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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Several viewers have expressed a reasoned approach on how to deal with Google:

One viewer states:

"Tired of google? The most effective way to let them know you're not happy is to uninstall the Google toolbar (e.g. use bing instead), stop supporting google products, and tell all your friends to move to another service. The point is that google, like many big companies, are motivated by customer response." 

Another viewer states:

    While it is true that freedom of the press doesn't cover privately owned internet service domains. Business is still business, if you want to combat the "mysterious" people who are visiting gay themed blogs and "flagging" them (probably religious organizations) then I suggest you hit google where it counts!!  boycott anything to do with google. . .  You will find if you hit them in the pocketbook they will think twice before they enforce too stringent of a set of rules. In short use their rules to beat them at thier own game.
thank you."


FlipFlopsBoy said...

I am all for boycotting Google! For those of us who are technical-ogically challenged (like me!) it would be helpful if someone would write direct intructions on how to get rid of Google altogether...I know, it is asking a lot, but in the end, it will be worth it...

LET'S BEAT THEM AND THOSE ASSHOLES WHO FLAG OUR BLOGS...if they don't like them, how do they find them anyway?!


Love to all, FFB

find me now at www.flipflopsboy.nibblebit.com

Jeff said...

Let me offer some unasked for advice: Don't fight a battle you can't win.

Once your anger has subsided, focus your efforts and energy on rewarding projects. Your blog on NibbleBit is looking great, and you seem happy there. Get back into your blog and leave Google Blogger behind. At the rate you're going on NibbleBit, people may be asking YOU for some help. I predict you will find that much more rewarding and satisfying should you choose that course.

Pater Familias,

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's use Bing instead of Google. Let's teach them a lesson

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