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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lee Keels has a hosting service and has offered his help to those bloggers who want to open their own domain.

"Hi Jeff,
I was reading your blog after seeing the "closings" mentioned on 
dreamcaps.org.  I wanted to offer my services, if you know any of the guys that got shut down.  I have a hosting service with WordPress installable right from the control panel.  Hosting starts at $49.50 per year.  I run my own porn blog, www.clickncum.com, and would love to have some of these guys come over to my service.  Here are some more details on the packages offered:

Web Hosting Packages


Disk Space


Monthly Bandwidth



1 GB


20 GB

4.95 per month
49.50 per year*


3 GB


125 GB

9.95 per month
99.50 per year*


6 GB


250 GB

19.95 per month
199.50 per year*

*Two months free when paid annually

Thank you!

Lee Keels"

I asked Lee two simple questions:
Hi Lee,
I was just reading your site.  I have two initial questions:
1.  Does WordPress have any say on the blogs you host?
2.  Do you provide blog skins, or allow bloggers to download their own skins?  The reason I ask is that most bloggers I know do not need help in setting their blogs up and I happened to notice an initial set-up of 10 pages and first year's hosting for $250.00.
Please let me know.  I may be interested in putting the word out that your services are available.
...and he responded:

"No, WordPress has no input.  They just make the software.

No restriction on skins, bloggers can download from wherever they like.
The $250 is for websites that I create...bloggers don't need that service.  They would only be paying the hosting price from the chart below.  They would need to purchase their domain name from GoDaddy or another registrar.  That costs about 11.00 per year.
Don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions!  :)

BTW, I have never worked for Lee.  I do not currently work for Lee.  I have no pending job offers, or offers of any kind, from Lee.

Lee said he would be happy to answer any questions you may have if you want additional information.  He can be reached at:  Lee Keels


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