBLR!!!  If you would like to visit their newest Blog and see these (3) videos, then click (Here).

So are they thumbing their nose at Google or just trying to tell the world there is a better way of Blogging that is if what Your Wanting to share with the Net isn't going to be removed?  I'll let You be the judge of this one.

And if I may, just one more thing and that is You may have noticed that I have removed the Google Translator from the top of Our Sidebar and replaced it with Microsoft's Bing Translator.  The reason being is because the Google Translator is no longer working in all Browser, whereas the Bing Translator does.  This Gadget comes in 10 different colors and different widths and all that is needed to get the code for it, is Your Blog Address.  So if you sould like to have this on Your Blog also, well just click (Here).  And with all this said, here is....
Our New Listing(s) for May 11, 2013
¿Quién apagó la luz? (Removed)#1
666SATANgay NSFW (Removed again)
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Adda4Gay_Stories (Removed)
Ataque Express (Removed)#2
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Daddys Maduro Spain (Removed)#4
Eros Directorio (Removed)#6
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Stan Edwards (Removed)
YUMOLOGY (Removed)

#1 English Translation (Who turned out the lights?) Of A Spanish Blog
#2 English Translation (Attack Express) Of A Spanish Blog
#3 English Translation (Bjorn Brutzelbude) Of A German Blog
#4 English Translation (Daddys Mature Spain) Of A Spanish Blog
#5 English Translation (TWO MALES DIADEM) Of A Portuguese Blog
#6 English Translation (Eros Directory) Of A Spanish Blog
Today's Listings were supplied to Us by, BigOne4U, Eduardo, Ethan, Garrett , Jacob, Javier, Jordan, Kyle, Luis, Matias, Nicholas, Ryan, Tyler, Zachary and (3) other Unknown (Blog Followers) that did not want their names highlight. And We Thank ALL OF YOU Guys for taking the time to sharing what You know with US so That All of Us Know The Same!!!
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BigOne4U said...

WOW Brent, this could really have some impact on Google if everyone using Firefox added this extension, so I did. Thnks for the idea.

Brent said...

Right On BigOne4U, 43.7% of those that visit this Blog are using Firefox, that is why I decided to do this Posting. It is about time that all of Us start showing Google for every action they do, there is a reaction!!! And just maybe if Google starts to see a reduction in daily Google Searches, they might start to wonder why? At least it is a start. Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

Justin said...

Google wants to rule the world, just like Apple. They are weird and cultish. I refuse to use their products.

Brent said...

I Hear You LOUD and CLEAR Justin, the best way to tell Any Corporation that You Don't Like the way they do business is by not supporting them!!! I remember back in the 70's when Coors Beer Brewing Company that was anti Gay at the time and I was living in San Francisco, there was not ONE Gay Bar in the city selling Coors Beer!!! Did it worked? Boy did it work, for now Coors Brewing Company is equal opportunity Employer to ALL their Employees. It just takes US to stand up against THEM!!! As You Are Justin and thanks so much for Your comment and sharing Our Blog Link on "EdgeOfReality" for Us. Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

TK420 said...

I used to use Firefox but it got too big and too complicated and bogged down my PC (and everyone else's I knew) so I had to uninstall and go with something else. Once Firefox goes back to what worked in the first place (which they won't do...successful companies never do because they know what we all want more than we do) I'll go back to them. Until then, Chrome is the smoothest, fastest browser I've used.

Brent said...

Thnks TK420 for your comment and I agree with you, Chrome is smooth and fast but every since Google got sued over privacy issues I worry about what Google might be gathering on me about my surfing the net when using it. Beside that, I find that if I don't add a lot of toolbars and add-ons to Firefox, it runs just fine for me. Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

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