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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet Four Of Our Many Supporters....

Hey Blog Fans, I received a couple of e-mails from two of Our Blog Fans stating that the new Click-able Slide Show on My Wednesday's Posting were not being display correctly for them when they visited Our Blog.  And after several e-mails back and forth I'm happy to say that the problem has been solved for both of them. And to make a long story short, both of them were visiting this Blog via Microsoft's Internet Explorer, one using IE8 and the other IE9 and the problem was with their "Compatibility View Settings"!  And since according to Our Blog's reports, it appears that 34% of You visit this Blog via Internet Explorer, so if you are not seeing each photo slide by one at a time in the New Slide Shows and your using IE8, then click (Here), if your using IE9, then click (Here) and if your using IE10, then click (Here) and following the step by step instruction to turn on "Compatibility View" on Your Browser, either for just this Blog or for all Web Sites that you may visit.  And as always hoping this information is of help, well at least to 34% of You...((( Big Smile ))) that is and with this said, I would like you to meet another (Four) of Our Many Supporters.....
^^^^^^^^^^ Just Click On Any Of The Above To Visit ^^^^^^^^^^
(Note: Please Be Advised That All X-Rated Images Have)
(Been Altered For Posting Here And Are Not Displayed)
(This Way When Visiting Any Of The Above Blogs)
And You will find ALL of them....
(In Our Supporter Section) 
(Section #1)
Best Gay Bloggers (With A Special Link)
CUM 4 FUN (With Our Counter)
SinaL Official Website (With Special Link(s))
Smuttystuff (With Our Counter)*

*A Note Here: For those of You that enjoy "Model Railroads", this is a must see Blog for sure!!!
All four of these sites have one thing in common with each other, other than supporting this Blog and that is NONE of these sites are Hosting By Google!!!  So if You do become a fan of any of these sites, You don't have to worry about them being removed, unless the Owner's themselves decide to remove them!!!  So hoping You Visit these Blogs/Web Sites and if You do, leave them a comment and tell them Jeff & Brent Sent You from Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs! Thanking You if You do.
And A Big Thank You to these (Four) Supporters that are supporting Our Blog and Our Mission of trying to make Blogger a BETTER place for gay content blogs!
Keep on bloggin' Blogger Buddies
Jeff & Brent
By Brent

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