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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here is one man's opinion about the Wisdom of Crowds:

"I admit that I don't really care to read the whole policy thing on google, which I probably should do, but just from the bit you posted on the blog makes it sound like a situation that is ripe for anyone with an agenda - whether it's a right-wing group or a commercial porn business trying to eliminate the competition - to organize a campaign to have bunch of people flag blogs repeatedly until they get killed."

I responded: "You bet it is.  That was one option in my very first post!
If it works, it can work both ways!

John continued, and gave me permission to post this:

"Jeff... what can I say?  I got finished masturbating sooner than I had planned - these things happen -  and decided to go read the explanation at that google link you posted.  I have two points to make now...

1) Their reference to The Wisdom of Crowds is bogus because there is no countervailing action the members of OUR crowd can take to offset the ones who flag.  The reason wikipedia works, at least in theory, is that if someone posts incorrect information, someone else will come along and fix it.  The fact that a whole bunch of us DON'T flag isn't enough.  After all, at least in my case, I'm a fag who jerks off to porn, so that's already two strikes against my opinion in some people's eyes.  In this case it DOES NOT work both ways, so it DOES NOT work.

2) They state explicitly that flagging doesn't cause blog to be shut down, only to have it set as unlisted, but still available.  So apparently this is a side issue that doesn't really apply to the situation you are addressing.

Thanks for your earlier reply, and keep up the good work.  I really do appreciate it.


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