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Monday, August 24, 2009

As some of you know, I have moved my blog, Daddy's Bad Boys, to NibbleBit.

Here is why I decided to migrate to NibbleBit:

  1. I looked at several sites and NibbleBit seemed to offer a good platform for bloggers, not unlike Google Blogger.  Many features which I like at Blogger are available at NibbleBit.  Not all, but many.
  2. It was a walk in the park to import from Blogger to NibbleBit, not only all past and scheduled post, but comments as well.  Headers and widgets are handled separately.  Hint:  If you want a customized header, choose a skin which allows for a customized header!
  3. Most importantly, the NibbleBit guys have a reputation for actually communicating with the bloggers.  (Don't all clap at once...it gets better!)  The NibbleBit guys have a reputation of attempting to work things out with the bloggers, and give a blogger the time and opportunity to make changes to the blog BEFORE the blog is ever locked out or closed down.  You may all clap wildly now!!  How fucking refreshing.
  4. And I'm quoting the NibbleBit guys here: "Hello,  We like to provide a good solid platform for blog owners like yourself. We would be very greatful for the advertisment on the blog. We understand Google have somewhat changed their terms and conditions on the Adult Blog hosting, although its mainly Gay blogs that have been hit. All we ask is that content is legal - by legal we mean no child pornography, incest, beastiality, etc, that are mainly of comon sense. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to open a ticket.-The Team At NibbleBit"
Is that fuckin' refreshing, or what?  I received this response from the NibbleBit Team 30 minutes after I asked them a question!!

BTW, I have never worked for NibbleBit.  I do not currently work at NibbleBit.  I have no pending job offers, or offers of any kind, from NibbleBit.  I am simply a blogger on NibbleBit.

If your blog has been locked out on Google Blogger, if your blog is currently on Google Blogger and you are terrified that it will be locked out tomorrow when you log in, or if you are new to blogging and are thinking of opening up a blog, check out Nibblebit at:


apop said...

Izzer a new link to NibbleBit?

Jeff said...

apop: I'm at: http://daddysbadboys.nibblebit.com/

FlipFlopsBoy said...

I also got a speedy and positive response from NibbleBit when I asked a question...I've found my new home!


Anonymous said...

It seems to be blogs that infringe copyright that are being closed down, casperfan a great point in case Its not just all gay blogs, many are still stnding

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