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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet Our Newest Supporters

And It Is with the Greatest of Gratitude that We are Proudly Announcing that the Following Blog/Web Site Owner's have either added Our Blog Link and/or Have Installed Our Colorful "Counter Of Shame"....

and Have Been Added to Our Blogs Roles and they are as follows....
(In Our Re-Opened Section)
(Section #1)
Strap Lovers (With Our Counter Of Shame)
(In Our Supporter Section)
(Section #1)
Celeb Men (With Our Counter Of Shame)
(Section #2)
(None Found, Nor Reported)

Hoping You Visit these Blogs/Web Sites and if You do, leave them a comment and tell them Jeff & Brent Sent You from Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs! Thanking You if you do. And Big Blogger Hugs to Our Newest Supporters for supporting Our Blog and trying to make Blogger a BETTER place for gay content blogs!

And with these Newest Supporters Added To Our Blog Roles, Well We are happy to report that We now have (167) Blogs/Web Sites that are Supporting Us in Our Supporter Section that You can see by clicking on the following...

And (102) Blogs/Web Sites that are Supporting Us in Our Re-Opened Section #1 that You can see by clicking on the following..

So Keep On Bloggin' Blogger Buddies!!!

Your Blogger Buddies Here @
Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs

And Thanks For All Your Love And Support!!!

And If You Would Like To See Your Blog/Web Site Listed Here Next Wednesday, Well just visit Our Supporter Section to see what to do, then just do it and let Us know You Have!! The List Just Keeps Growing!!!

PS: If You Have Our Blog Link Within Your Blog Role For Us And/Or Have Our Colorful Counter of Shame installed on Your Blog/Web Site and DO NOT see Your Blog/Web Site Listed Here On Our Re-Opened 1st Section nor Our Complete Supporter Section, please e-mail Us and let Us Know!!!  Our E-mail Address is: bloggerclosegayblogs@gmail.com

Thanking You If You Do and We Will Get You Added And Highlighted Here Next Wednesday.
News Bulletin!!! .... Be advised that currently ALL BLOGS Hosted By Thumblogger Dot Com are now down, along with ALL BLOGS still down By Sensualwriter.....This is the 3rd Blogging Host that we have lost within the last month or so....Sad, Sad News Indeed..... :(:(:(


iama{GAY}tkeeper known as thegaytekeeper said...

has any blog that support you get shut down?

Brent said...

Sorry to say iama{Gay}tkeeper, Yes they have been and even those that were Supporting Us and Re-Opened by Google and continued Supporting Us after they were Re-Opened, they were closed once again!!! And while I think I know where you are coming from with why You are asking this Question and that is, "If a Blog that is supporting this Blog, will they be Closed By Google?" I'm so glad to say NO!!! For if that were the case, then All The Google Blogs within Our Blog Roles would have been closed down by Google by now, Not to mention, this Blog It's Self!!! But just between You and Me, I think Google Love's this Blog, for it is helping with what they want in the first place and that is, All Gay Blogs to go somewhere else!!! Beside that, they know full well, If they Closed this Blog it would just be opened up somewhere else with even a more of an impact than it is here on Blogger!!! You Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

iama{GAY}tkeeper known as thegaytekeeper said...

thanks for answering my question :)

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