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Thursday, December 29, 2011

DOJ Media Video - Up And Running Here!!!

OK Guys, Sorry For All The Confessions Day About DOJ Media, And while Jeff and I are trying our best to keep you up-to-dated with all that is going on, It is so hard to do when dealing with someone that enjoys playing mind games and We Just Never know what is going to be NEXT!!!  With that said, Here is BioHazard's Video that She Posted on DOJ Media this morning and right after Jeff's Posting here to it this morning, She closed Down Her Web Site Once Again and Forward it to Yahoo Home Page???  Please Keep in mind while you watch this Video, this was created and posted to Her Web Site for Her Fans To See, the same Web Site that is trying there very Best to shut down Web Sites that are Posting the SAME KIND OF TRASH...Go Figure!!!
Digital Off-Topic Journalism


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Watch at your own risk and liability. 18 or older only!
Well Guys, Hoping you have had as a big laugh about this Video Has Jeff and I have had and You All know that all saying, "The Best Kind of Flattery is any kind at ALL!!!  Thanks So Much BioHazard, Job Well Done, Even through Your facts are so wrong!!!  For my Partner and I have a great life together and I sure don't do what your stating in your Video to My Wallpapers, but who knows what others are doing to the 12 Million that have been downloaded!!!

PS: If this Video should go down, I do have a Backup-posting for All of You from My Hard Drive to replace it with!  So not to worry Guys nor You BioHazard....This Posting Will Stand Here unlike it did on Your Web Site!!!...(Brent)
News Bulletin!!! (12/30)  Just In From "Strictly Bareback Blog"…..And OH So Well Said......
Honestly this video is fantastic on so many levels. It proves you guys are having an effect on public opinion or else why would you become the target of some underhanded smear campaign? It also proves that your blog is viewed as a thorn in the side of this lunatic and his silent partners (blogger).  It also proves the two of you have 'arrived' and you are about to become more popular and influential than ever before. It proves you guys are a force to be reckoned with. It shows the true nature of that blow hard DOJ (what or who ever it is).
Thanks "Strictly Bareback Blog" for Your Wonderful Words about this Video and Most Of All, Our Work!!!  Not Only was I some what overwhelmed with what You had to say, but I also thought Our Blogs Fans, Along with Miss BioHazard Her Self, His Self (it keeps changing from day to day) @ DOJ Media would also like to see what you have had to say!!!  So hoping you don't mind Me adding this addition to this Posting. (Brent)


Gideon said...

That is fabulous!

Wow - you guys are famous and popular now! hehe

Little does he know but he missed the mark by 180 degrees. Instead of mocking you guys he has created a fantastic advertising tool!

I will put this up on my blog if you tell me how.

I hope all Gay Blogs will carry this little piece of theatrics. We can use his/hers/its slings and arrows against him/her/it.

A masterpiece of counter-terrorism - use his/hers/its own weapon against him/her/it.


Daddy Jeff said...

Damn, I just love being oh-so popular, and yes, Brent & I do run a FABULOUS blog! I was going to get back to blogging more false bull shit, but this train is making me so horny that I just gotta take care of my 2-inches. TTFN, DOJmedia!

Brent said...

Hey Gideon, Oh, Oh, Oh Your so right about a 180 degree turn!!! This is why Jeff's posting to Her link this morning was done!!! But when BioHazard realizing what was about to happen, She Closed Her Web Site once again and Directed it to Yahoo Home Page!! However, thanks to Jeff, we have not only have been able to find Her Original Posting thanks to Google's Cache's, but also have been able to download the Original Video that is just so Well, Well Done and Thanks To Her, We will use in the future to Help Prompt Our Blog, like You Who is Wanting to do the same! Sent me an e-mail via of Our Blog's E-mail address and I will be more than glad to help you out on how to re-post this video on your Blog just in time for Our New 2012 Referrals List!!!...Blog Hug (Brent)

Tainted Punk said...

LMFAO! Just 2 FAB. Who R these people @ DOJ Media?

Hey, Gideon - hot profile pic!

Brent & Jeff - way 2 go, guys!

Brazilian Studz Blog said...

We'd like to inform you that we've received another complaint regarding your blog (http://magnusmuscle.blogspot.com/). Upon review of your account, we've noted that your blog has repeatedly violated Blogger's Terms of Service (http://www.blogger.com/terms.g).

Given that we've provided you with several warnings of these violations and advised you of our policy towards repeat infringers, we've been forced to remove your blog.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Blogger Team

Brent said...

Hey Brazilian Studz Blog, Thank You so much for letting Us know about "Exclusive Gay Videos" being Removed by Google!!! I will get this added to My Next Posting & to Our Master List this coming Saturday. Thanks for taking the time to letting Us All know what you know. Your Blogger Buddy Always...(Brent)

Daddy Jeff said...

Tainted Punk, it's kind of a long story, but now that DOJmedia is making us even more famous and fabulous than we used to be, I will work on a recap of the story and publish it next week.

She started this crap, but we're gonna win. Never, never piss off a Queen!

Gideon said...

I received an email notification from Blogger about their decision to 'remove' my blog from their server.

Now I see that Brazillian Studs Blog received an email notification from Blogger about their decision to 'remove' his blog too.

It's obvious to me that the "Brent and Jeff Show" has caused Blogger to change their ways. In the past I have had my blog 'removed' 3 times by Blogger and your "Counter of Shame" indicates that at least 2,375 (the true number is much, much greater) other Gay blogs have been 'removed'. Never before have any of us received this type of email notification until NOW. It is obvious they were playing a dirty game of discrimination and realized there may be some liability on their part for failing to give notice to those they were discriminating against.

This change is the result of Brent's and Jeff's ground breaking work on this blog. The 'Counter of Shame' has had an effect on their reputation and has caused them to show some courtesy and respect to those they are persecuting. It's just a little crack in that wall but still it is a crack.

Don't let up - keep the pressure on them. I will do my part to help and I urge all other Gay Blog Owners to do the same.

I will be adding this new video to my blog once it is possible. I hope others will too.

Thanks guys,


Gideon said...

@Tainted Punk - Your pic is fuckin' HOT too! Be sure to check out my Strictly Bareback Blog and post a message in the Guest Book - you'll like my blog ;)

The New Flops Boy said...

Well..I agree that you are now famous! But there is something more here...this is a fantastic vid, as you say, on many levels...but at the end of the day SOMEONE is running scared! And it AIN'T US! Love it!

Will be curious to see how it goes from here! But, bottom line, you ARE making a difference!

Love to you both, Happy New Year!


Brent said...

Hey "The New Flops Boy", thank you some much for taking the time to most you most wonderful comment and so glad to see that your still visiting Our Little Blog. Wishing You only the Best for the New Year. With Blogger Hugs....Brent)

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