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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Good News Guys!!!

Well fellow Google Blog Owners and Blogger Fans for once in a long, long time I have some Good NEWS to report to all of you and that is AT&T finally got my DSL Internet Service Restored and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about that.  Boy you don't know how much you miss something till you no longer have access to it and having to work on the net via DIAL up was a big pain in the you know what!!!  Anyway, it took longer than first thought so I didn't get back on line till Thursday and I have been busy getting all caught up on my Wallpaper Blogs so I haven't had the time to put together a New Posting for this Blog just yet!!!  Sorry about that Guys but I'm sure you can understand, besides you already know what it is and that is just more closed Blogs and no Re-Opened Blogs have been reported.  But maybe by next Saturday there will be when I will be doing my next regular posting here once again.
But while I have your attention, I do have a great computer tip for all of you and that is if you do NOT have the OPERA Browser installed on your computer, Boy I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you do so!!!  The reason why I'm advising you to do this is because this is the only known BROWSER that allows you to TURN OFF pictures from being displayed on a Web Page when loading them and if you should ever loose YOUR High Speed Internet connection and the only way you can get on line is via a DIAL up connection then the OPERA Browser sure does speed things up big time!!!  Things are still slow, but at least Web Pages open up much faster with the picture future turned off!!!  I'm just so glad I already had it installed!!!  To load the Opera Browser while You have a high speed connection, just click (HERE)!
And if you like the Google Chrome Browser, then you're going to love Opera for it is based on the same code, but even faster than Chrome and with more features!!! 
Hoping this tip is of help to someone!!! 
Your Blogger Buddy Who is just trying to help in anyway I can!
()()( Brent )()() 
PS: And thanks a million Keith for posting your most kind comment on my Bad News Posting last week.  It is guys like you that take the time to let me know someone is visiting this Blog and it really helps me big time to keep this Blog Open (((( Big Blogger Smile ))))

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