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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Naked Boy Chronicles
to close by owners


The end of the experiment

We have decided to end this blog after so many years because time has run it's course and at present there is a perverted old dude who has been hounding us. He has turned "naked boy" into something it is not -- a child porn blog. He took the name "naked boy" and made it dirty.

Many of you who have been reading us since the beginning know that it is not about naked boys and the "naked boy" refers to being "naked to the world" and exposing ones thoughts and feelings.The name is "Naked Boy" and not "Naked Man" because we didn't want to confuse it with the
Burning Man Projectwhen we first started.

Now for the big secret: I say "we" because there were sometimes up to 12 of us blogging here and the blog was not all one person. Women were even part of the blogging staff. It was all meant to look as one person.

Mike liked to call it "the experiment," his thoughts being that reality shows on tv, are not really reality since they are manipulated, just like Naked Boy Chronicles would be. People would assume it was one person's life, but it was many people playing one person. It's a shame it had to end, but it was time and like we said, one guy is trying to turn it into something it is not. Anyone can simply read the entries here and see they are about life. But many lives combined to be one. 12 people combined as one. Many of the entries about love and boyfriends were actually a couple of the girls writing as "naked boy."

It is weird that this old man is claiming it to be a child porno blog because he found one story about a young boy having a crush on an older person. It was actually a woman the boy had the crush on and the story was just explaining how young children have crushes on older people, not the other way around, but this sick old man changed it to be something it wasn't.

Why is this old gnarly guy looking for children and "naked boys" online anyway? As a parent myself I am am very concerned about that. Look what happened to
Pete Townsend when he used the excuse, "doing research." Again, we bid you farewell. It is the end of the experiment. The time has come to end it.

We are all meeting in Key West this weekend to have one last party in the name of Naked Boy, the blog that brought us all together. Surfing to forget all weekend.

- Katie, Vincent and Mike, the three remaining keepers of the fire, the three remaining naked boys.


Unknown said...

Sissy Dude has been locked: http://sissydude.blogspot.com/

Gayen Chaleur has been removed: http://gayenchaleur.blogspot.com/

Just Sum Boyz has been removed: http://justsumboyz.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

Narach Shaing Blog has been removed: http://narachshare.blogspot.com/

MC Jock has been removed: http://www.mcjock.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

@ Boot boy...do you have email addresses for the owners of these blogs? If so, please e-mail me so I can contact them.

kenny1948 said...

Out of curiosity who is this "old dude". His name wouldnt be Bill Wardell by any chance? Just wondering as this guy seems to be the head of the "Online Security Authority". It appears that they are the ones behind Google blocking many gay sites.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenny: I don't know who the "old dude" happens to be. I guess it could be Wardell & OSA. Does Wardell actually have any influence with Google? Google/Blogger is well aware of the adult sites and generally have no problem with them, as long as they stay within the Terms of Service. If you have any info, I would appreciate hearing from you again. Jeff

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